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Duke Energy LED Outdoor Lighting Solutions Outdoor LED ... · efficient and well suited to a...

Date post:05-Jun-2020
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  • Duke Energy LEDOutdoor Lighting Solutions

    Why choose Duke Energy?¡¡ Over 2 million lights installed

    ¡¡ Experienced, trusted provider of lighting solutions

    ¡¡ Installation, maintenance and energy included in one low monthly cost on your electric bill

    ¡¡ Typically no upfront capital required

    ¡¡ Design and product selection expertise provided at no additional charge

    ¡¡ Convenient, 24x7 support and worry-free maintenance

    ¡¡ Premium quality products that meet utility industry standards

    ¡¡ Utility industry leader in emerging lighting technology

    ¡¡ No recurring labor and material cost due to weather or unexpected damage

    ¡¡ Sustainable energy-efficient products available

    Outdoor LED lighting from Duke Energy is highly

    efficient and well suited to a variety of residential

    and commercial applications. We offer complete

    outdoor LED solutions, including design selection,

    installation, maintenance and 24/7 support.

    For additional information regarding Duke Energy Outdoor Lighting, visit us at duke-energy.com/OutdoorLighting and select your location.

    Traditional High Pressure Sodium Roadway Luminaire

    New LED Roadway Luminaire — more efficient and improved visibility

    Why choose LEDs?

    Features Benefits

    White light Provides even light distribution for improved visibility and enhanced security

    Long luminaire life Fewer luminaire outages, increased reliability

    Reduced energy consumption Environmentally friendly product reduces carbon footprint

    Full brightness instantly No warm up time required

    Superior optical performance Less light needed

    Design flexibility Increased pole spacing

    Consistent light output Better performance over life of luminaire

  • LED SolutionsOffered by Duke Energy*

    Roadway LuminaireApplication uses: roadway and area lighting

    Energy-efficient LED luminaire that is dark sky friendly and designed to illuminate rural and urban roadways.

    Area Luminaire Application uses: roadway and area lighting

    Streamlined, modern LED luminaire is preferred by businesses where customer and employee safety is a priority.

    Post-mounted Luminaire Application uses: residential and commercial areas

    LED post-mounted luminaire is a great fit for local streets and commercial parking lots where esthetics and energy savings are important.

    Traditional Luminaire Application uses: residential and commercial areas

    LED lantern-style fixture that creates a traditional appearance and illuminates walkways, residential communities or small parking areas safely and with style.

    Deco Area LuminaireApplication uses: residential and commercial areas

    LED deco area luminaire is a full cut-off fixture that delivers light where needed while increasing visibility and reducing spill light to adjoining properties.

    * Note: Luminaire availability may differ by regions. Contact your regional representative for more information.

    ©2013 Duke Energy Corporation 130581 8/13

    Let Duke Energy help you choose the right LED. Visit duke-energy.com/OutdoorLighting.

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