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Educating Keswick

Date post: 24-Feb-2016
Author: jalena
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Educating Keswick. Our final video Jordan, Ben, Ronan and James. THE BEGINING. First 3 seconds: Ben’s clips, Jordan’s # educatingkeswick and Ronan’s music (to the sky by Owl City) Next 20 seconds Ben’s photos and voice over James’ interview clip. Opening screen. Mid section 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Educating Keswick Our final video Jordan, Ben, Ronan and James.

Educating Keswick

Educating KeswickOur final videoJordan, Ben, Ronan and James.THE BEGININGFirst 3 seconds: Bens clips, Jordans #educatingkeswick and Ronans music (to the sky by Owl City)

Next 20 seconds Bens photos and voice over

James interview clipOpening screen.

We liked Bens opening logo but didnt like the music or the # so we decided to use Jordans because it was neater and Ronans music because it was more upbeat and jolly

We liked Bens slideshow of photos and voice over because it gives the audience an indroduction to the school

James interview clips also gave an overview of the school and the staff at the start to allow the audience to get an overview of school life as soon as the video starts.2Mid section 1Mr Jacksons interview Ronans clipMr Downs form period Ronans clipMr Downs interview Jordans clipMr Downs form leaving Bens clip

Form building days Bens clip

House logos Bens clipMr Baillie and Mrs Rigg interview Ronans clipFootball competition Jordans clipHouse Bake-off Jordans clip

We thought that Ronan had chose a better part of Mr Jacksons interview because it was more interesting and relavent to our video

Ronans clip of Mr Downs form time involved him talking about merits which shows positivity and encouragement target audience

Ben was the only one that included the form building day photos and the house logos so we had to go with it.

Ronans house head interview clip was more relavent to the target audience

Jordans clip of the football competition showed people scoring3Mid section 2Mr Balls Year 7 ICT lesson Bens clipMr Balls interview Bens clip

Mr Hannaway interview

Students advice to year 6 pupils Bens clip

Bikeability Bens clip

We chose Bens clip because it was well structured because it combined a interview and a lesson.

Ben was the only one that included advice to year 6 pupils and bikeability.

4EndBens clips, Jordans #educatingkeswick and Ronans music (to the sky by Owl City)

Ronans outtakes

The same as the start - balance5