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Ebriks:- Holiday Shopping 2002

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Ebriks Infotech provides various big stories they used their database to tell stories. It have creating editorial ans data analysts on the same team . for more info visit our site at http://www.ebriks.com/
  • 1.Stories that scale Content Marketing Show - 20.11.12 @amayeld @brilliantnoise brilliantnoise.com

2. Spoiler alert... 3. BIG DATA + BIG STORIES 4. Storytelling can SCALE PDR (cc) http://goo.gl/CEs8e 5. It is about Scaling your ability to tell stories.... 6. It is about Your ability to listen to customer stories 7. What scale is not... Automated Dehumanised Numbers-led Blockbusters 8. It is about having one- to-one conversations that can scale 9. Small data-driven bull***t content http://goo.gl/MPpdb 10. Maybe your data isnt big enough. 11. US elections 2012 12. It was the quants what won it. 13. "...they used their databases to tell stories. Or, more to the point, their databases and models were used so that Americans could tell storiesto each other." Felix Salmon http://goo.gl/GxfMp 14. Joined-up data that enables you to understand which stories to tell to who, and how and when they should be told. That's the future of marketing, right there. Neil Perkin http://goo.gl/B6Mah 15. Stories that scale 16. Having creative / editorial and data analysts on the same team. 17. NUMBERS + STORIES 18. BIG DATA + CONTENT + CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 19. Model rst published Harvard Business Review Customer decision journey Bond Advocate Enjoy Buy Evaluate Mckinsey & Cos Consumer Decision Journey Model Consider 20. Customer Centric Planning Search Engine Brand website Price Comparison Social Media 1 3 64 52 7 8 9 10 Consider Evaluate Buy Bond Advocate 21. Forresters Content Ecosystem 22. Storystream 23. BIG DATA + CONTENT + CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 24. BIG DATA + BIG STORIES 25. Theres a white paper http://goo.gl/7uT1x 26. Download the paper at htt://brilliantnoise.com/ nokiapaper 2012 Brilliant Noise - All rights reserved Ta-dah!

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