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  • 8/17/13 Editor Buttons

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    Ngee Ann Alumni MalaysiaPersatuan Bekas Pelajar Ngee Ann Kuala Lumpur ( reg.no. 2176 / 95 )


    Editor Buttons

    Tuesday, 29 May 2012 22:54

    Name / Description Icon

    Advanced Link

    Advanced Link editor. Create and edit

    links to files, external sites, email

    addresses and internal Joomla! articles /



    Creates anchor links


    Makes selected text bold.

    Shortcut Key - CTRL+B

    Bullet List

    Create a bullet (unordered) list

    Character Map

    Open a character map dialog for

    inserting miscellaneous characters.

    Cut, Copy, Paste

    Cut, copy and paste text and html with

    automatic Office cleanup. Includes

    Paste as Plain Text option.

    Code Cleanup


    Set the text direction on a selection


    Insert emoticons

    File Manager

    Upload and insert links to various file

    types with optional file icon, date and

    modified time values.

    Optional plugin that requires a

    subscription to download.

    Font BackColour

    Set the font background color on the

    text selection

    Font ForeColour

    Set the font color on the text selection

    Font Select

    Apply a font family to the text selection

    Font Size Select

    Apply a font size to the text selection

    Format Select

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  • 8/17/13 Editor Buttons

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    Format Select

    Format the text selection with the

    selected block element


    Toggle full-screen edit mode


    Open the Help window

    Horizontal Rule

    Insert a horizontal rule

    Image Manager

    Advanced image insert with file browser

    Image Manager Extended

    Advanced image insert with file

    browser,image thumbnailing, resizing,

    rotating, image popups and tooltips.

    Optional plugin that requires a

    subscription to download.


    Increase indent

    ItalicItalicises selected text

    Shortcut Key: CTRL+I

    Justify Center

    Center Align the text selection orelement

    Justify FullJustify the text selection

    Justify LeftLeft Align the text selection or element

    Justify RightRight Align the text selection or element


    Create and position div layers

    Media ManagerUpload and insert media files such as

    flash, quicktime, windows media andflash video. Optional plugin that requires

    a subscription to download.

    New Document

    Clears the editor contents to create anew document


    Insert a non-breaking space

    Numbered ListCreates a numbered (ordered) list

    OutdentDecrease indent


    Preview the editor contents

    PrintPrint the editor contents

    Article (Read More / Pagebreak)Create Joomla! Readmore and

    Pagebrek breaks

    RedoRedo the last action

    Remove Format

    Remove block and style formatting froma selection

    Search ReplacePerforn a search and replace on the

  • 8/17/13 Editor Buttons

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    Perforn a search and replace on the

    editor contents

    Spell CheckerRun a spell check on the editor contents


    Create a strikethough on a text selection

    Style SelectSelect list of Joomla! template css

    styles.Applied to selected block element or



    Edit an elements styles


    Position text selection below thebaseline


    Position text selection above thebaseline


    Create and edit tables

    Template Manager

    Create and insert reusable codesnippets.Optional plugin that requires a

    subscription to download.

    UnderlineUnderline a text selection


    Undo the last action


    Remove a link from a selection

    Visual Aid

    Visual Characters

    XHTML Xtras

    Insert and edit Abbreviation, Citation,Acronym, Deletion and Insertion

    elements and edit the advancedproperties of an element such as events,

    title, id, style, class, dir, lang, accceskey

    and tabindex

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  • 8/17/13 Editor Buttons

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  • 8/17/13 Editor Buttons

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