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E2-E3 Architecture Technical

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Market Scenario & BSNL statusE2-E3
for the Topic: Schedule of Accommodation .
• Eligibility: Those who have got the Up-gradation to from
E2 to E3.
• This presentation is last updated on 15-3-2011.
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Different component of SOA
• Schedule of Accommodation power has been delegated
to the Head Circles to sanction SOA for a given building
(vide DOT lr. No. 501-20/TPS-(BT), dt April’1988), within
the prescribed limit for that size of the building the head
of the circle should or suppose to approve the SOA
based on a actual requirement of space keeping in view
of the limit as per the standards.
• Component form of user’s requirements
For internal circulation of BSNL only
• Requirements we as a architect are suppose to add up
additional area required for circulation
• Toilet area/ drinking water and wall area’s etc. as per
• These area’s is called plinth area’s Which includes
circulations, toilets and wall area in addition to user’s
• Plinth is achieved by adding 60% more area to the carpet
• This plinth area is the basic factor which an architect is
suppose to accommodate in a proposed building
considering horizontal and vertical components of the
proposed building
state. Such as ground coverage, FAR, Setbacks parking
norms, etc.
Architect analysis the scheme and tranfer it on paper as
single line sketch.
out the inter relation ship between various components of
the buildings in the form of flow diagrams.
For internal circulation of BSNL only
line diagram accommodating all the requirements
projected by the client (user). Which reflect the
ground coverage and the no of floors.
• These sketches are explained to our competent
authority of the particular region like CGM.
• Now client/user is a better position to visualized the
requirement projected by them.
• At this stage if sum modifications are desired by client,
the same are incorporated in scheme, and preliminary
drawings are prepared.
and section including lay out plan are issued to the
competent authority for obtaining formal approval along
with brief specifications.
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client and finalized.
• Now the PE is send for financial approval as well
expenditure sanction.
prepared for obtaining approval from local
bodies. like DDA, NDMC, MCD and fire
working drawings are prepared.
• These above mentioned activities are called
preconstruction activities and Architect is supposed to
have full involments in this activities.
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Schedule of Accommodation
Departmental Technical Procedure
Pre-construction’ and ‘construction’ stage
• The execution of a project/ work has two stages, viz. the
‘Pre-construction and ‘construction stage’.
Pre-construction Stage:-
of services such as water supply, electricity, drainage and
sewerage etc.
Departmental Technical Procedure
3) Discussions with the client to assess and appreciate their
requirements, incorporation of the same and preparation
of preliminary plans.
Preparation of preliminary estimate.
6) Approval of the preliminary estimate by the client.
7) Preparation of architectural drawings and review with
client and modification of drawings, if required.
For internal circulation of BSNL only
Departmental Technical Procedure
8) Preparation and submission of the plans to the Local
Bodies or their approval.
10) Preparation of preliminary structural sizes.
11) Preparation of services drawings.
12) Preparation of detailed working drawings.
13)Preparation of NIT and call of pre-qualification
applications wherever applicable.
Departmental Technical Procedure
applications wherever applicable.
For internal circulation of BSNL only
Construction stage:-
ii. Completion of work.
iii. Testing and commissioning.
vi. Settlement of accounts.
Local Bodies
of local Municipal Committee/ Corporation, the building
plans should be prepared by Senior Architects keeping in
view the provisions and requirements of these bye-laws.
• The Executive Engineer shall furnish the services plans to
Senior Architect.
local bodies for their approval prior to commencement of
the work].
Local Bodies
in close co-ordination with the Executive Engineer (Civil)
for obtaining the necessary clearance/approvals.
• On Commencement of work, the local bodies should
also be moved simultaneously for provision of ancillary
to be provided for by the Department should invariably
be made in the main project estimate.
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Local Bodies
Horticulture Works
concerned DD(H)/ AD(H) should initiate action for
horticulture works.
• The administrative Department/ Ministry shall be kept
intervals about the stages of progress of work so that the
client’s observations, if any, could be responded to
before the work is completed.
For internal circulation of BSNL only
Local Bodies
• After a requisition for a work required to be done
is received, Preliminary estimate is prepared by
(Civil Wing) to give an idea of approximate cost
involved based on preliminary plans.
• It is sent to the requisitioning authority for
Administrative approval.
Local Bodies
for items are the basic pre-requisites which are
required to be fulfilled, before it is taken in hand
or liability incurred in connection with it.
(i) Administrative Approval.
(ii) Expenditure Sanction.
(iii) Technical Sanction.
Administrative Approval
plans as are necessary
the Department is termed Administrative
approval of the work.
Administrative Approval
• And is in effect an order to the BSNL Civil Wing
authorizing to execute certain specified works at
a stated sum to meet the Administrative needs
of the department requiring the work..
For internal circulation of BSNLonly
• After the proposal has received the administrative
approval, a properly detailed estimate will be
prepared for the sanction of the competent authority
of the BSNL Civil Wing.
• This sanction is known as the Technical sanction
to the estimate and amounts to nothing more than a
guarantee that the plans are structurally sound and
meet the requirements of the indenting authority and
that the estimates are accurately calculated.
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Technical Sanction
Expenditure Sanction
Technical sanction can only be accorded by
BSNL Civil Wing and is necessary before the
construction of the work is commenced.
For internal circulation of BSNLonly
Expenditure Sanction
of the Government of India in the Ministry of
Finance to the proposed expenditure in cases
where this is necessary.
Authority, as the case may be.
iii. In all other cases, the act of appropriation or re
appropriation will operate as sanction to the
expenditure concerned.
Expenditure Sanction
invariably be obtained after technical sanction has been
• In such cases it would be advisable to apply for
expenditure sanction before going to he labor and
expenses of preparing detailed plans and estimates.
For internal circulation of BSNL only
Appropriation or Re appropriation of funds
• Appropriation means the allotment of a sum of money
within a unit of appropriation of a particular sum of money
to meet expenditure on a specified object.
• It is in effect a financial sanction and is operative only for
the official year during which it is given.
• Re-appropriation means the transfer of funds from one
unit of appropriation to another such unit in cases where
expenditure cannot be met unit of appropriation
365 / 34.00 54 / 5.00 80 / 7.45 27 / 2.50 Cycle Shed
• 2
Cycle Shed
Type Staircase/
3 600 / 55.75 54 /5.00
Garage 100%
Shed 100%
• Type (vii) 214 sq meter
• Type (viii) 251 sq meter
• Type (vi) 167 sq meter
• Norms for office Space
• Office space Norms as per Directorate of Estate, Ministry of Urban
Development for Different Category of Officers/Staff. For
LDC/UDC 40 sq ft/person
• For executive Engineer (Under Sect.) 120 sq ft/person
• For Director / Dy. secretary. 180 sq ft/person
• For Jt.. secretary. and Above 240 sq ft/person
For internal circulation of BSNLonly
For internal circulation of BSNLonly
of 33/33
For internal circulation of BSNLonly E2-E3 Architecture Technical Schedule of Accommodation
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