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E COLOGY Biological Communities and Interactions.

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ECOLOGY Biological Communities and Interactions



Biological Communities and InteractionsEcology: the relationships between living things and their environment.Terms to Know:

Biotic all living organisms

Abiotic all non-living things (air, water, light, rocks, soil,)(a - means without; bio - means life)


AbioticABIOTICABIOTICABIOTICOrganization of Living Things (Biotic)Species group of organisms able to Interbreed, under natural conditions, and produce fertile offspring.

A liger (cross btwn. A tiger and lion in a zoo is not natural condition.A donkey bred with a horse makes a Mule which is sterile.

Fertile: can reproduceSterile: cannot reproduce

Organization of Living Things (Biotic) continuedPopulation group of 1 species living in the same place at the same time.

Community several populations that interact with each other.

Ecosystem all of the populations in the community and the environment (abiotic) . Can be Aquatic in waterOr Terrestrial on landOrganization of Living Things (Biotic)ContinuedBiosphere: The layer of the earth where life exists (includes the soil and into the atmosphere)

Other Ecology Terms to Know:

Habitat : where an organism lives

Niche : what an organism does to survive/its job in the ecosystem.

Species (Organism)PopulationCommunityEcosystemBiosphereSpecies InteractionsSYMBIOSIS A close relationship btwn 2 species in which one or both depend on the other.


Mutualism CommensalismParasitismCompetitionPredator-Prey

MUTUALISM - both species benefit.

MUTUALISM Clown fish and anemoneMUTUALISM Clown fish and anemone

MUTUALISM ants and acacia tree

MUTUALISM flower and bee

MUTUALISM crocodile and birdMUTUALISM shrimp and eel

MUTUALISM ray and remoraMUTUALISM Remoras Head

COMMENSALISM one species benefits, the other is not affected.

Spanish moss on an oak tree.

COMMENSALISM birds and TreesPARASITISM One species benefits, the other species is harmed.

Tick sucks blood of animals


PARASITISM - Hook worm in a foot



COMPETITION organisms who need the same resources (food, habitat, mates,)


Competing Kangaroos31Predator Prey organism kills another for food. Predator-Prey