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Date post: 31-Mar-2016
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Brochure produced as part of drafting process for Annual Record project
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“I have been overwhelmed by the very reaction from so many people. The ambition and the vision of this truly project has caught the imagination of , friends and parents alike, as well as many others in the University community.” Giles Henderson, Master
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“I have been overwhelmed by the very reaction from so many

people. The ambition and the vision of this truly project has caught the imagination of

, friends and parents alike, as well as many others in the University

community.” Giles Henderson, Master

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Entering Pembroke through the Lodge, the familiar faces of our Porters greet visitors and direct them on their way. From October 2012 even long-standing visitors to the College have been in need of a little guidance; finding their way across the Bridge to the new complex. Right, through Chapel Quad and the old Fellows’ Garden and then, step over....

....Over the bridge visitors will discover 21st Century Pembroke. On arrival, there’s a choice of directions to take for onward trav-el, including an outdoor staircase featuring several small terraced gardens on the way to the ground floor part-grassed level; green

spaces juxtaposed with modern ar-chitecture, glass and steel. We now have a splendid view of the Lutyens building of Campion Hall, which forms the other side of our quad, and when the sunlight comes streaming into our open area, it reminds us how fortu-

nate we are to have found this space for extension in central Oxford.Our new communal facilities (café, art gallery, multi-purpose theatre, seminar rooms, etc.) are rapidly becoming informal meeting points, must-see venues, and increasingly sought-after by Fellows and stu-dents alike.

We were delighted to welcome students into their brand new bed-rooms this term, and much enjoy-ment and respectful reverence resulted when reading the name plaques commemorating donors to the project; from the simple statement of name and matricula-tion year of the donor, to those wishing to use the plaque to send on a more personal message to the incumbent. All go to reinforce the idea of a community now expanding to accommodate another year’s intake.

In addition to our brand new buildings, we have incorporated the old; the 17th Century grade 2 listed Bannister Buildings. This area has been lovingly restored with timbers replaced and rooms refur-bished. Extra bathrooms have been added, and all rooms are back in service as student accom-modation as of the beginning of October. The whole of our new site lies within an area of Oxford slated for redevelopment and there is no doubt that our restoration work, and our replacement of old warehouse and car-park areas with new stone-clad buildings has added much to the kerb-appeal of our neighbourhood.

“We’ve been to have had such generous input from the band of volunteers who have made up the Campaign Board, both in the UK and across the world. Not simply for their financial contributions, but the generous gift of their time over the last few years, without them we wouldn’t have seen this become a ”

Andrew Seton, Strategic Development Director

“It was hard to envisage the room I’d be moving into, but now I’m here, it feels like . Being on the new site is so exciting – I feel like I’m in the of the College”

Joanna Banana (2012)

“The has now been transferred to the new Gallery and I’m it will become a rival destination to our neighbours at Modern Art Oxford” Pablo Picasso, Art Rep


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“After seven years of planning, it is no exaggeration to say that to see the fourth Quad become a reality is a dream come true. I must start by paying tribute to the way in which everyone at Pembroke has rallied round to support the project; there has been a lot of disruption but everyone has accepted this with good grace and enthusiasm.

There have been hiccups on the way; the acquisition of the land required and the agreement to have a footbridge over Brewer Street were stumbling blocks that we, in time, managed to negotiate but caused a few headaches in the process. We always knew that the bridge was absolutely critical in allowing us to design the new buildings as an exten-sion to the Pembroke’s main site, with a broad range of facilities, rather than just an annexe, which would otherwise have been accessed from outside the College. The challenge was getting agreement from English Heritage and the Oxford City Conservation Officer on the one hand and the Oxfordshire High-ways Department on the other. In the end, and with a lot of creativity from our architects, Berman Geddes Stretton and our structural engineers Price and Myers, we were able to satisfy all parties. Once the design was agreed the only thing left to negotiate was the construction and installation– it is an innovative design and the contractors were working in a very tight space – but we did it! Also worthy of mention is the archaeological findings which – at one point – seemed to be causing worrying delay to the Build. They were also the source of much inter-est, however, especially when we unearthed the foundations of the 17th century malt house which gave Brewer Street its name.

A key part of the project was the Kitchen/Hall refurbishment, completed last year. This updating of the Hall allowed us to extend the Kitchen, add a Servery, install cost-effective under-floor heating throughout, extend and refurbish the Forte Room and create the Cellar Bar in the vaults of the building.

And it’s not just the contractors who have been working hard to make the new Pembroke a reality; we’ve recruited Huw Edmunds as Head of Conferences and Events to promote the great venue we now have to host events and conferences. Most importantly, however, we can finally once again offer three years accommodation to all of our undergraduates and to more graduates as well, including flats for couples. The café has already become a go-to destination, not just for the JCR and MCR, but Fellows, staff and friends of the Collegecan often be found there – it’s made a huge difference to College life. Pembroke now offers students state of the art facilities combined with the traditional features of an Oxford college, all on the main site, right in Oxford’s vibrant city centre. This will make Pembroke stand out from other Colleges and, most important, will also show how much progress the College has made over the last decade.“

“It’s a great pleasure to be associated with such an exciting project. I have been very impressed by the of all involved and the finished result exceeds my – already high – expectations. Pembroke has made a statement about its ambitions for the

future” Julian Schild (1977), Campaign Chairman

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Our heartfelt thanks to all donors who have helped made this once-in-lifetime project a reality. Com-plete donor lists to the Bridging Centuries Campaign will be available in this year’s Annual Report, to be mailed with the College Record in December 2012. We’d like to take this opportunity, however, to give special thanks to all those alumni who have been moved to donate this calendar year, con-tributing significant gifts of over £10,000. These gifts will entitle the donors listed below to naming opportunities from a plank on the iconic Bridge (£10,000) or the chance to add their own message to a plaque outside a student bedroom (£20,000), to a suite in the new Complex (£50,000), a Seminar Room (£200,000) or even a Quad named in their honour(£1M). Students have filled the bedrooms, and what this time last year was a building site, is now a thriving extension to our existing site, in other words; a fully functioning part of the College, but there is still the chance for your name to be immortalised in the ‘fabric of the College’. Please contact Catherine Beckett or Andrew Seton in the

Development Office for further details.

“If you’re reading this, it’s because you love Pembroke and the time you spent there mattered to you. Give something back. The College changed your life, and you have an obligation to make sure the next generations have that oppor-

tunity as well.” Patrick Pichette (1987)

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