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E-News: Eight Nights, Eight Lights!

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  • 6 Tevet, 5776

    December 18, 2015

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    Class ScheduleMonday, January 4A

    Tuesday, December 5C

    Eight Nights, Eight Lights

    Chanukah FesKviKes ConKnue

    Thank you to everyone who sang, danced, cheered, hugged,and thumped the shtender through the most joyous HallelRochelle Zell has seen in many years, to everyone who broughtin children's books for Bernie's Book Bank, who baked challotand lit candles and celebrated the [email protected] of lights with us!

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    Thursday, December 7C

    Friday, December 8A

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    January 25

    Rabbi Feinsmith's guitar was humming, the !sch club wasrockin' the ruach, and Chanukah was brought to a joyous closethis past Monday.

    Announcements were blessedly cut short in honor of theholiday, and in honor of the fabulous music video prepared byMr. Scher and the Va'ad in honor of the Rochelle Zell holi-daze.And speaking of holidays, a resounding yasher koach to Mr.Grith for his Friday dvar Torah on the holiness of theholidays and the rebirth of every youthful neshama inhappiness and freedom.

    The Rochelle Zell P.O. kicked o the nal week before breakwith a special Chanukah lunch for the students. Many thanks toSheila Small and Jodi Weisskopf for their outstanding planningand [email protected], and to Susan Laney, Terri Krauss, Cindy Taitz,and Debbie Copley for helping with the set-up and cleanup ofthe [email protected] meal. Thank you, too, to the following families forsponsoring the yummies: the Weisskopfs family in honor of

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    January 27Junior/Senior Parent [email protected]

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    February 15President's Day

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    March 18-19All School Shabbaton

    March 182:15 pm Friday DismissalBegins

    STEM Corner

    Illinois [email protected] of Technologyinvites high schoolsophomores, juniors andseniors to aaend NxtGenTech Program in the summerof 2016. Students will learntechnologies and tools andget a glimpse of the future ofthe Internet, [email protected], andthe next wave of emergingtechnologies. To learn more,click here.

    The Illinois BioGENEiusChallenge is a [email protected]@on forhigh school science studentsto present their originalresearch inbiotechnology. The Illinois

    Joshua's birthday, the Taitz family in honor of Jason's birthdaylast summer, and the Ecanow family in honor of Natalie'sbirthday. Thanks also to Rochelle Zell's [email protected] for thefaculty BBQ!

    This Week in MusicRochelle Zell Admi\ed to Tri-M

    Twelve Rochelle Zell students have been admiaed to the Tri-MMusic Honor Society, an [email protected] music honor society forhigh school students. [email protected] to Becca Abrams,Zach Becker, Emma Canter, Sarah Comar, Coby Drexler, AudreyHonig, Hana Lieber, Aitan Maeir, Dina Matkowsky, MayaMichalewicz, Sarah Tenner, and Henry Wolle, the society'snewest members! Tri-M is designated to recognizestudents for their academic and musical achievements,reward them for their accomplishments and service

  • winner will receive an all-expense-paid trip to [email protected] [email protected]@on,which will be held at the [email protected] 2016 in SanFrancisco, CA. Click here formore [email protected]

    [email protected]@es, and inspire the community through publicperformances and service projects. Tri- M's 67,800members are spread through twenty-four [email protected] in geen countries; our chapter is sponsoredby Ellen Singer, vocal director. Ms. Singer adds that,"The Tri-M chapter at Rochelle Zell consists of Jazz bandmembers as well as Vocal Ensemble members, and isopen to all music students who met the criteria. Mr.Roothaan and I are very excited about this [email protected] toour program and [email protected] our students to musicstudents all over the country."

    Kashrut Panel

    Staff Members Field FAQ About Practice and Halacha

    Last week, the [email protected] freshman class aaended a kashrut panel in the Beit Knesset. Ms.

    Frankel lled the role of the moderator; Dr. Schorsch, Mr. Eskin, Mrs. Steinberg, andMrs. Agbodza were courteous enough to reect on their experiences with kashrut,elding [email protected] wriaen by the freshman students. There was a broad variety ofanswers from whether or not they keep kosher, their reason for keeping kosher andthe [email protected] between Kashrut and being part of the Jewish community.

    Freshman Sammy Vayngart writes, "There were certain ideas that stood out to me. Afew of the panelists referred to the technical [email protected] of Kashrut as meaning t orappropriate. A common reason that the panelists kept kosher was because it is [email protected] kept by the Jewish people and by their families in [email protected] Keeping koshermade them feel connected to all other Jews. All four agreed that keeping kosher isdierent for everybody. For some of the panelists, it is extremely dicult andchallenging to follow all the rules of kashrut, yet they do so; we all respected the stamember who does not keep kosher at all. The most [email protected] comment that I heardwas that even though Dr. Schorsch doesnt completely understand kashrut, shefollows it anyway, which displays great condence in the [email protected] andcommandments of God for the Jewish people. The [email protected] thing about Jewishpeople is that there is always a constant [email protected] and [email protected] No maaerwhere the Jewish people are in the world, even without a temple, there is always afeeling of hope and love between the Jewish people."

    Hour of CodeStudents and Staff Join Weeklong Computer Programming Jam

  • Rochelle Zell [email protected] in The Hour of Code lastweek, joining a global eort including tens ofmillions of students in over 180 countries increasingliteracy about computer programming. Here inDeereld, student developers Max Gruenberg andGaby Ecanow were on hand to assist students withtheir Hour of Code. [email protected] were able to choosefrom 9 dierent coding [email protected]@es, from building awebsite to [email protected] an iPhone App. The goal was to

    "[email protected]" coding by providing a hands-on experience. Ms. Kime reports, "It went well for ourrst event! We had 30 [email protected] from all grades, and a few teachers as well!"

    DECA Stock Market ChallengeStudents Simulate Portfolios Trying to Beat the Market

    Our DECA Stock Market Game has concluded! The game ran from October 15 through December

    11. Twenty-three teams of students were given $10,000 in a virtual stock market account withwhich to make trades in a simulated brokerage account. Students could buy and sell any stocksthey wanted. The only requirements were that they had invest their "money," and they had toinvest in at least three companies. To make the game [email protected], trades incurred a $10 commission. This year's winner is the team of Brian Silverstein and David Levin, earning approximately a 12.7%return during the game. Viktor Cin came in second with an 8.9% return, and Aitan Maeir was thirdwith a return of 3.1%.

    During this week's DECA [email protected], Mr. Baumstark and his devotees debriefed on the overallresults. Student observed that frequent trading hurts porsolio returns: the worst performingteams generally made a lot of trades. They noted that it's hard to beat the market: only seven ofthe 23 teams outperformed the S&P 500. Of course, [email protected] you also just get lucky! Teams hada wide variety of trading strategies, which made for a very rich discussion over the course of thegame. Overall, the game was very [email protected] at exposing our students to [email protected], how the stockmarket works and how to think about performance.

    This Week in Sports

    Women's Basketball Carries On

  • Despite [email protected] the season with a 5-1 record theLady Tigers have cooled o a liale, recording hard-fought losses to Christ the King, Chicago Hope, andSt Benedict. We'll be ne," Coach Forde reportswith enthusiasm. "We're exactly where I thought wewould be at this point of the season. We can dobeaer, but we have to take our lumps: it helps us getbeaer. This group is preay resilient, and they're

    learning with every game. This week, the team faced Cristo Rey Sunday, followed by ProvidenceSt. Mel on Monday, and Ida Crown for the second @me this season on Thursday. Well done, ladies!

    Va'ad Israel Learns About Lone Soldiers

    David Pollack Speaks

    Last Wednesday, students in Vaad Israel met with

    former Lone Soldier David Pollack through the LoneSoldier [email protected] [email protected] This gave studentsthe opportunity to hear Davids life story. He grewup in the western suburbs of Chicago, with very fewJews in his community and found his Jewish [email protected] college. This [email protected] led him to want to join theIsrael Defense Forces. He tried out for theparatroopers brigade and was in service for twoyears. He also discussed the hardships that all Lone

    Soldiers face being far away from home. For example, while most soldiers get to go home for theweekend and sleep, David went home to an empty apartment and had to buy food, do laundry,and make sure everything was taken care of.

    In Israel, Israeli families have the ability to adopt lone soldiers. Pollack was adopted by a familyhalfway through his service, along with three other American lone soldiers. Vaad Israel would liketo thank the Lone Soldier [email protected] [email protected] and David Pollack for coming and we hope tosee them again in the near future.


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