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Page 1: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April





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Page 2: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April




02 Kipper’s Toybox

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2nd FormSamantha Harris ClareJoseph Woolaghan Stafford

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5th FormJimmy Feng ClareJohn Long ClareYuki Han LincolnVivi Yu LincolnYoYo Zhang Stafford


Navdip Atwal ClareFrancesca Ferard ClareLucy Hetherington ClareChloe Ni ClareAlan Zhang ClareEmily Liu StaffordAimee Mounsey StaffordFiona Qi Stafford




Page 3: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April



Chinese New Year

In the Lent term, the children learnt about the festival of Chinese New Year – about how the years were chosen and what people do to prepare for, and celebrate, this festival.

They also had a go at writing their names in Chinese, eating snacks with chop sticks and doing lots of fun dragon dances, as well as making pancakes in small groups.


During the topic of ‘opposites’, the children in Pre-School drew some black and white animals for a new wall display.

They had the choice of a zebra, panda, whale or a penguin and were encouraged to look at photographs of the animals to help them visualise what the animals look like, and what features they will need to include, before adding the black and white colouring.


As the seasons changed, the children in Pre-School went on an Autumn walk around School to observe the seasonal changes and collected any leaves, twigs, conkers and acorns that had fallen to the ground.

Once these were dried out, the children used them to make a painting using lots of colour, and they discussed how Spring was different to Autumn.


Kipper’s Toy Box

As part of the topic of ‘toys’, Pre-School spent some time focusing on the story ‘Kipper’s Toy Box’.

After reading the story, the children made sock puppets, using lots of different craft materials to make their puppets.

Page 4: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


04 Whinlatter Forest

Mountain Rescue Visit

Kindergarten had a special visit in November from a Mountain Rescue vehicle and volunteer.

They got to hear all about how the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team manage to help and rescue people who have come into difficulties out in the fells, and they even got to sit in the vehicle and handle some of the equipment before asking some questions.

Whinlatter Forest

Kindergarten enjoyed a wonderful day out to Whinlatter Forest with Transition in May.

They explored the woodland and went on the Gruffalo Trail and the Highland Rat Trail, and were excited to discover images of their favourite story characters. They then had a go at some land art and produced spider sculptures. What a wonderful day in the fresh air!

Maryport Aquarium

Kindergarten enjoyed a brilliant trip to Maryport Aquarium in the Summer Term.

The weather was fantastic and the pupils enjoyed playing and eating ice creams in the park, as well as learning lots about plenty of sea creatures and seeing so many different types of fish!

Page 5: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April



Egyptian Workshop

Transition had a very informative day at Tullie House enjoying an Egyptian workshop.

They got to handle lots of different objects from Ancient Egyptian times, some of the items being around 4,000 years old! They investigated items with hieroglyphics on, had a look at some of the different foods eaten by Ancient Egyptians and looked at the kinds of clothes they wore, as well as learning about many of the different Gods that they worshipped. They enjoyed a craft session where they could make a headdress of a God or a shabti figure and were also able to carry out a simulation of the process of mummification. The highlight of the day was meeting Annexi, the Egyptian woman who told the pupils all about her life in Ancient Egypt and about the stories of the Gods and the Opet festival.

Zoo Lab

Transition enjoyed a ‘hands on’ afternoon when Zoo Lab came in to visit to coincide with the class’ work on desert environments and desert animals.

Zoo Lab brought a variety of animals that are adapted to live in a desert and the pupils were able to get up close and hands-on with many of the different creatures.

There were squeals of delight and excitement as hissing cockroaches and giant millipedes crawled about on their hands. Tristan from Zoo Lab was very informative and told the children all about how the different animals were able to survive in desert conditions and everybody learnt a lot.

End of Term Extravaganza

Transition had a wonderful time on their end of term extravaganza this year!

First stop was to Ambleside to feed the ducks, swans and cygnets and have a go at skimming stones. Afterwards, everyone embarked on the ‘Princess of the Lake’ to cruise around Windermere. The children were very excited, looking out for all the things they could spot from the boat. Arriving at Brockhole, everyone had a lovely picnic just as the sun was starting to shine, and enjoyed a play in the large outdoor play area. Then it was back on the boat to Ambleside where all the children enjoyed an ice cream in the sunshine before heading to the next stop on our trip – the Cocoa Bean Factory in Hawkshead! The children all dressed up in their aprons and hairnets ready to make their creations and had a great deal of fun making their chocolates and eating quite a bit along the way! A wonderful day in the Lake District meant there were some very tired children on the bus journey back to School.

Page 6: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


06 YHA Sleepover

Alston YHA Sleepover

Preparatory went on an ‘evacuee’ themed sleepover to Alston YHA this year.

After finding their bedrooms and unpacking, the pupils enjoyed a beetle drive akin to those held during wartime. In keeping with the ‘make do and mend’ campaign, they also put on a tin foil fashion show – strutting their stuff down the makeshift catwalk! After pizza for tea, the air raid siren sounded and everyone proceeded to the mock Anderson shelter for a sing-a-long, drowning out the noise with cheerful tunes. After managing at least some sleep, everyone enjoyed a cooked breakfast and a little walk in the surroundings.

Dove Cottage

Preparatory visited Dove Cottage in Grasmere to learn all about William Wordsworth and his family.

They were blessed with a beautiful sunny day to explore the cottage and handle original artefacts from Wordsworth’s time living there, which gave them plenty of inspiration to plan and write their own poems ‘on location’. They also had the opportunity to get dressed up in traditional costume too!

South Lakes Safari

Preparatory went on a joint visit to South Lakes Safari Zoo with Transition this year where they had the chance to get up close and personal with a variety of different animals.

The pupils were lucky enough to get an opportunity to hand feed the penguins… who were cheeky little characters! They also had a talk about Arctic Wolves and were able to watch as the Zoo Keeper fed them and were fascinated watching the wolves grab their food and run off to their own space to eat it. Everyone enjoyed the rest of the exhibits at the Zoo where they saw lions, tigers, howler monkeys and hippos as well as many others. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

Page 7: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April



Royal Wedding Party

In honour of this year’s Royal Wedding, J1 and Transition had a special Royal Wedding Garden Party at School.

They made their own crowns, hand-wrote some invitations, prasticed their curtsies and bows, had a snack in the garden and played some games. It was very befitting of such a special occasion!

Royal Wedding Party and Croft Farm

Croft Farm

J1 visited Croft Farm as part of their Geography topic of ‘Food and Farming’.

The pupils had been looking at where our food comes from in lessons, and learning about different types of farming. Croft Farm is a livestock farm; it does grow crops but just for the animals they have. It is also an organic farm and Ruth explained what measures they have to take to be certified organic, and the pupils learned about the benefits of organic farming. They each got to hold a lamb, feed the chickens and visit the new born calf, as well as building some shelters in the woods.


J1 had a great day out at the Roman Army museum and Vindolanda.

At the museum, a Roman soldier told the pupils all about the army, how they could join and even taught them some Latin! Afterwards, they were able to watch a 3D film telling them all about the Roman Empire and life as a soldier. They got to see lots of Roman clothing, armour, swords and shields which was very exciting. In the afternoon, the pupils visited Vindolanda where they explored the remains of a Roman village and fort and were very lucky to be able to speak to an archaeologist who told them all about life in the fort and the interesting things they have discovered. It was a very fun day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Page 8: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April



Weeping Window

J2 visited Carlisle Castle this summer, in relation to modern history, to look at the fabulous “Weeping Window” poppy display.

Mrs Wilson gave the pupils a very interesting and thought-provoking tour which made everyone think, and give thanks, to those who came before us.

Fit for a Queen… or King

A selection of replica royal jewellery was on show this year in the Peter Jackson the Jeweller store in The Lanes and J2 took a trip to see them.

The children were fascinated by the display and they had the chance to put on the crown and try on the tiara. On display were replicas of the Imperial State Crown – used after a monarch’s coronation, the crown worn by Queen Mary, King George IV’s Diadem (the crown on the postage stamp), Queen Victoria’s crown and the tiara worn by Princess Diana. The jewels had been loaned from a private collection – which is often used for Hollywood films – and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed getting to view these up close.

Barcaple Residential

J2 enjoyed an excellent residential visit to the Barcaple Activity Centre in South West Scotland.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed all of the tasks, many of which allowed them to realise they had many more skills than they thought they had! It was great to see a “can do” attitude growing in all the pupils! Every challenge was attempted with a smile and some considerable enjoyment. It was also great to see how quickly team work and peer support grew amongst the class. The weather was generally good, the food excellent, and the company of teachers and instructors was always constructive and helpful. We all can’t wait for the next residential!

Page 9: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April

Lanercost Priory

It was a rather wet day when J3 ventured out to Lanercost Priory this year.

In class, the children had been learning about the Tudors, and in particular Henry VIII and his falling out with the Church in Rome. The visit to Lanercost helped the children to find out more about the dissolution of the monasteries and to imagine what the Priory would have looked like in the 1500s. It was a very enjoyable trip, despite the weather!

Centre for Life

J3 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Centre for Life in Newcastle.

In Science, the children had been learning about Space and they were able to visit the Planetarium and see images of the night sky and the planets in our Solar System. The children also took part in a fantastic workshop, learning some of the skills needed to be an astronaut. Visits to the Curiosity Gallery and the Brain Zone were enjoyed, with many fun learning activities. The live Science Show was much appreciated and the children were able to ask questions about how things work. An enjoyable and educational experience for all!

Border Reivers

As part of their History topic on the Border Reivers, J3 went for a workshop at Tullie House.

They learnt about the famous Reiver families families and the children had a chance to handle some artefacts, dress up and find out facts in the Border Reivers gallery. They even saw some genuine Reiver armour that had been discovered in a field in Caldbeck. It was a fun and enjoyable visit and brought the History topic to life.


0309Centre for Life

Page 10: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


JUNIOR 4Beamish

J4 enjoyed their trip to Beamish. A strict Victorian lesson was part of the day, where the children learnt the three ‘R’s and what would have happened if they did not know their times tables or did not write neatly! It was safe to say that they were quite happy that punishments are not as severe these days! On a mine tour, the pupils also had first-hand experience of what it would have been like to work in a mine in the dark.

Summer Ball

J4 pupils and their parents enjoyed the J4 Summer Ball on the 29th June this year. Miss Mitchell and Co. had transformed the Refs into an elegant ball room for dinner, speeches and dancing. It was a fun evening and a lovely end of term celebration.

Eden Rivers Trust

J4 had two very educational days with Eden Rivers Trust. They learnt about animals living near rivers and conducted an experiment to see how the permeability of the land can affect how rivers flood. They visited the river to draw a river sketch and the pupils also learnt about how people can affect rivers and ways to overcome these issues. They then used what they had learnt to write a persuasive piece of text in English.

Page 11: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April



Junior School Concert The Junior School put on a magnificent musical extravaganza for a busy Chapel in November with performances from various ensembles, including Brass, Percussion, Saxophone, Woodwind and Recorders.

The Junior School Choir and the Senior Chamber Choir also wowed, with further performances from the Junior years. The Infants even performed a song in French!

RotaKids for Guide Dogs The Junior School RotaKids have been raising money for Guide Dogs for Carlisle this year in order to sponsor and name a guide dog puppy.

They raised over £1,000 in the first term through sponsored music practice, a Christmas Jumper Day and a ‘guess the birthday’ and ’guess the name’ competition of some cuddly dogs. Other fundraising activities later in the year, including a sponsored walk, took them well past their target of £1,500 to raise a total of £2,002. Pupils from Pre-School to Junior 4 all had the opportunity to meet some of the friendly working guide dogs and take part in some activities to get a sense of how much more difficult simple day-to-day tasks can be with a visual impairment, when volunteers and staff from the association came in to visit us. Pupils donned blindfolds and tried to complete a jigsaw puzzle, pour a drink, count some change and identify items from their smell. They also had the opportunity to talk to the Guide Dog owners, asking any questions they had and, most importantly…pet the dogs! We can’t wait to meet the puppy that we will be sponsoring!

UDance On Friday 27th April, pupils from J3 and J4 participated in UDance at the Sands Centre where they re-told the story of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, through dance.

The children did a magnificent job performing to such a large audience, and really enjoyed watching other schools’ entries as well. Well done to all those involved.

Sports Day Aidan House claimed victory at this year’s Junior School Sports Day.

The weather was great and there was fantastic spirit and true sportsmanship shown in both the track and field events, in individual and relay races alike. The ‘megatastic relay’ which concluded the event, including pupils from every year plus staff and parents racing, was a super way to end the afternoon on a friendly competitive high.

Tour de Friars Pre-School and Kindergarten shunned the yard in favour of the astro for this year’s 2018 ‘Tour de Friars’.

Whizzing past supportive older pupils and parents, they all completed their lap of the course to the best of their ability. Well done!

Page 12: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


Aidan Aidan House went on an afternoon visit to Energi Trampoline Park.

It was wonderful to see the children of all ages, from Kindergarten to J4 playing together and helping each other. Staff at Energi commented numerous times about how well behaved the children were and how well they worked together. Another new event for this academic year was the House Swimming Gala. The event ran smoothly and the children had a great deal of fun with Aidan House coming in as the overall winners of the gala. This year we have also had a House Art competition. Children from Kindergarten to J4 produced a piece of work based on the theme ‘Summer’ and these pieces were judged by the Senior School Art department and the overall winner of the House competition was Aidan. Sports Day caused the usual excitement and was, as always, one of the highlights of the School calendar. Children from Pre-School – J4 took part in races earning points for their House. The overall winner at Sports Day this year was Aidan.


It has been a busy and successful academic year for all in Bede House.

The children have enjoyed taking part in a range of House events as well as a newly introduced House social trip, where Bede went to Aztec Soft Play. In the classroom, Bede have also worked particularly hard and continued to win the House Points trophy throughout the whole academic year (which could well be a record), before being officially awarded the trophy at the end of the year. Bede have had particular success in winning the overall House Music and House Drama competitions as well as the J1/J2 and J3/J4 Girls’ Cross Country. Overall it has been a brilliant year for Bede House!


This year, Cuthbert House welcomed lots of new events including the House Swimming Gala and House Art Competition.

In the House Cross Country, Cuthbert was awarded the ‘top spot’ in Kindergarten’s race and the J3/J4 Boys’ race. J1 and J2 were victorious in House Netball, and J3 and J4 found success in the House Football. Well done to all! Cuthbert had a fantastic Sports Day and won the Junior section of the afternoon where the 4x50m relay races were a highlight! Cuthbert also enjoyed a lovely social afternoon at AMF Bowling. Lots of fun was had by all and we are looking forward to the next!


Teachers in the Junior School were appointed as Heads of House in January of this year, with the aim of raising the profile and breadth of House events in the Junior School. Miss Simpson was appointed Head of Aidan House, Miss Boyd was announced as Head of Cuthbert House and Miss Donoghue became Head of Bede House. The first new change was the House badges. All pupils, who used to have a coloured circle badge, were issued with a new coloured enamel bar badge. During this change, Bede House changed its House colour to Blue. Pupils were also given the opportunity to purchase a House hoody for them to wear during House events, and most pupils took up this opportunity and they were received with much excitement. The next new initiative was the introduction of the House social events which saw each House arrange a different team-building activity afternoon.

Page 13: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


1st FORM

Brathay Residential

1st Form pupils spent two nights at Brathay this year to take part in a variety of team-building exercises, outdoor and creative activities, as well as problem-solving challenges and reflecting on the School’s Augustinian values.

Friendships initiated on this trip at the start of the academic year developed quickly and the shared experiences gave pupils a greater appreciation of the strengths of their friends, and themselves.

Whinlatter Geography

The 1st Form went to Whinlatter Forest on a Geography field trip.

In the morning, they looked at the management of the forest and learnt how to use a compass. In the afternoon, the pupils completed an orienteering course using their compasses, knowledge of maps and effective teamwork to complete it successfully. The fastest group was Yolanda, Millie and Oliver.

1st Form Unity Mass

As part of their integration into the spiritual life of the School, the 1st Form had their own special Mass.

The theme was “We are One in the Spirit” which was based on the School’s core value of Unitas. The hymns chosen were to aid them in their understanding of the importance of unity as a year group. In his sermon, Fr Ian Willison, OSA, encouraged them to make every effort to work together. During the Mass, the pupils made a logo in the shape of a hand with all their names written on it demonstrating that they are all one in God’s hand.

Page 14: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April

2nd FORM



The 2nd Form took a Geography field trip to Glenridding. They looked at how the river changes from its source to the mouth, the impact of the recent flooding on the area and how tourism has had an effect. On a beautiful hot day the pupils enjoyed going into the river to measure the depth, velocity and bedload sizes.

Favela Models

Pupils in 2nd Form put in a great amount of effort making models of favelas in Geography this year as part of their topic about Brazil. Lots of colour had been used to demonstrate how these favelas in Brazil are being gentrified by painting them to make them less of an eyesore.

Minsteracres Retreat

At the start of the Summer Term, the 2nd Form experienced their first Augustinian retreat to Minsteracres Retreat Centre where they took part in a number of activities exploring the values of friendship, respect and community which are embodied in the School’s core values of Unity, Truth and Love. They explored this through mindfulness and thoughtful reflection activities. The retreat concluded with ‘Friars Flare’, a talent show where pupils entertained a panel of judges, and their fellow classmates, with a variety of acts all vying to be crowned the winner.

New Lanark

The 2nd Form took a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of New Lanark in June, one of only six in Scotland, to consolidate their learning in History about the Industrial Revolution. They explored the old textile mills, which were the largest in Britain in the 19th century and discovered that, due to the benevolence of their owner, Robert Owen, New Lanark’s workers and their families enjoyed good amenities including comfortable housing and Britain’s first infants’ school.

Page 15: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


3rd FORMBoarbank Hall

The 3rd Form visited Boarbank Hall on 13th November, which was St Augustine’s 1663rd birthday, to reflect on the theme of Praise, Repentance and Grace. They pupils got to explore the gardens before a creative session where they drew, wrote poems and songs and made some collage works. They also had a Q&A session with the Sisters there.

Caves and Coves

3rd Form narrowly dodged the ‘Beast from the East’ this Lent term and were treated to a sunny day in the Yorkshire Dales for a Geography field trip. To help develop their understanding of limestone environments, pupils visited White Scar Cave and Malham Cove where they also considered the impacts of tourism within these environments.

Under the Sea

3rd Form pupils headed to Glasgow Science Centre in November where they watched a film called ‘Under the Sea’ in the IMAX Cinema. The 3D film covered topics such as climate change, biodiversity and interdependence. The pupils also had the opportunity to take part in a physics based workshop entitle ‘Energy Minister’. Whilst there, there was also time to explore the ‘hands on’ scientific experiments in the Science Mall.

Page 16: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April

Popping the Quotation

Also in the classroom, 4th Form English lessons were a bit more ‘hands on’ in the Lent term to aid pupils in gathering quotes for their coursework. Various quotes were written on balloons dotted across the classroom and pupils had to decide which quotes were relevant, and which were ‘full of hot air’ which they could burst!

The head bone’s connected to the…

This year the 4th Form GCSE PE students have been learning about how the functions of the human skeleton are important in physical activity and sport. As part of this they were tested to see if they could label and draw the whole skeleton on a body suit, with some impressive results!


On 30th October, pupils in the 4th and 5th Form jetted off to Iceland. On landing, pupils took a short transfer to the Blue Lagoon for a wonderfully relaxing swim in the soothing waters. The next few days were filled with visits to a geothermal power station, a trip to see Eyjafjallajokull and numerous fantastic waterfalls and walking on a glacier – which was a real highlight! Pupils also went horse riding, and visited The Lava Centre and the HEP station which were equipped with superb interactive displays that really helped to bring the relative principles to life. On the last day, pupils walked through the rift valley and explored a lava tube, as well as watching a geyser and attempting to escape from a locked Escape Room Game!

4th FORM


Page 17: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


5th FORM

Long Row to Freedom

5th and VI Form pupils who were part of the 2018 South Africa Sports Tour completed their sponsored ‘Long Row to Freedom’ over the course of the night preceding the last day of the Summer Term. On ten rowing machines outside the Science block, the last km was rowed at 6.00am on the last day of the School year, after working in shifts throughout the night to complete the required 1,477km total – the distance from Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent the majority of his 27 years of incarceration, to the Parliament Building in Pretoria, where he was later inaugurated in 1994 as the first black president of South Africa. It was a fantastic show of team spirit which put them in good stead for their South Africa Sports Tour which they attended in August.

AMF Bowling Social

The 5th Form went on a purely social outing together this year, organised to allow them to spend quality time with each other outside of the School environment. A trip to AMF Bowling in Carlisle was on the cards, and after a few strikes, a few spares, and even more hitting the bumpers, they shared a bite to eat together before leaving. A nice evening of competitive bonding!

GCSE Results Day

BEST EVER GCSE RESULTS!5th Form pupils achieved an outstanding set of GCSE results this year with 46% of all grades at A* or A equivalent. 17% of the “new” GCSEs were awarded Grade 9, compared to a posted national average of 4.3%. The top-performing GCSE pupils with 9 or more A*/A or equivalent grades are: Francisca Boyling (10 A*/A), Amy Bray (11 A*/A), Olivia Graham (9 A*/A), Louis Grogan (12 A*/A), Marcus Grogan (11 A*/A), Megan Le Brocq (10 A*/A) and Charlotte McGauchie (12 A*/A).

Page 18: AUSTINEden Robertson Cuthbert Sofia Treeby Aidan Kindergarten Bianca Apollonio Bede Evan Bailey-Tupper Aidan James Marr Cuthbert Rafferty Swift Cuthbert Scarlett Swift Cuthbert April


VI FORMNational Citizen Service

L6th students embarked upon the National Citizen Service scheme at the start of the year by attending a four-day residential in the South Lakes where activities such as abseiling, canoeing, climbing and ghyll scrambling were undertaken to improve team-working skills and mental toughness.

Students continued the programme for three days in School with further challenges and informative guest speakers. Their programme culminated in December with their social action project of organising and hosting a Senior Citizens Christmas Party at School for regular patrons of the city’s Langrigg Day Centre. The visitors were provided with free transport to get them to the School on a Saturday afternoon, a Christmas lunch, games of bingo, and carols performed by the group of students.

In the Egg Business

The L6th Business group visited The Lakes Free Range Egg Company this year which gave them the opportunity to see a local firm and its operations, first-hand.

They had a tour of the packaging section, which prepares around 15,000 cases of eggs per week, using the latest, and often innovative, technology. Prior to this, they had a talk from the owners, David and Helen Brass, about the history of, and issues involved in, running a fast growing and successful business.

Leavers’ Ball

The VI Form Leavers’ dinner was held at The Halston, in Carlisle again this year on 29th June.

Guests enjoyed a welcome drink and a tongue-in-cheek presentation of awards before the announcements and inauguration of the new 2018 – 2019 Head Boy and Girl, Deputies and School Captains. After a bite to eat, and the obligatory signing of year books, The Fire Kings played to a packed dance floor, including a special appearance from Hannah Dodd on vocals!

Marine Biology in Newcastle

2018 saw the re-introduction of a residential Biology field trip for VI Form students.

Working with Newcastle University Marine Biology laboratory in Cullercoats, students investigated species diversity across a rocky shore before an enjoyable evening of kayaking and paddle boarding in the bay. The second day was used for planning and collecting data for personal investigations. On the final day, the students travelled to Druridge Bay to study succession on sand dunes. Some unfavourable weather encouraged a greater rate of data collection, which left more time at the end of the afternoon to investigate polymorphisms in Banded Snails as a bonus activity!

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Rotary Technology Tournament Our pupils did fantastically well at the Rotary Technology Tournament, held at School again this year.

For the Foundation groups, the Space Capsule Launch challenge involved making a launch pad to fire a space capsule through a hoop to a height of more than 3 metres. The Intermediate group also had to land the capsule as close to the launch site as possible. The Advanced challenge involved launching the capsule in a container, from which the capsule would detach, then parachute back down to the launch site. Our pupils came 1st in the Intermediate and Advanced groups, and 2nd in the Foundation stage – and all competitors did themselves proud!

Spanish Exchange The two-part Spanish Exchange was a great success this year, with some fantastic experiences for all those involved, and some genuine friendships being made.

Part one, in April, saw Friars pupils travel to Bilbao in Spain. Here, along with their hosts, they enjoyed activities including going to the zoo, exploring limestone caves and trying their hand at BigSUP (Stand up Paddle). Friars pupils also had a guided tour of Bilbao and a visit to the Athletic Bilbao Football stadium as well as some individual time with their host families. In June, the Spanish pupils returned our visit and the first activity was a trip to Derwent Water for some canoeing. The group also visited William Wordsworth’s house in Cockermouth, and spent a day in Edinburgh. It was an extremely fruitful exchange with life-long friendships being formed and a great opportunity for the pupils involved to improve their Spanish or English.Restart a Heart

Senior School pupils took part in the nation’s biggest mass CPR training event this year for Restart a Heart Day.

The School welcomed volunteers from North West Ambulance Service, Police Officers and PCSOs, local Doctors and First Responders, and even a local Fire Service crew, all who gave up their own time to deliver the lifesaving lesson. Every pupil from J4 to 5th Form received the training in CPR and defibrillator use. The lesson included a short presentation which outlines how to recognise a cardiac arrest, how to do effective CPR and how to use a defibrillator. This was followed by a practical element where every pupil prasticed their new skills on a CPR manikin.

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The Learning Support Department took pupils from 1st – 3rd Form on an Enrichment Trip to Rookin House Activity Centre this year where they had the opportunity to develop new problem-solving strategies, recognising their own skills and knowledge in a group and individual setting.

The activities, which included Archery, an assault course, horse riding and an Argo Cat off-road experience provided them with the opportunity to apply these skills, and improve their interpersonal skills.

Sports Day

Clare House clinched the win at this year’s Senior School Sports Day.

It was another great day for it – not too hot and with a little breeze to cool down those in the longer distance runs. Participation levels were high, some new PBs were set and House pride was tangible as the afternoon concluded with the, now infamous, 20 x 200m House relays. A fine sporting afternoon.

Lower School Ball

Our 1st Form enjoyed their first black tie event at School this year as they joined the rest of Lower School for the Lower School Ball in June.

A dinner in the Refs was followed by dancing in the New Hall and the opportunity to enjoy the evening with friends. A great amount of effort was put into the organising of the evening, which was much appreciated by all those who attended.

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CLARE HOUSE REPORTWhat a joy it is to be able to tell you all about another successful year for Clare House! Thank you to everyone who has made this year so enjoyable for everyone in the House.

The House Music Festival, always a highlight of my year, once again lived up to my very high expectations. Amongst my favourite performances was that of a group of 1st Form girls; Jemima, Grace, Yolanda and Lauren, who gave a spectacular performance of ‘Flashlight’ accompanied by the ukulele. The way in which the girls performed so beautifully, despite only knowing each other for a few weeks, was impressive. Our House Captain, Daisy, not to be outdone by the 1st Formers, also stepped up to join me for a lovely arrangement of ‘Edelweiss’ on the clarinet, accompanied by Sofia on the piano. Three days of music were topped off by the ever anticipated House Shout competition.

This year, Clare House had something special up our sleeve – we had a secret weapon of Lucy Melrose and Megan Le Brocq. Their arrangement of a medley of songs including Aviici’s ‘Waiting for Love’ and Toto’s ‘Africa’ gave me goose bumps during every rehearsal. The enjoyment on the faces of every member of Clare House on that Friday afternoon meant that regardless of the official result, Clare had gained much more than a simple trophy; we had made beautiful music. However, in a decision likely to go down as one of

the most controversial in Friars’ history, the House Shout title was not awarded to Clare House. It has been several months now and I am beginning to come to terms with this decision.

Given the shock result in the House Shout, we were not going to rest on our laurels. Despite Clare House winning the Hunt Shield for two years in a row, every member of Clare House needed to pull their weight if we were going to make it a record third year running for the sporting title. I should not have worried – everyone stepped up to the mark and in May, I was delighted to hear Mrs Thornborrow announce Clare as the Hunt Shield winners for 2017-18. The postponement of the Cross Country competition in the Lent term meant that we were without our House Captain and lead runner, Daisy Barnes, for this event. Could we manage to keep up the hard work without her? We did indeed manage and 1st Former, Kai Hatcher, put in a particularly impressive performance followed by the rest of the House as we were, once again, awarded the trophy for most finishers.

The heavens aligned for a second year running and graced Carlisle with perfect Sports Day weather. A fast paced event made it difficult to keep up with individual winners, but stand out performances were shown by Ella Parry and Daisy Barnes, who both won the middle distance double titles in their age categories. Kai Hatcher and James Dickson also impressed by winning their races. Lincoln House were confident going into the Intermediate girls’ relay race

but Maddy Bramley, who was new to Clare House this year, was somewhat of an unknown entity. She proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with after seeing her power round the final leg of the track to seal yet another Clare House victory. With pleasing results coming in from across the board, I was hopeful as we awaited Mr Laidlaw’s announcement of the overall winners but after such heartbreak in the House Shout, I did not want to count any chickens before they had hatched. I need not have worried, Clare House were crowned victorious once more! This year saw the inaugural House social events. Clare House, always keen to climb to new heights, decided to visit Eden Rock in Carlisle. This was my first time bouldering so I was very grateful to have expert advice from a range of pupils from 1st Formers, George Hitch and Yolanda Wilkinson, to VI Formers, Daisy Barnes and Joshua Thompson.

Caritas is always important to Clare House and this year the 1st Form took responsibility for organising a pancake sale to raise money for a breast cancer research charity. Organised by Grace and Yolanda, the whole of 1st Form were involved in cooking, topping and selling pancakes for Junior School and Senior School parents and pupils. Clare House have also been raising money and awareness for local charity Patterdale Mountain Rescue through events such as milkshake, ice cream and cake sales. This has been another fantastic year for Clare House, and one that makes me so proud to be a part of such a special family. In May, we celebrated the feast day of our patron saint, St Rita. She is patron saint of the impossible. I hope this does not sound too twee when I say that I truly believe that, with the strength of Clare House behind us, nothing is impossible.

Miss Bober

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LINCOLN HOUSE REPORTThis has been a year of two halves for Lincoln and has given us many things to focus on in the future. The first main event of the year was the Music Festival and this year was an absolute triumph with Lincoln winning ‘The Double’ of both the House Shout and the overall Festival trophy. Lincoln were deserved champions with many of the House representing and some great successes. I was particularly impressed by the younger years and the great performances from Lorelei Beckett, Anastasia Palmer, Ffion Gladwin, Beatrice Moore and Lucy Shannon who all competed successfully, or in a number of different events. At Senior level there were further successes with Amy Bray, Katie McCall and Emma Smith all performing beautifully. The festival, and term, was wrapped up with the House Shout. All three Houses had to sing ‘Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines’ and Lincoln were, in a word… magnificent. We added some comedic value to the event too with homemade paper aeroplanes which were launched at the crescendo, special thanks to Abby Fraser and her Dad for that idea! Our chosen individual song was ABBA’s Waterloo. This was an awesome beginning to the year and one of my personal highlights since I started at the School.

After October half term it was the School production and this year it was the musical, Legally Blonde. This starred many of our Lincoln members as key characters and there were fantastic performances from all those involved, however a special mention must go to the star, Katie McCall from Lincoln, who put some West End stars to shame. Also Kate Rigg, who gave one of the best comedic performances I have ever seen in a school production. Into the new year the sporting events began in earnest. Apart from some amazing stand-out performances, and a rally round at Sports Day, Lincoln has had some troubles this year with attendance at House fixtures. This is something that will not be repeated as House pride and spirit are something that I am determined to foster and, with support from parents and pupils, we can easily turn this around. The House Cross Country was held at School again and the atmosphere did not disappoint, although representation from

Lincoln on the day, unfortunately, did. We had some great individual performances, especially from the girls who won each age category. Melissa McIntosh won the Junior Girls’ competition, Ffion Gladwin came 1st for Inter Girls and Olivia Graham won the Senior Girls’ event. There were also some great performances from the boys, with Angus Stronach gaining 3rd place in the Senior Boys’ race. This term also saw the House Rugby and House Hockey tournaments taking place and we gave a good account of ourselves in both events at Senior level, despite low numbers in the Hockey. The girls who were there gave a great performance (considering they were against most of the 1st XI) and were led enthusiastically by Saffy. As for the Rugby, the boys were fantastic and we were victorious again, despite being up against two tough sides. Our sheer determination, skill and spirit ensured the win. The younger boys performed well in their matches, however we struggled to get teams together lower down the School and, sadly, lost out to the Houses with larger numbers of those able to play.

In the Summer term the tide turned again for Lincoln, and the sheer determination of some members of the House at Sports Day rallied the others. There were so many amazing performances by a vast majority of Lincoln but a select few came first in their events. In the running events particularly we did very well, for the Junior Girls’ we had a 1:2 in the 100m with Abigail Irving winning and Amy McMillan coming 2nd. Cicely Johnson-Ferguson was 1st in the 800m and Melissa McIntosh won the Mini Marathon, with Freya McCall coming 3rd. There were further stand-out performances on the day from Olivia Beckett in Hurdles, Josh Hope in the Shot, Max Eve in the Discus and Anastasia Palmer in the Javelin. At Intermediate level, Anastasia Stone won the 200m and the High Jump, Luke Rippon and Ben Swallow managed a 1:2 in the 100m, Spencer Lancaster won the Triple Jump, Ben Swallow won the Hurdles, Maria Graham won the Javelin and Ffion Gladwin won the Long Jump. In the Senior events, Sarah Hodgson made it 7 years in a row of winning the Shot, Saffy won the Long Jump and Annie Smith won the High Jump.

The boys also did well – Joe Connelly won the 200m and the Shot, Ryan Mathew won the 400m, Guy Wellings won the Javelin, with Max Lancaster coming 2nd, and Lewis Ransley won the High Jump. The highlight of the day, however, was the spirit shown by the House, particularly one of our newest additions. Andrew Robson in 1st Form demonstrated excellent House spirit running both long distance races, supported by his House Captain, Angus, at the end. It was such a great performance that the PE Department have created a new prize in his honour. This trophy will be awarded every year to the athlete who demonstrates outstanding House spirit. The final event was, as usual, a total extravaganza where Mr Wright was able to run his final ever lap at a Sports Day and get his ‘Chariots of Fire’ moment.

Throughout the year, the House has been raising money for various charities, but our main charities were ‘She’s the First’ and ‘The Salvation Army’. ‘She’s the First’ is an international charity which fights gender inequality through education and promotes the education of women in underdeveloped countries. The Salvation Army charity we particularly focused on was related to homelessness and this project was additionally supported by the 4th Form and Mrs Green who were involved with a foodbank at Christmas. A special mention must go to Lydia Cross, for raising money for an additional charity with a Football competition. This was a great event and was enjoyed by all, on and off the pitch. Lastly I would like to thank Mrs Bullen, Mr Brady, Ms Care, Mrs Green, Mr Jardine, Mr Turnbull and Mr Wright for all the efforts they have gone to in order for House events to go ahead. I would also like to thank our House Captains, Saffy Appleby and Angus Stronach. Both are excellent role models for all of Lincoln House and they worked hard to make up for the lack of commitment shown by some of their peers in sporting events. I really appreciated their enthusiasm and passion for the House at all events. They will be greatly missed and we wish them well for the future. Many thanks to everyone in Lincoln House!Miss Hay

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STAFFORD HOUSE REPORTLife in Stafford House has been action-packed and upbeat, full of successes and special moments of true House spirit.Stafford loves the challenge of the House Music Festival and this year was no exception. In the House Singing Competition, we sang ‘Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines’ and once we had landed, headed upwards again for a rendition of ‘Uptown Girl’. Musically, we were definitely up there with the others. Our conductor, Francisca Boyling, kept everyone on track but there were not enough smiles to keep the judges happy. Many Stafford pupils took part in individual and group classes in the Festival. Some of the notable and winning performances include Charlie Miller on the drums, Molly Skeer on the saxophone and George Skeer on the trumpet. Brooke Cowen sang, and Myesha Pearson played the violin. Others performed in the Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival with Alex Bousfield winning his singing class and Marcus Grogan, the Shakespeare class. Drama is another area in which Stafford pupils have excelled this year. Many were on stage in the School production of ‘Legally Blonde’. Marcus Grogan was perfect in the role of nice guy Emmett, and Marcus Tiffen brought the house down as the cool Dewey. Niamh Nicholls took on the demanding role of Stage Manager. Elsewhere, younger pupils, including Evie Stobart, Islay Sabouni and Robbie Tiffen performed at Arts Evening. The House Cross Country Competition saw victory for our Intermediate and Senior Boys. We were second in all other categories. 90.2% of the House were able to take part and we were the overall winners. Notably Stafford boys crossed the line first, second and third in the Intermediate Boys’ race. Well done Oscar Roberts, Ben Tiffen and George Skeer! Determination, talent and a keen sense of competitiveness accurately describe Stafford’s performance in team sport this year. The Girls’ House sport bullied off with the Intermediate House Hockey Competition. We did not win, despite many amazing saves by Ellie Henderson in goal. Well done to Rachel Habib-Kirollos for scoring! It was second place in the Senior Hockey and this time we had Hannah Henderson in goal. We had an easier time against Lincoln who had not fielded a full team. Against Clare, we were not likely to win on paper and did not on the astro! Whilst I was in Madrid, I received wonderful news from Mrs King however – the Juniors

had won their Hockey tournament! It seemed there was a link between us winning and me not being there…?! In Netball, the Junior Stafford team won again, with the Intermediates and Seniors having to be content with third place. In mixed Tennis, our Juniors were joint winners and it was second place for the Intermediates and third for the Seniors. In Rounders, the Intermediates and Seniors had to settle for third place but our fabulous Juniors, with only six players, won yet again! The Boys’ competitions were equally competitive and Stafford Junior boys, to keep up with the girls, won their Rugby Competition and were runners-up in the Hockey. One of the most thrilling moments in House sport was when the Intermediate boys beat Clare 3-2 in Hockey. There was a nail-biting finish when Clare won a short corner in the last couple of minutes but luckily we held onto our lead, with Kiamid keeping his cool in goal. It was first place for the Intermediates in Rugby too – with Cameron Sabouni collecting the trophy on behalf of the team. The Seniors, despite their great efforts, were disappointed with third place however. Nevertheless, they would go on to win the Football in great style! In Cricket, our Stafford Juniors narrowly lost to Clare. The wonderful achievement at Sports Day this year was that all members of Stafford who were present on the day took part. We were just pipped to the post as overall winners but, as ever, there were some outstanding performances on the track and field from many including Emma Wilson, Wilf Webster, Oscar Roberts and Corbin Hamilton who were all Victor/Victrix Ludorum winners. Our Senior Boys and Junior Boys won their levels of the competition too. Well done Stafford, your effort and achievement were fantastic! A number of Stafford pupils and staff took part in the sports tour to South Africa this summer. The tour supported ‘The Goedgedacht Trust’ which works to improve the lives of children in rural areas of the country. Stafford wanted to join this fundraising effort and with a cake sale (12S and 7S) raised £66. 11S organised the raffle of a Christmas chocolate hamper and added over £100 to this, and 10S sold ice creams. During Lent, 13S and 9S raised £80 for Mary’s Meals and, alongside supporting the local Food Bank, we also donated £75 to ‘The Migraine Trust’, in memory of former Stafford pupil Harry Blowing. Many of our pupils received prizes on Speech Day. Harvey Roberts won

The Bavidge Memorial Cup and Alyshia Gill received The House Spirt Prize. During the year, Alyshia Gill, Francisca Boyling and both Tara and Claudia Whitaker were awarded Special House Achievement Awards for the commitment they have shown to School and House activities. A highlight of the year was the House social event in March. A group of forty-seven pupils of all ages and six staff had fun bowling followed by a meal. It was good to be together in an out of school context. On behalf of the whole House, I wish to thank our House Captains, Niamh Nicholls and Jodi Wilkinson. We wish every happiness to 13S and thank them for sharing themselves, and their talents, with us. Further thanks go to the Stafford tutor team (Mr Barraclough, Mr Thornton, Mrs Evans, Mr Tiffen, Mr Vasey, Mrs King and Miss Turner) for the care and encouragement they give to all our pupils. As Mr Turnbull retires, although not currently a Stafford Tutor, I would like to wish him well and acknowledge his consistent support of all things Stafford. We also thank Sister Maggie for the House masses she has organised for our House Saints Thomas of Villanova and St Clare of Montefalco. We wish her all good things for the future. Finally, a big thank you Stafford pupils for all you bring to our community. We’re on the up! Go Stafford!Go Stafford!

Mrs Boyling

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Junior House Drama Competition

The second Junior School House Drama Competition took place in November. In front of an enthusiastic audience, the Junior classes rose to the challenge to perform a selection of poems in their House Groups; all competing for the individual class prizes and for the coveted House Drama Trophy.

The competition was adjudicated by Mr David Wood, who said he had been impressed by the children’s clear speech and firm diction, as well as their imaginative and creative interpretations of the poems. He thanked all the young performers for a very enjoyable afternoon and for the very high standard of verse speaking they had achieved.

The pieces each year had to perform, and the results were:

Junior 1 – Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg – 1st Bede, 2nd Cuthbert, 3rd Aidan

Junior 2 – Colonel Fazackerley by Charles Causley – 1st Aidan, 2nd Bede, 3rd Cuthbert

Junior 3 – The Sound Collector by Roger McGough – 1st Cuthbert, 2nd Bede, 3rd Aidan

Junior 4 – Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot – 1st Bede, 2nd Cuthbert, 3rd Aidan

The overall winners of the competition were Bede House, who were awarded the House Drama Trophy.

Junior School House Music Festival

The Junior School House Music Festival and the House Singing Competition this year saw Aidan House crowned the winners of the Singing Competition and Bede House announced as winners of the Music Festival overall. It was a great effort from every pupil who took part on behalf of their House.


Junior School House Music Festival

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Arts Evening The Senior School opened its doors for the evening at the end of the academic year to welcome current and prospective families to celebrate the best of the Senior School pupils’ hard work at the annual Arts Evening. Taking advantage of the early evening summer sun, the showcase commenced with a concert on the School yard from the Swing Band. Inside both the Art and Design & Technology departments, pupils’ work from the past year, including pieces from both the GCSE and A’ Level classes, were exhibited for parents and pupils to view.

In the School Chapel, there was a number of short musical interludes ranging from pieces performed on the Saxophone and the Piano, to songs from the musicals ‘The Greatest Showman’ and ‘Matilda’. In the Drama Studio, the 4th Form GCSE Drama students performed their exam piece, ‘The Agony of an Untold Story’ to a full audience, and pupils from the 1st – 3rd Form executed Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Canterville Ghost’. L6th student and National Youth Theatre member, Katie McCall, made her directing debut with the piece which she had worked on with the younger pupils.

School Plays

Pupils across the whole 3 – 18 age range contributed to some enjoyable performances this year. The youngest pupils from Pre-School to Preparatory gave two performances of their nativity ‘Happy Christmas Everyone’ in December. They narrated and sung their way through the Christmas story, with fabulous spirit.

Also in December, the Senior School musical was ‘Legally Blonde’ which followed the transformation of blonde socialite Elle Woods (played by Katie McCall) at Harvard Law, in pursuit of her dreams to prove herself to the world. The cast and crew did a fantastic job in bringing the bright and fun story to life in the New Hall.Finally, Junior 3 and Junior 4 performed two spirited shows of ‘Oliver!’ at the end of the Summer Term. We have been ‘Reviewing the Situation’ and have concluded that ‘It’s a Fine Life’ to have such dedicated pupils in School. Pupils, you should ‘Consider Yourself’ to be very talented!

Senior House Music Festival Lincoln House did ‘The Double’ at this year’s Senior House Music Festival by winning the House Singing Competition, as well as being crowned House Music Festival Champions! There was so much talent on display over the age ranges across the three days, including a particularly pleasing number of 1st Formers getting involved for their first festival.

Arts Evening

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JUNIOR SCHOOL SPORT REPORTHockeyThe U9 and U11 girls’ first fixture this year was against Hunter Hall. The U9s really enjoyed the experience and improved as the game went on and the U11’s match was very close throughout. Player of the Match was Anabelle Burnett who volunteered to play in goal – she saved many shots and looked like she had played there before! Amber McIntosh was excellent on the wing and received many good balls from Imogen Irving and Paige Little. Maddison Williams-Woods, Mia Williams, Hamna Husnat and Louise Mullinder were solid in defence. Up front, Lauren Gant and Alexa Crooks had some good attempts on goal. It was a great game that Austin Friars just lost, 1-3. In October, the U11 boys and girls teams played Hunter Hall again. The U11 boys won 9-0 with hat tricks from Daniel Dalton, Oliver Barnard and Sam Routledge. Ranulph Turton was player of the match for his excellent defending skills.The U11 girls’ match was very close again, however Hunter Hall went on to win 4-1. In January we had nearly every pupil from J1 to J4 playing in our fixtures against Dame Allan’s School which was fantastic to see. Although The U11 A and B teams both lost, they continued to improve throughout their matches and the U9 A and B teams both drew. For some pupils this was their first experience of a competitive Hockey match and they really enjoyed it.

NetballIn October the U11 team, with some younger pupils playing up an age, played Sedbergh in their first match. Olivia Williams-Woods had kindly turned up to play as her sister Maddsion was ill and she did not want us to be short of players! Sedbergh were very strong in attack, however the U11s improved throughout each quarter. We did lose the match but the girls never gave up. In their match against Mowden Hall the U9 defensive team, and Lauren Steele in particular, worked tirelessly against a strong attacking Mowden side. The girls improved as the match went on and were awarded a goal in the last quarter by Nina-Jane Rippon. A strong performance by Laura Shannon resulted in Player of the Match but the final score was 8-1 to Mowden. In their Mowden fixture, the U11 team started off slowly and allowed Mowden to finish the first quarter, 6-0. However, after a team talk they marked much tighter and began to run into the ball. The whole team gained confidence but the final result was 2-15. In January the U9 team played Hunter Hall. Friars scored first and at half time were winning 2-0. Hunter Hall came back to eventually draw 2-2.

Elizabeth Boyle played very well as Captain throughout the match. Although the U11 team lost their Hunter Hall match in February, they improved throughout the game and Lauren Gant and Imogen Irving were voted joint Player of the Match. The U11 High-5 team were runners-up in the Carlisle Schools’ Tournament this year. They won their section comfortably after winning four games and drawing 1, and met Inglewood in the final. It was a tight match and Friars played some very good Netball. They lost the final but did themselves proud.

FootballThe U11 A and B teams played Hunter Hall in February. The B team quickly took charge of the game and showed good movement on and off the ball. At half time, the team swapped places and they showed great maturity by organising themselves and, after a much tighter second half, the team won 8-0. The A team fielded a strong team and it was encouraging to see the very positive comments and advice that the team members gave each other during the game. It was 1-1 at half time but our team tired a little in the second half and our opponents took full advantage when we were just pipped at the final whistle, 3-2. The U9 and U11 teams played Windermere School in February. The U9 game was a great opportunity to practise the tactics we had used in our Games lessons. The team kept to the plan, with no fixed positions for everyone to have a real go at expressing themselves on the football pitch. Our boys quickly took the lead after five minutes, and scored again just before half-time. In the second half energy levels dropped, but both sides showed real determination, with each putting the ball in the back of the net. The U11 game was evenly matched with lots of ball movement and skilful passing. Friars scored just before half-time and, similar to the U9 match, both sides scored in the second half despite a drop in energy levels.

RugbyThe U8 Tag Rugby team played in the Mowden Tag Rugby Festival and all played very well.

Jake Irving and Jack Hutchinson showed great footwork to beat many defenders to score try after try. Oliver Dalton was great in defence, stopping many attacks as well as scoring lots of tries. Oliver Hutchinson, James Farrer, Sam Roshandel, Emma Campbell and Hattie Spedding had good passing and catching skills and worked very well together as a team.

In October, the U11 team played Durham Choristers and Bow School. We played Durham Choristers first and by half-time it was a very tight and determined match. However, a couple of fumbles of the ball in the wet conditions meant we were one try score behind. Despite playing very well in the second half, the final score remained 4-0 to Choristers. After a short break, the team then played Bow School and showed quick thinking in using the experience of the first game well – we stopped at half time one try ahead. The second half really brought the best out of both teams, and Friars quickly went into a 4-1 lead. However, the cold, wet conditions quickly sapped our boys of energy and Bow equalised just before the final whistle.

In the U9 and U11 fixtures against Mowden Hall, our boys gave their very best effort and, in both games, there were frequent examples of selflessness, determination and just sheer bravery against a very talented and skilled opposition. The U9 match was won in the last minute of a very tight game by 7 tries to 6. Determined play and well organised defensive work by both teams resulted in a low scoring, but thrilling, draw of 4-4 in the U11 game. Against Newcastle School for Boys this year, the U11 team gave a good account of themselves against a bigger, and very talented, opposition. In the first quarter of the game NSB scored quickly, going ahead by three tries. Friars dug deep, and with seemingly inexhaustible reserves of strength and determination, put the NSB team under a lot of pressure. In the second half, brave individual efforts of running into opposition saw us score three


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times and made the second half a thrilling game to watch. The final score of 8-3 to NSB was a great result for both teams. The U9 team played five matches at the Sedbergh Rugby Festival in November. They very narrowly lost two matches, but convincingly won three matches against Sedbergh, Mowden Hall and Kirkham Grammar. Player of the day was Rory Irving, who carried the ball forward with great conviction and determination. At the same festival, the U11 team learned something from every opponent including Mowden Hall, Cundall Manor School and Sedburgh A and B teams. The opponents against us tested us as a team to our very limits and, by the end of the day, this turned out to be a very rich and rewarding experience that made our team much better players.

Cross CountryPupils from Transition, Preparatory and J1 took part in the annual Mowden Hall Cross Country event this year. In a large field, all our runners finished in the top 20 places which was an excellent performance all round! Our highest placed finishers included James Jenkins and David Ciobanu, who came 1st and 2nd place respectively in the U6 boys’ event. Luca Pagan and Hugo Pennington came 3rd and 4th place respectively in the U7 boys’ event. Amber McIntosh qualified for the National Schools Cross Country Finals in March after finishing in 3rd place running for Carlisle in the Cumbria Schools Cross Country Championships in February at Sedbergh Preparatory School. Oliver Spedding competed in the challenging course of the Catteral Shield Cross Country Cup in February. Oliver worked his way through the pack to finish an excellent 13th.

GymnasticsIn April, Imogen Irving and Rose Hope Johnstone took part in the County Primary Schools’ Novice Gymnastics Competition. The girls had to compete on both the floor and vault, with some required movements. Imogen was in the U11 girls age group and was one of the youngest competitors. She performed well in both areas. Rose was the School’s first ever U9 entry. She too competed very well, making no mistakes and showing off her sequence with elegance and style.

SwimmingThe team of Matthew Hall, Amber McIntosh, Jack Vivers and Louisa Farrer won the U11 Carlisle Small Schools Swimming Gala at The Pools in April, where they participated in a range of events and two relays.

CricketThe U11 team got their season underway with a home fixture against Windermere Prep School. On losing the toss we were asked to bat first and scored an impressive total of 91 for 2 from our 20 overs, meaning our net score was 81 (as 5 runs are deducted per wicket lost). Daniel Dalton with 16 and Oliver Spedding, with 13, led the way for Austin Friars with the bat. In reply, Windermere struggled against some disciplined bowling and excellent fielding, which included two run outs, and finished on 57 for 6 at the end of their 20 overs giving them a net score of 27, and a victory for Austin Friars by 54 runs. Our wicket takers were Jonty Hansford, Oliver Barnard, Sam Routledge and Oliver Spedding. Both the U11 A and B teams also won convincingly whilst playing Mowden Hall this year. The U11 team competed in Sedbergh Prep School’s annual 6-a-side tournament again this year – a competition we won for the first time last year. The first game was against the hosts, Sedbergh, and an extremely disciplined bowling performance saw us restrict them to 19 off their 5 overs which we knocked off comfortably without the loss of any wickets. Next up was Hunter Hall which was a thrilling match going right to the last ball. Having posted an impressive 52 for 3 off our 5 overs, Hunter Hall replied strongly and with one ball to go were trailing by a run. Their batsman, however, then struck a boundary to give them victory by the narrowest of margins. Our third game was another close match, with Cundall Manor from York reaching our total of 42 for 2 in the final over. The final game was against Westville House from Ilkley. Once again batting first, we scored 54 for the loss of 4 wickets and this time our bowling backed up the batting performance, dismissing Westville House for 27 to give us victory by 27 runs. two comprehensive victories and two narrow defeats made for an excellent afternoon of Cricket.

RoundersIn May, the U10 and U11 Rounders teams played Windermere. The U10s had a thrilling match that was close all the way through. Jasmine, Vinoli and Imogen all scored rounders in the first half, and Amber, Paige and Imogen all worked well as bowler, backstop and 2nd base, producing some good fielding skills. They did eventually lose 7½ to 10½ but did themselves proud. It was the first ever Rounders match for some of the U11 team. At the end of the first half they were losing by quite a few rounders. However, the 2nd innings was very different as they learnt from their mistakes and started to stop Windermere making further scores. Lauren Gant’s bowling was very good and Alexa Crooks did very well as backstop, returning the ball accurately to Lauren or out to Anabelle Burnett on 2nd Base to stop Windermere scoring. Mia Williams on 4th Base caught the balls passed to her and managed to stump out some of the opposition. Louise Mullinder scored a great rounder, much to her and the teams’ delight. Although they eventually lost, they made some great improvements in the game. The U11s also played three innings against Hunter Hall and got better and better with each innings. In the final innings the team had really improved on their fielding and they became more competitive. Both Lauren Gant and Amber McIntosh made two superb catches each and Paige Little was named Player of the Match for her excellent fielding at backstop. Mia Williams was also very good, making some quick decisions that got players out. Jessica Riddick did well batting, hitting the ball every time to put Hunter Hall under pressure when fielding. Although Friars lost the match overall they all performed admirably.

AthleticsJ3 and J4 pupils competed in Athletics at Hunter Hall. Many of the pupils placed in the top three in their events and the afternoon finished off with relays which were all very close. It was fantastic to see so many pupils performing so well and enjoying competing in the different Athletics events.

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Rugby1st XVAs is so often the case in sport, the result does not always tell the full story and this was the tale of the 1st XV this season. Despite not winning that many games, the spirit and courage the players demonstrated marked this season out as a special one. Time after time the team picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and threw themselves back into the fight without a second thought.The season was perhaps encapsulated in

the first real test against a new opponent in Queen Ethelburga’s from York, probably the best resourced sporting school in the North of England. We also had our first run out of the season on the artificial turf at the Newcastle Falcons’ stadium. The game was played at real pace with the team defending for large parts of the game and defend they did, tackling themselves to a standstill. The U6th boys led the way with Captain David King, Vice-Captain Ed Mullock and Angus Stronach giving everything for the cause. The next games continued in the same vein, where fierce competitive spirit just could not see the team over the line despite, at times, playing some fantastic attacking Rugby. One of the best performances of the season was our second encounter against Giggleswick who had beaten us comprehensively earlier in the season. Friars battled to a very narrow loss giving the players a massive boost before the annual President’s Cup game against Carlisle Colts with Hugo Hendry Pickup and Joe Connelly both playing some excellent attacking Rugby. Friars have held the President’s Cup since it was introduced three years ago and so the team were determined to retain it this year. A fierce local derby ensued with Friars holding on by their finger nails in the dying minutes with a tremendous rear-guard action to allow David King to hold the cup aloft at the final whistle. Henry Chambers finished off an excellent team try and scrummaged hard, Will Ewart made tackle after tackle to protect the line and the half backs of Paul Harrison and Angus Stronach made sure we played in the right areas of the pitch. A large number of the boys will be back next year, where the engine room of Max Lancaster and Sam King will be moving into their 3rd year of Senior Rugby and will be a force to be reckoned with. The pace of Charlie Skeer, Jamie Irving and Corbin Hamilton will trouble defences and Jonathan Park will be

a real threat as he moves into his 2nd year of Senior Rugby. The leadership of David and Ed cannot be understated in what was a difficult season at times. But, they carried on rallying their troops and the indomitable Friars Spirit never wavered due, in no small part, to the example they both set.

1st VIIThe season started very positively down at Giggleswick where the team played some controlled 7s to lose narrowly in the plate final to a strong home team. Angus Stronach controlled possession well and Jonathan Davidson’s hands, and eye for the gap, were a problem for the opponents’ defenders all afternoon. Jamie Irving’s elusiveness and pace ensured he had to be closely marked at all times. Perhaps the pressure of playing in their own 7s affected the players as they did not perform well at all. However, the team then travelled to the Glasgow tournament determined to put things right, and put things right they did by playing some wonderful Rugby! The team got out of the blocks against the hosts winning at a canter. They played with composure and took the opportunity when it arose. They drew the next game 12-12 in a hard fought and very physical game against a big Kelvinside team. Our final group game was against a strong Morrison’s team but Friars put on a show, scoring 42 unanswered points. Unfortunately, Kelvinside had a better points difference by 1 meaning they went into the cup whilst Friars went into the plate. To put it simply, the team blew their opponents away in both the semi and the final to lift the plate. Corbin Hamilton (playing on one foot by this stage) was a standout performer in both attack and defence, Captain David King led from the front as always, Sam King ran himself to a standstill and Oliver Walton, in his first appearance for the team, made some excellent cameos. It was a wonderful sight after all the trials and tribulations of the season to see the players celebrate this stylish and hard-fought win.

U16Looking back at the results for the season, the U16s had a lot of very closely contested matches which often ended up in a narrow defeat. Highlights of the season were our draw

against Giggleswick and two excellent contests against QEGS and Dame Allan’s where both games went right down to the wire. Jonathan Park was our key weapon in the backs and he used his ability to break the tackle on numerous occasions, which led to lots of opportunities for us. Paul Harrison is a ‘nuggety’ scrum-half, who made some intelligent breaks around the fringes and linked up well with his fly-half. Oliver Walton was rock-solid and has developed into an effective attacking full-back. Most improved back was Philip Mackay who scored a handful of tries, using his speed to ‘ghost’ around his opposite number. In the forwards, Karsten Dever, Oliver Brooks and Jed Musson provided a solid platform for Oliver Ferdinand, Thomas Davies and Marcus Tiffen to launch some well-orchestrated attacks into enemy territory. Jonathan Park, Marcus Tiffen and Paul Harrison all played for Cumbria, with Jonathan and Marcus going on to gain selection into the Newcastle Falcons U16 Academy.U15Compared to last season, this team has shown

a big improvement in terms of both skills and character. We recorded four wins out of eleven, but also had some close encounters against Harton and Nelson Thomlinson that, had it not been for one or two of their ‘Goliaths’ could easily have gone the other way. Most improved performer was Luke Rippon who has developed into an effective prop with a turn of pace. Matthew Whitehead directed operations intelligently behind the scrum and, along with Spencer Lancaster, created lots of attacking opportunities for the outside backs to take advantage of, in particular Rory Ward who used his pace to good effect. Kiamid Ghanbari proved to be a very good Captain and our best forward carrier. Matthew Whitehead also gained County honours.

U14After a slow start suffering loses against Giggleswick, Trinity and QEGS, the U14 team found their form heading towards Christmas and won many games. They showed awesome

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determination and resilience against Nelson Thomlinson and Emanuel College, coming back from behind in both games to win 48-44 and 46-40 respectively. The Nelson Thomlinson win booked us our place in the semi-final of the Vase Cup v Appleby, who we managed to beat comfortably. The final was a much harder task but the boys started strong against Queen Catherine’s, scoring an early try under the sticks from Oscar Roberts. We were dominating the game at half time with physical tackling from Tom Wood, Jacob Harris and Mahdy El Dib all throwing themselves at opponents. At the start of the second half however, Friars were put under more pressure in defence and eventually broke. Momentum swung into Queen Catherine’s hands and they took advantage. Despite this, our heads never went down and we carried on pushing. The final score was 21-17 which was a tough defeat to take. Jonathan Davies’ defence was awesome and George Skeer’s footwork embarrassed opponents as usual. Player of the season would be Ben Tiffen for his incredible work rate and perfect passing and kicking, setting up several tries. Of course, he could not do this without the support of the other boys around him.

U13This has been a rocky season for the U13s as we finish the year with more losses than wins, which is hard to stomach considering the effort the boys put in to every match. With Jacob Harris as Captain we have been strong all season as Friars pushed every team to the bitter end. Jonathan Davies and James Dickson were awesome as ever, Joshua Blain and Joshua Hope were never afraid to put their bodies on the line, whilst Joshua Morris and Joseph Edmondson were often seen flying down the wings.

Harry Hurren and Alex Brooks consistently showed that committing to tackles will force turnovers. It was also good to see William Holliday, Charlie McCulloch and Max Eve continually putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of the team. Wilf Webster and Robbie Tiffen were always attacking the lines, gaining ground and enabling us to counter attack on a regular basis. Towards the latter part of the year we were also able to utilise Kai Hatcher, Wyndham Green and Xander Vasey to help out when we needed the extra bodies. Even though we may have struggled at times against strong teams, the boys never let their heads go down and have got a team they can make stronger and stronger as the years progress.

Cricket1st XIOur 1st XI played their annual fixture against the MCC at Edenside. Batting first the MCC posted 156 for 4 off their 38 overs before declaring their

innings. In reply, our 1st XI performed admirably against an extremely disciplined bowling attack but in the end their total was just too much as we fell 32 runs short being bowled out for 124 in the 38th over.

U15 and U14Our U15 and U14 seasons were unfortunately hit by poor weather with our U15s only managing to play 1 fixture (a defeat to Nelson Thomlinson). The U14s managed only 2 games and these brought about defeats to Nelson Thomlinson and Trinity.

U13 and U12Our 1st XI played their annual fixture against the MCC at Edenside. Batting first the MCC posted 156 for 4 off their 38 overs before declaring their innings. In reply, our 1st XI performed admirably against an extremely disciplined bowling attack but in the end their total was just too much as we fell 32 runs short being bowled out for 124 in the 38th over. The U13s began their season with victories over Nelson Thomlinson and Caldew which set up a City final against Trinity in which we were unfortunate to lose by just 10 runs. We welcomed the High School of Glasgow and produced our best display of the season, comprehensively winning by 70 runs. We finished in 2nd place in the City 8-a-side tournament meaning that we met Caldew in the 3rd/4th place play off. The boys produced their best performance of the day to win comfortably by 48 runs and claim 3rd position. The final game of the season saw another victory – this time over Mowden Hall by 6 wickets. The U12s had a great season winning all of their matches, defeating Nelson Thomlinson, Caldew, William Howard, Trinity and Lime House on their way to reaching the County semi-finals. The team were also the City 8-a-side Champions! Comprehensive victories over Nelson Thomlinson, Trinity A and Trinity B teams in the group stages put us into the final against William Howard where we held our nerve to clinch an excellent victory by just 5 runs and claim the trophy.

County Representation 2018U17 – Jonathan Davidson, U15 – Marcus Tiffen, U14 – Ben Tiffen, U12 – Xander Vasey.

Football1st XIThis year the Football team recorded their most successful season to date, taking the scalps of UCC and Windermere along the way. Lewis Windle stepped up to receive the Captain’s armband and led from the front in every training and game. Our international signings from China, nicknamed the ‘Beasts from the East,’ consisted of Vincent Wang, Alex Liang and Frank Rao. These boys formed an integral part to the team. James Brown, Ewen Smith, Oliver Bowers and Louis Grogan slotted into the team with ease and relished every single game. Ryan Mathew was another permanent member to the team who has been consistent for two years. It felt like cheating having Josh Galloway on the team, with him having recently

signed for Carlisle United. However, he served as a catalyst for all the other boys and week in and week out, they stepped up. We may have had our most successful season ever but the highlight has been how much these boys have enjoyed the training and the matches.

HockeyOverall, we have recorded some pleasing performances this season, notably the U13s defeating Barnard Castle and the U14s beating Cockermouth and drawing against Barnard Castle. For the U15s, Jacob Fern Kendrick and Jo Yu Liu were most improved and often made some intelligent passes into space to keep our attacks going. The U14 stand out player was Tom Wood, who has a very assertive attacking style, often driving hard at the opposition before launching a howitzer of a shot which often found the back of the net this season. George Skeer also impressed with his reading of the game and intelligent runs down the flanks. At U13 level, Captain Alexander Brooks, was the outstanding performer. His stick skills allowed him to ‘ghost’ around defenders, giving him space to feed others. He scored most of the goals for the team, but was ably supported by James Dickson who did a lot of the tracking back and, along with Jonathan Davies and Wilf Webster, defended superbly well.

Athletics Joe Connelly – Representing Cumbria at English Schools Athletics Championships in 200m and 2nd at the County Championships in the Shot Put with 12.88m.Josh Liddle – 3rd at the County Championships in the 1500m with 4m 20.8sTom Wood – 2nd at the County Championships in the Javelin with 35.74mOscar Roberts – 2nd at the County Championships in the 200m with 25.00sJames Dickson –10th in World Biathle Championships in Spain representing GB and selected to represent Carlisle Schools at the County Championships in the 1500mKai Hatcher – Kai has recorded some notable results in Triathlon and Aquathlon events, finishing 3rd at the Richmond Aquathlon recently. He was also selected to represent Carlisle Schools at the County Championships in the 1500mXander Vasey – selected to represent Carlisle Schools at the County Championships in the JavelinBen Tiffen – selected to represent Carlisle Schools at the County Championships in the 800mToby Liddle – selected to represent Carlisle Schools at the County Championships in the Triple JumpRory Ward – selected to represent Carlisle Schools at the County Championships in the Javelin

TennisThe U13 Boys team won their section of the Schools Tennis Tournament with Jonathan Davies, Alex Brooks and Josh Blain winning all their singles matches! The U15 Boys team had some very close competitive fixtures and finished second in their section.

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SENIOR SCHOOL GIRLS’ SPORT REPORTHockey1st XIIt is now tradition for the 1st XI to start their season at the prestigious pre-season girls’ Hockey tournament at Rugby School and our first game was against the host’s 1st XI. Our defence was under pressure in the first 5 minutes, however both Jemima McKendry and Katie Robinson remained calm and were able to deal with a number of attacking attempts. The quick game pace was maintained by both teams, however we were unable to answer the 4 goals which Rugby scored. We dominated the next game against Barnard Castle; our first goal came from Claudia Whitaker with Emma Irving securing our 2nd goal. Fatigue had started to set in during our last group game against Culford. However, a very classy goal from Isabel Wood put us up 1-0 for the win. We finished runners-up in the group to progress into the trophy competition, and faced Greshams first. Greshams started with pace and had most of the possession throughout the game. The score finished 3-1 with a breakaway goal from Lydia Cross towards the final whistle. We used the next game against Rugby 2nd XI as an opportunity to try a number of new combinations and positions. Charlotte McGauchie played in defence with Holly Milbourn and Tara Whitaker in mid-field. Lilly Brown played in mid-field rather than up front and it was pleasing to see the versatility of a number of players. The game was evenly matched, but the score finished 2-1 to Rugby. Our final game was against Norwich and it was tough. The game was high paced and we found it difficult to break down the Norwich attack. Emily and Jane Brass worked hard in the sweeping roles but most of the play seemed to be in our defensive 25, with Norwich eventually converting two penalty corners to take the win.

North-West FinalWe gained County representation at the North-West Final of the England Hockey National School Girls Tournament in Manchester this year and dominated possession in our first game against Merchant Taylor’s School, with any attacking threat covered by Jemima, Katie and Katie McCall.

The game finished 4-0 in our favour and was a fine display of quality attacking Hockey. Our second group game against Cheadle was much tougher. Cheadle were very effective in attack and the final score was 4-0 to them. We were through to the final where we met Kings Chester. Both teams started strong and had their chances but as the clock ticked down, a lapse in our concentration meant that a through ball found a Kings player in the D for a one-on-one situation with Ellie, our keeper. Ellie stood her line but they managed to slip it into the corner with three minutes to go, to win the game.

Indoors In November the U18s Indoor team took part in the England Hockey Super 6s. Our first game was against Ripon Grammar School and it was high tempo from the whistle. We found it difficult to break through their defence and they caught us out twice on the fast pace of the break. An additional penalty corner in their favour made the end result 0-3. We then played Wakefield and, although it seemed like we were the most dominate team, the game ended 2-0 to Wakefield after they caught us off guard, and then converted a penalty corner. Our last game was against Giggleswick. Saffy had a fantastic game to clear a lot of balls from the line and Jessie controlled the midfield to allow a number of breaks. Charlotte Brooks managed a super goal from what seemed like an impossible angle meaning we concluded the game 1-1, after Giggleswick managed to convert a penalty corner. It was a fantastic day of Hockey and the girls learnt valuable lessons about the Indoor game.

7s We played some of the best 7s Hockey I have seen at Frairs during the group games of our own tournament this year. The pace of the games was high, and our opposition struggled to keep up with our slick passing and dominating possession in the D. Goals came from all angles, from both set plays and open play. We had strength in defence and well-drilled presses and leads. We finished runners-up in our group and faced RGS in the plate. The game was close with end-to-end play and the side-line support and atmosphere were fantastic. We sadly lost this game 1-0 from a penalty corner during the 2nd half. We tried to take our form on to Glasgow 7s but it was not to be. This tournament sees the best Hockey teams from around Scotland competing and is definitely a target next season.

Our award winners this year were:1st XI Players Player: Jane BrassBest Performance during 7’s: Jessie BrownBest Indoor Performance: Ellie Graham Top Goal Scorer: Charlotte BrooksMost Improved Player: Holly MilbournPlayer of the Season: Katie Robinson Genius Loci: Emily BrassGraham McKendry Award: Isabel Wood

U16 This team performed creditably at the first round of the County tournament, defeating Ullswater Community College and William Howard and losing only 1-0 to a strong Trinity team, who eventually progressed to represent Cumbria in the North West of England finals.

U15 Individuals in this team have showed promise at times and the team as a whole has improved positional play, but overall they have struggled to gain many positive results in a particularly tough year group. They, unfortunately, did not get through to the County finals this year but will be looking to rectify this next season!

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U14 The team performed well in friendlies (losing only once in the season) but could not replicate the fantastic successes of the previous season in the County tournament. They dominated their ‘crunch game’ against Nelson Thomlinson School but failed to break down a stubborn defence. Lapses in concentration in our own defence allowed Nelson Thomlinson to score on the break. Greater focus from this very talented group of players should lead to better rewards in the future.

U13 The team has improved throughout the year. At the 7-a-side County tournament held in the early part of the year, they qualified for the County finals. In the finals they drew with Nelson Thomlinson (who eventually won the tournament) but were overpowered by Kirkbie Kendal and Sedbergh to finish 4th. In the County 11-a-side tournament they again qualified for the finals. Despite missing some key players they performed well and finished 3rd. If their progression is maintained the team should be challenging for the top spot next year.

U12 In the early part of the year the team showed promise but the results did not match some excellent performances. By the end of the season, the balance in the team was right and they became joint winners of the North County tournament.

NetballOnce again we have been very successful at the City Championships with the U12, U13 and U14 teams all winning, and the U15 and U16 teams finishing 2nd!

The U12s especially dominated all their matches and won them convincingly! The U16s and U14s qualified for the County tournament and after some very close matches, where we lost by only one goal or drew, they finished 10th and 8th

respectively. A highlight for the U15 and U14 team was the convincing defeat of Barnard Castle, something they have not done before! The U19 team had some very close matches at their first round of the National Schools Competition. They never gave up and are getting closer to qualifying for the next round.

RoundersDuring the Summer Term, the girls played a number of competitive Rounders fixtures and tournaments. A highlight of the season for the girls is always the tournaments held at Caldew. Here, the U14s performed the best out of the three year groups as they narrowly finished runners-up to UCC by 1½ rounders. Anastasia Stone was player of the tournament. The age groups all performed well at the City tournaments too with the U12 player going to Molly Skeer, theU13 player going to Abigail Irving and the U15 player going to Georgina Irving. Elsewhere, the U12 and U13 teams both had successful games against Barnard Castle and Mowden Hall and at the QEGS tournament, the U13 team finished 2nd and the U12 team finished joint 5th.

Cross CountryThe cross country runners have been very successful this year. The season started with the City Schools’ Cross Country Championships where Melissa McIntosh and Olivia Graham easily won their individual races. The Junior Girls also won the team event and the Intermediate Girls placed 3rd overall. From these races, pupils were selected to represent Carlisle in the County Championships where the top 16 are selected to represent Cumbria. Daisy Barnes, Olivia Graham, Melissa McIntosh were selected and, after competing at the Inter Counties, Melissa and Daisy then represented Cumbria at the English Schools’ – a great achievement!

AthleticsThis has been a mixed year on the Athletics field for the girls. In the English Schools’ Track and Field Cup, both teams finished in 7th place and struggled to qualify for the North West round, despite some good individual performances. In the Junior Girls, Lorelei Beckett was our top scoring athlete with a personal best time of 13.9s in the 100m. In the Intermediate Girls, Ellie Henderson threw a personal best of 8.28m in the Shot Put to be our top scorer for the team. The girls

also had a number of successful performers who were selected for the District team after the City Championships held in May. This is the first step towards them competing for Cumbria in the National Championships. Melissa McIntosh became District Champion despite being a year young and at the Counties, she finished in a creditable 4th place in the 1500m in a time of 5.04.3. Ella Parry and Cicely Johnson-Ferguson both ran in the 800m for the District, Anastasia Stone ran in the 200m and Emma Wilson competed in the 75m Hurdles. We also had strong representation in the field with Islay Sabouni and Maria Graham in the Discus, Ruth Atkinson in the Shot, Ffion Gladwin in the Long Jump and Lucy Harris in the Triple Jump.

Show JumpingAt the Inter Schools Show Jumping Competition we had one team competing in the 90cm class and one in the 75cm class. After the first round, the 90cm team were clear on points and tied with two other schools. After another three clear sequences in the second round, we placed 2nd overall, a fantastic result. In the 75cm class we were one of five schools to jump clear in the first round. It went down to times after the second round, as once again the girls had clear rounds, and overall the team finished seventh.

Gymnastics This year Friars have pushed competitive Gymnastics for the girls for the first time in the School’s history, starting with the U12 County Novice Competition in November. Vaulting first, the girls performed a through vault, scoring solid points as a team before they moved to the floor exercise. After the team (of Charlotte Fulton, Romily Murray, Lauren Jenkins, Molly Skeer and Lorelei Beckett) had finished their floor exercises, it was announced they had won the Silver Medal! In the individual competition it was very close, but Charlotte and Lorelei gained joint Silver as well. Lauren finished in 4th place, narrowly missing the individual medals. In January, the U12 team took part in the Milano team competition – a regional competition with schools competing from across the North of the Country. Charlotte, Lorelei and Lauren competed in the U13 Girls section and each had to complete a floor sequence, vault and a combined trio sequence. All the girls executed their floor sequences very well with Lorelei achieving our highest floor score of 14.70; Charlotte was our best vault scorer with 13.70; and the trio executed the skills chorography very well in the trio sequence, scoring 26.1 out of 30. These results meant we finished in sixth place, an outstanding performance from the bottom of the age category, with some valuable lessons learnt. With training on the School’s new competition spring board provided by the PTA, I am confident that we can make National selection next year!

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On the last day of the academic year, we welcomed artist Derek Elland to present the prizes at our Junior Prize Giving ceremony.

He spoke about his artistic work depicting his interactions with people at some of the most challenging or extraordinary times of their lives, and how these moments, when captured, often give an insightful glimpse into what it means to be human. In particular, he quoted several people he had met and spoke to when he was the based at Everest Base Camp as the first ever artist-in-residence there. Each class in the Junior School received three prizes for effort, progress and a form prize, with every child in Junior 4 getting a special accolade and recognition of their individual achievements during their time in the Junior School. The Heads and Deputy Heads of School, Oliver Barnard, Lauren Gant, Alexander Parry and Alexa Crooks gave a speech about their personal reflections of their time in the Junior School and gave special thanks to those who helped them along the way, before the Chamber Choir performed ‘Why We Sing’ and the whole Junior School all sang ‘You Shall go out with Joy’. It was an especially apt opportunity for Head of the Junior School, Mr Marsh, to convey his observations of the School following his first six months in post, and how he was delightedly struck that it is a special environment where every child really does matter.

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We were thrilled to have another former pupil join us to present the prizes at the Senior School Speech Day in Carlisle Cathedral this year.

Mr Brendan Walsh, who attended the School between 1965 and 1972, was appointed as Editor of the international Catholic weekly ‘The Tablet’, the oldest surviving weekly journal in Britain, in July 2017 after five years as the Literary Editor there. In his speech at the Cathedral, he looked back at his time at the School and spoke of how the current pupils would gain the most out of their time here if they tried everything. Mr Walsh went on to present the prizes to the pupils and after this, Head Boy and Head Girl, Joseph Waterfield and Diana Abdolvand gave a speech about their time at the School and all they had gained from their experiences before a rousing rendition of ‘Jerusalem’ was sung to conclude the morning.

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As the core of the spiritual life of the School, the Chaplaincy continues to provide the opportunity for pupils, parents and staff to grow in the values of the School’s ethos, following the tradition of St Augustine to be in “one mind and heart on the way to God”. This year’s theme was “Know thyself, love thyself, surpass thyself” with the understanding that self-knowledge leads to living a good life.

Academic Mass of St AugustineThe academic year commenced with the Academic Mass of St Augustine. This year witnessed the commissioning of the new school Prefects and the emphasis was a call to leadership and self-knowledge. The Mass was celebrated by Fr Gianni Notarianni, OSA. During the commissioning, the Prefects committed themselves to their duties to fulfil their leadership roles with integrity, gentleness and courage, and to act as role models for all the pupils in the spirit of St Augustine, following the core values of Unitas, Veritas and Caritas at all times. They were given their Prefects’ badges and a copy of the theme for the school year by Headmaster, Mr Harris. At the end of the Mass the poem ‘The Gate of the Year’ was read by one of the students.

New Year MassTo begin the calendar year, a New Year Mass was held for the School. During the Mass for the Junior School, there was an inauguration of the new Head of the Junior School, Mr Marsh. This ceremony was aimed at asking for God’s grace and the support of the School community for Mr Marsh in his new role. At the end, Headmaster Mr Harris presented Mr Marsh with the Schools’ mission and vision aims and a holy bible. In the Senior School, the New Year Mass was also an avenue of thanksgiving for the life of the late Veronica O’Neil, a former member of the Board of Trustees. Some of her family members were present at the Mass and at the end, a tribute was read by her family and a commemorative plaque was installed in the Chapel.

House Masses As a form of spiritual bonding, the different Houses had their own House Masses this year celebrating the feast of their Patron Saints with each expressing their uniqueness and following the footsteps of their different saints in different ways. Lincoln had some loaves of bread blessed and distributed to other pupils in honour of St Nicholas of Tolentino while Clare House, in honour of St Rita, made roses which were blessed and used to decorate the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Stafford House also had their own celebration and for the first time, the Junior School also had House Masses to celebrate their patron saints. These Masses were celebrated in the Austin Suite using the children’s Liturgical Rites, aimed at making the Mass more meaningful to the pupils of Junior School age.

Passiontide Service As Easter drew near, the Passiontide service was celebrated. This drew from the musical and dramatic talents of the pupils in the Junior School as they performed the Passion Narratives in a musical drama. This gave the school community the opportunity to prepare more deeply for Easter, and to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and on what Easter means to us both as a school community, and to each person individually.

Lenten CharityLent is a perfect time to make a sacrifice for a worthy cause and this year the Chaplaincy committed to raising money to support a number of different Charities. The Senior School raised £600 for Mary’s Meals, a Charity which offers hope to some of the world’s poorest children by providing them with a daily meal in their place of education. The money was raised from a non-uniform day, collections in Mary’s Meals boxes, cake sales, and a sponsored silence by some of the pupils. The Junior School raised a total of £225 for CAFOD through family fast days, and sales of the programme of the Junior School’s House Swimming Gala. The Chaplain, Sr Margaret Ochigbo HHCJ, raised £230 for Million Minutes, from her sponsored silence for siLENT 2018. Million Minutes is a Charitable organization that helps and supports young people who make a difference in the lives of other young people in England.

U6th Leavers’ Service As the U6th students prepared to leave the School, they had one final opportunity to come together as a year group in the Chapel. The service was conducted by Fr Ian Wilson, OSA and Sr Margaret Ochigbo, HHCJ and focused on the students’ years in the School community. Students reflected and demonstrated their thanks to this in writing, which they presented at the foot of the cross at the altar. The service ended with Kirk Franklin’s song ‘I smile’ which was adapted and performed by the U6th choir.



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2018 U6th LEAVERS

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