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Ecologic meets the media...

Date post: 11-Jun-2015
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Ecologic Cosmetic's Media Coverage Report 2013. Ecologic Cosmetics (www.ecologiccosmetics.com) is an ecological cosmetics firm made in Spain that offers environmentally friendly superior quality products. Its’ portfolio is divided into facial and body cosmetics manufactured since 1993 in Mallorca using 100% natural ingredients and artisan methods in combination with state-of-the-art technology. Ecologic Cosmetics products are in constant evolution; they are suitable for sensitive skin and provide noticeable results in skin texture, elasticity and apperance for all skin types. They are packed in eco-friendly vintage style containers labelled in English, Spanish, French and German.
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Ecologic meets the media…
  • 1. Ecologic meets the media

2. Online Media: Telva Date: 28 November 2013 Language: Spa URL: telva.comRoyal jelly moisturizing day cream and, honey and lemon facial scrub recommended for eco girls2 3. Online Media: Miss at la playa Blog Date: 18 November 2013 Language: Eng / Spa URL: missatlaplaya.comEight eco-friendly beauty labels to adore. The product itself, the production process and the packaging (recyclable and re-usable) respect the environment. The ingredients are 100% natural, without parabens and conservants, and are not tested on animals.3 4. Online Media: It Fashion Mag Date: 18 October 2013 Language: Eng / Spa URL: itfashion.comSlow beauty is a way of understanding beauty that loves persistence and freshness, and that implies a lifestyle. The Slow beautys philosophy explained by Alexandra Nicolau, CEO of Ecologic Cosmetics, links personal and sensorial pleasure of take care of oneself to the desire of approaching to nature.4 5. Print Media: Cosmopolitan Edition: Spain Language: Spanish Date: November 2013 Page: 167 (Beauty Guide)5 6. Print Media: Mujer Hoy Edition: Spain Language: Spanish Date: October 2013 Page: 456 7. Online Media: Telva.com Date: 10 October 2013 Language: Spa URL: telva.comVernica Gonzlez Soriano, Community Manager at TELVA.com uses the honey and lemon eco scrub for a glooming and soft skin in minutes7 8. Online Media: Trendencias Lifestyle Blog Date: 11 September 2013 Language: Spa URL: trendenciaslifestyle.comOne of my latest discoveries! The honey and lemon scrub by Ecologic, a firm that I love because it uses artisian methods in the manufacturing of its products. Their cosmetics are also paraben free and arent tested with animals.8 9. Online Media: Trendencias Lifestyle Blog Date: 11 September 2013 Language: Spa URL: trendenciaslifestyle.comFounded by Linda Nicolau in 1993 in Mallorca, the firm has earned a special place within the finest natural beauty products'. Ecoconsciousness from beginning to end.9 10. Print Media: Cuore Edition: Spain Language: Spanish Date: September 2013 Page: 8210 11. Online Media: Luxury Lifestyle by Helen Cummins Date: 3 September 2013 Language: Spa / Eng / Ger URL: helencummins.comAfter working in many high-class beauty brands in the UK, Linda Nicolau returned to Mallorca, Spain, to open her first beauty salon.11 12. Print Media: Cuore Biuty Edition: Spain Language: Spanish Date: August 2013 Page: 12712 13. Online Media: Vogue Spain Date: August 2013 Language: Spa URL: vogue.esSummer manicures are like a strawberry ice cream to an afternoon at the swimming pool. To do your own at home, Ecologic Cosmetics by Linda Nicolau, a Majorcan firm producing natural products made by hand, suggest this pack.13 14. Online Media: El Blog de Nina Benito Date: 19 August 2013 Language: Spa URL: elblogdeninabenito.wordpress.comShe defines perfectly what I always say about ecologic and natural cosmetics, they can be as beautiful as traditional cosmetics, with innovative textures, scents and colorsLet Science embrace nature14 15. Online Media: Vogue Spain Date: July 2013 Language: Spa URL: vogue,esFounded back in 1993 by two entrepreneurial women, mother and daughter, who firmly believe in the slow beauty philosophy.15 16. Print Media: Azul Marino Edition: Spain Language: Spa / Eng Date: July 2013 Page: 1116 17. Online Media: Make up by Maryland Date: 27 June 2013 Language: Spa URL: stylelovely.com/makeupbymarylandI must admit that this brand has captivated me because we share the same philosophy. Products made in Spain using traditional methods, with good ingredients but without neglecting the image with a most attractive packaging17 18. Print Media: Yo Dona Edition: Spain Language: Spanish Date: May 2013 Page: 7218 19. Online Media: El blog de Marta Simonet Date: 27 May 2013 Language: Spa URL: elblogdemartasimonet.comI found the welfare paradise in the heart of Palma, Ecologic Cosmetics. What a massage! Dim lights and candles, and a girl with hands that seemed to follow the rhythm of the waves on my back. Forty-five minutes of absolute peace.19 20. Online Media: Ella lo lleva Beauty Blog Date: 12 May 2013 Language: Spa URL: ellalolleva.comThanks to the website, Con el Guapo Subido, I recently discovered the brand Ecologic by Linda Nicolau, an online retailer of niche cosmetic that they define as friendly and chic cosmetics.20 21. Online Media: El mundo de Patricia Conde blog Date: 6 May 2013 Language: Spa URL: blog.hola.com/patriciacondeProduced by combining artisan methods with advanced techniques and ingredients of the highest quality, carefully selected to provide progressive, lasting and effective results21 22. Online Media: Con el guapo subido blog Date: 7 May 2013 Language: Spa URL: www.conelguaposubido.com/blogEcologic is a Spanish brand with British influence. The first thing that dazzled me was its aesthetics. A rather appealing design, beautiful! "22 23. Online Media: I am a beauty adicta blog Date: 25 April 2013 Language: Spa URL: www.stylelovely.com/iamabeautyadictaThe preservatives used in its elaboration are bio, freeing their products from harmful parabens, preservatives and dyes.23 24. Online Media: Inmediatika Date: 22 April 2013 Language: Spa URL: www.inmediatika.esThe love for pure and healthy beauty reflects in their original packaging. A bio and healthy beauty is possible through Ecologic Cosmetics 100% natural treatments and products.24 25. Online Media: Desde el probador blog Date: 8 April 2013 Language: Spa URL: www.desdelprobador.comDetails that add value to the product and make it not only a beauty and natural cosmetic sales, an experience.25 26. Online Media: Vanity Fair Spain Date: 4 March 2013 Language: Spa URL: www.revistavanityfair.esThere is no better complement than a healthy and well cared for skin. So today we suggest you invest in your health (and the environment) with Ecologic Cosmetics products.26 27. Online Media: Isasaweis blog Date: 26 February 2013 Language: Spa URL: www.isasaweis.comFrom Mallorca with a fully bio preservative suitable for sensitive skins .27 28. Print Media: Harpers Bazaar Edition: Spain Language: Spanish Date: January 2013 Page: 21928 29. Print Media: abcmallorca Edition: Mallorca, Spain Language: Eng / Spa / Ger Date: Dec & Jan 2013 Page: 9229 30. Print Media: abcmallorca Edition: Mallorca, Spain Language: Eng / Spa / Ger Date: Dec & Jan 2013 Page: 14330 31. Media Contact: Marga Orero Marketing & Communications Ecologic Cosmetics [email protected] Follow us: facebook.com/ecologic.cosmetics twitter.com/Ecologicspa pinterest.com/ecologicbeauty instagram.com/ecologiccosmetics linkedin.com/company/ecologic-cosmetics slideshare.net/EcologicCosmetics Suscribe to our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/yC6_1 Visit our website/ shop online: www.ecologiccosmetics.com31 32. www.ecologiccosmetics.com