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EAL Department Plan

Date post:30-Jun-2015
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A vision for an EAL (English as an Additional Language) Department - what to think of when planning for EAL if you're a coordinator.
  • 1. EAL Teaching and EAL Department

2. Examination Support 3. Monitoring Progress 4. Partnership with Teachers and Building School Capacity 5. Pastoral Support and Student Voice 6. Promoting Diversity, Equality and Bilingualism as an Asset 7. Links to School Policies and School Development 8. Engaging Parents and the Community 9. Collaborating with External Agencies 10. sized jigsaws Collaborating with External Agencies Pastoral Support and Student Voice Rigorous Monitoring of Students Progress Partnership with Teachers & Building School Capacity Engaging Parents and Community Promoting Diversity, and Equality Strong EAL Teaching and Well- Organized EAL Department Pastoral Support and Student Voice EAL Linked to School Policies and Literacy Examination Support EAL Vision

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