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DWMJL and A i y r o S O L O
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I | +
VOLUME XXXVII L O W E L l , M I C H I G A N , T H U R S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 1C. 1930 N O . 24
Money Knows No Quitting Time
When the ehrill note of the five o'clock
whit t le marks t h e end of the day's labor,
your dollar in this bank is still plugging
away with the consistency t h a t spells a con-
siderable interest a t the end of t h e year.
Protected by t h e s taunch, sturdy business
methods of th is bank, your money continues
to accumula te interest twenty-four hours •
daily when you bank it here.
4% Interest and Safety for Your Savings
Capital Stock $25,000
Total Resources 800,000
City State Bank Member of the Federal Reserve Banking System
t e e e i M M M • * * < • • • * * < • < * * • • • * • * * • * * * • • • • * * • • • • • •
Our Motto-Service and Quality Kraut, Sc lb. 6 lbs Pickled Pigs Feet, 2 lbs Card Honey, S Ibi Dill Picklee, 3 lor Chestnuts, lb Fresh Mackerel, per can Salt Mackerel, lb Large Can Sliced Peaches
Old Home sliced Bread Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb, Chickens,
Fresh and Salt Fish Try our Tea and Coffee
W. J. Gibson's Cash Market The Market Where Your Children Get
the Same Service You Do.
25c 25c
$1.00 10c 2Sc 25c 35c 32c
The greatest name in mnsic 9 M f o r o - S y n c h r o n o i i s R a d i o !
Mlcro-ejriKilmnHw Vlefnr.Badlo Conaole
Super-automatic, full vision station selector. Epoch-mak- ing improvement in electro, dynamic reproduction. Con- trolled volume.
Special demon- s tra t ions all week. Our scr- v i c e b e g i n s when the sale is made. Gome in now.
0 . J . YEITER Furn i tu re Undertaking
Ambulance Service
E . S I C L E R Y O U R O P T O M E T R I S T
L o w e l l , M i c h i g a n
Defective eye sight is destruct ive to the nerve system. A
shor t consultat ion relat ive to your eye t rouble wi l l reveal i
your condit ion. Th is service is f ree .
"Glare" has been f o u n d to be of great concern in its destruc-
tive proper t ies to the eye. Let me explain the benefit of Glare Proof Lenses.
Blank Books
Day Books
Winegar & Hartman
Lowell Boy Fire Ruins B. T. Annual Sanford Sayles Ends Life Rouse Shop Jollification Buried Tues.
With Gun Building Was Rouser > at Oaltwood Following the finding of the One of the worst fires to oc- The annual meeting of the Low- Brothers and sisters of Sanford
lifeless body of Robert Boerma, cur in Lowell for years , resulted ell Board of Trade was held at Sayles, HO. w h o died at Ionia 17, in the home of Tom Layen- in the ru in of the two-s tory the City hal l Tuesday evening Sunday and was buried at Oak- dar , Lowell south side, F r iday frame shop building of Mrs. G. with a goodly at tendance. T h e wood cemetery Tuesday, beside night, with a shot-gun charge \V. Rouse on Broadway last F r i - Methodist ladies served a good his parents , Mr. and Mrs. Chapin through the hear t , deputies De- day morning, the bui ld ing occu- repast and an air of fe l lowship Sayles, Keene township pioneers . Young and Bolt, of the Kent pied by he r late husband fo r and jollity pervaded the whole iHe leaves William, 93, of De- county sheriff 's force, r epor ted many years as a blacksmith and affair. t roi l ; Cyvenus C. Sayles, 110, a f te r a thorough investigation wagon shop. | Genial re t i r ing president Runci- Langston; Mrs. Lena Snethen, Monday tha t the death was a It was a fierce blaze and the man was efficiently in charge and HH, Granite Falls, Wash. ; Montie, c lear case of suicide, and decided extreme cold made it a hard flrc everything moved on wi th celer- 77. Ravenna, Mich,; Mrs. Clifton that no inquest was necessary, to light; but the firemen sue- ity and the utmost good will and White, 76, Lowel l j Merrit t , 83;
A shot gun with a str ing tied to cessfully confined it to the bui ld- prompti tude. Exilerat ing orches- Frank . 37, Hastings. the trigger had been used, the ing whe re it s tarted and is en- tra music enlivened the gastro- Until two years ago Sanford toe having been used to cause the litled to much credit for same, i nomic event and the a f t e r pro- lived for six vears wi th Mr. and discharge, and the body and gun The loss was shared by V. W. gram had a lively sing-fest pre- Mrs. Clifton White. The pre- lay side by side on the f loor. j Hunter 's machine shop and Rog- ' lude led by W. W. Gumser. I ceding twenty-five years he lived
A note on a leaf .torn f rom a er's T ruck line. | We do not know w h o the ut Granite Falls, Washington. The calendar on the wall, a good Mr Rogers ' t rucks were r e - g e n i u s is that put the monkey balance of his life was spent in b>e message to Kate and fr iends,1 moved, but Mr. Hunter ' s loss in deal over on Norm Borgerson, and around Lowell. Montie,1
has been positively identified as nkachJnery,.look, equipment , etc.. | but he is cer ta inly an artist of Merritt, F rank and Mrs. Whi te being in his wri t ing, and the j i s heavy. The total loss is eat i -^he first wa te r . I a t tended the funeral , a lso F rank pencil wi th which the note was mated to be around «10,000. Mrs. P. C. Feckham asked the Sayles, of Muskegon, and Edwin , wri t ten was also found. i Mrs. Rouse carried a small in- Board of T r a d e to adopt or spon- of Hastings.
The officers were par t icular iSurance a n d expects to have a sor a "beaut i fu l girl baby" and Sanford Sayles was born in about giving these details because one s to ry building put u p on the i maintain and provide for her un- Keene, Ionia county, Feb rua ry ! of some hints of "foul play"|Site of t h e old to house her ten- til she is ten years old. The> 8, 1848, and passed a w a y Jan. 12, a f te r the finding of the body. lants, w h o are wi thout business President put U up to the Board.: "Bt-'d nearly 82 years . Was
The act seems to have been and s torage quar ters , and to have! Dr Shepard thought that would married to Minnie Lee and two that of a love-sick youth, whose the work done at once. |be a fine th ing for the Board to children were born to them, a parents , Mr and Mrs. Ralph Boer- If Mrs. Rouse feels that "It nev-ldo and vouched for the b a b y ' s ! s o n and daughter, both passing ma, fo rmer Lowell residents,) er rains but it pours ," it is not! being a fine and promising s p e d - ' a w a y in the West. Mr. Sayles* now living in Grand Rapids, a re surprising, as shor t ly before t h e men. Dr . Gotfredsen said he ' l i f e was spent in this vicinity, subjects of s incere sympathy by fire she fell on an icy walk and thought so too. President R u n c i - ' ^ c e p t i n g twenty years in the their fo rmer Lowell friends.1 injured a shoulder and was sick man said the best way to decide State of Washington. Funera l services were held at for several days. However , she1 who was to have the baby was to Ye l t e r s chapel Monday at 2 p. m., says, she has lived here 52 years draw cuts. Walter Kropf sa id : pimrlif A f a ^ e v . A. B. Lemke, officiating and she's going to go right o n ^ C o u n t me out. That ' s one lot-1*
Asked For
They Overstrained M. B. McPheraon tells about an amusemen t
park in Edinburgh, Scotland, which installed
a novel Chest expansion machine to catch the canny pennies. It bore a sign which
said "Your penny will be returned if you
make the dial go all the way around.'* It
was expected t h a t the proverbial Scotchman
would take to the idea of getting his money back, but the fondest expectations of t h e
promoters were exceeded when on the morn-
ing following the opening of the park severa
dead Scotchman were found beside t h e machine.
Moral: Your money back if you are not s a t -
isfied with Mentholated Lavender Shaving
Cream. Costs 35c.
Look's Drug Store One of the 10,000 Rexall Chain Drug Stores
clergyman; bur ia l at Oakwood 'doing t h e best she can, as there 's tery I am out of. Let some one cemetery. jno place like Lowell for her . I who has no children of his o w n
Robert Glenn Boerma was] Mr. H u n t e r is salvaging his have the baby ." i n fo a t y 0 0 1 8 ' Mich., in A p r i l damaged tools, etc., and Mr. Rog- Anxious faces surrounding the iyi^, and came to Lowell w i th ers has opened a temporaryvtables cleared up at this ex- his parents , when he was 10, office in the Credit Exchange! hibition of courage with the real- years old, a t tended grade and office opposite the Post-office, [ization that the baby couldn' t be Monday renewed ^ts request To! + iHigh school he re and was a mem- 'wished upon an unwi l l ing foster the board of supervisors for t
f o f k m * T« i t i o 11 \ • f l t n 1r\f f u l l f • • •« •- t r*m% ^ 4 Z ^ _ # a t_ _ I
County Parks + Kent county road commission
her of the National Guard. | BLAZE He is survived by his pa ren t s
and brothers , Cecil, Clarence,1
Perhaps , to keep its hand
father . F inal ly , the lot fell upon funds for operat ions of the coun-i*1
Norm Borgerson and a neat bas- ty parks for 1930. In the Oc- 1 ket well upholstered wi th s w a d - t o b e r mill tax fight, the 825,000 ?
Rniw/! a n ( [ D o K
n a l d ' a j J o f l f
G r ® n d | practice, the LoweB FireadneDart- c l o t l i e s w a s given him. He park appropr ia t ion asked by t h e ! * r V ™ S N u „ f S J ! ' r h C r ' m e " ' ^ 5 c a l l c r o u t agoin Sa | . l i , t e d , . l h . r T " ' " * ^ 0 U , ™ n n m s k m hit a de r . i l e r . } j o n n uoerma, of ISumcs, Mich. n i _ h , h v „ . . . _ a diminutive mi
urday night by a blaze in the new1
home of Ar thur Clark on River-1 monkey. Several supervisors on the citv •
A comprehensive report of the side were not satisfied that neg- side dr ive, which was damaoed ma t t e r s of the board was lecting the parks was a right •
in -nbout *1.500 worth before the fire m n d e b y Secretary Kniffin c o v - t h i n g to do inasmuch as the J to Was ext inguished l m n 8 , h e P a s l y c a r « ' 0 » 0 w e ( ' by county 's parks are patronized al- I
| those of several officers and com-j most ent i rely by city folk and! +
CARD OF THANKS. We wish to express our s in
cere thanks and appreciat ion t{ our neighbors and f r iends for, . their kindness and good deeds F | r i , ,i„nftr»mnn» i n Imittees of the board and the fol- l the road officials c j ^ s ide red it i shown in our reccnt b e r e . v e - ' n / l £ L ? » a ' 1 S ! P . l . . . c ? i ' . i . ! P k ' ! ' l o w i n g officers w . t c elcclcd for wise lo give them ano the r o p - J ment at the death of our dear . a U n i n M ^ ensuing yea r : por tuni ty to vote on the matter . • son and brother . 1 i ^ f l a s t Wednesdav President . V. E. Ashley; Vice The full sum is not being a s k - l
^Ne also wish to thank those thp flrn rlonoHmon* TOOO P r e s i d e n t ' E - Borgerson; Di- ed for , however. Pe rmanen t
who sent such beautiful offer ings I ^ 8 i n n i . h e ^ rectors, J . A.
the I. O. Q. F. and R c b e k a h s J f ? " w ? n L £ 1 0 K r o Pf- Maccabee Ladies, Men of Co. L J v J o h n a v " n g c l e r h o u s e o n Addresses w
STOCKIN G'S Headquarters For
Always The Beat and Most For The Least
A f f n l n 4 K o fifrt AM* , • I t - o I U C I I l , 1 ^ , l-A, I M J I K I I " " ! 1 * 1 ^ " I U I , U U W f V t T .
Iiiirt «. . . " rectors, J . A. Arehart . Wal te r J . 1 improvements such as shelter houses for some of the pa rks have
w Vprflpnnp«i rnnH ~ " _ l were given by Coun- been s t r icken from the program, 12Gth Inf., Officers of Lowell and 8 ty Road Commissioner Owen, reducing the figure to $19,000. Grand Rapids, Mrs. Kinsley and p i d q t r n v r p w r a t i a v a i Melville McPherson and W. W.l Visited by 80,000.
^ur(UKc.iiAiiuxNAL l ( j u m s e r > Thus concluded a pleas- Permits fo r picnics in the ant and profi table event. {county parks issued dur ing 1929
numbered 138, of which 112 were S. F . BEIMER DEAD. I to Grand Rapids organizat ions.
Mrs. Speaker, Mr. Lemke fo r his comfor t ing words and to all who furnished cars.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Boerma, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Boerma,
FIRST 10:00 a. m.p Bible school. 11:00 a. m.. Morning worship. 5:00 p. m., Christ ian Endeavor |
T H E L O W E " ™ ™ CLUB
The Lowell Woman's club h e l d ' A f l c r t h e r i j , ; re f reshments w i l i ' W o n d a > ' n i 8 h t - Funeral servic-i The total investment in the their regular meeting at the club' be served at the Par i sh h o u s e . w e r e h e l d a t l h e h o m ? W e d - > r k system, including original rooms in the City hall, WednesVEnoh one is reouested lo br ine nesday a f te rnoon . He is sur- |cos t , permanent improvements ^ y . Jan . 8. !fift?en cen t i r e ( I U e S l e ( 1 t 0 b r m 8 vived by the daughter, th ree sons,!and maintenance is $104,300.
" " M r T 8 U l \ T The sermon Sunday m o r n i n g ' " " 1
& of the H.me^MaTing
grandchi ld renJ The appropria t ion, if it is grant- ' led would be dis t r ibuted among
. . Making " r IJ n ccn t ion Co J e s u s M o d - i M R S - RALPH HUGHES SUfCfOE. l h i ' as fo l lows: Town- day was in charge. She, wi th ( . r n ad,. " JnHoino f m m tho monvl News h a s just reached Lowell send, $o,a00; Gordon, $1,950; u a j waa in i,uai hu. one, w n n « r n aDf . •• JnHoinff f rom fhp mnnvi WCWS nas JUS! reacnco l^oweilI uuiuuii, 9 i ,aou, her committee provided t h e fol- favorable con n ?nts af fer t L ^ s e 7 , h a l M r s - R a , P h Hughes, oldest Caledonia Lakeside. $1,250; Chief fowing p rog ram: v i c e j , s t S u n d a v t h i s series is to ' laughter of…

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