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Effective Networking Strategies

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Effective Networking Strategies. Learning Objectives. - Understand the importance and value of networking - Identify a current network of contacts to build upon - Leave with a specific networking action plan. What is Networking?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Effective Networking Strategies

Effective Networking Strategies1- Understand the importance and value of networking

- Identify a current network of contacts to build upon

- Leave with a specific networking action plan

Learning Objectives2A process where you develop long term relationships with others for mutual benefit.

What is Networking?

How many of you have asked about which professor to take, not take?Where to get oil changed, hair cut, etc.3It is truly all about WHO YOU KNOW!You can meet people with similar interestsThere could be 100s of applications for 1 openingSome open positions are never postedIt can help you professionally and personally People know people who know people

Anyone you meet at any time of day is an opportunity to network!Why is Networking Important?Handshake activity!4You have a need Find contact(s) who may be able to helpReach out to ask for GUIDANCE, ADVICE or HELPTell the contact how you are connectedProvide more details about what you needHopefully you receive a response!Follow through on the guidance givenThank the contact(s) and stay in touchWhat networking looks like5Your dream is to work with a sports team in a big cityYou know a grad from your school who works as an accountant in ChicagoYou email to ask if he knows of anyone in the sports fieldYou mention the two of you were in the same marketing class a few years agoYou provide more about the sports-related positions you think would be fun and some orgs of interest; ask if he has advice about where to startHe replies and says that his cousin works for the Chicago Bears and he can connect you by emailYou follow up with his cousin once he makes the e-introYou thank him for his help and keep him updated!

An example6Professional networking can take place in several ways:

One-on-one meetingsYou reach out to meet or talk individuallyResearch company and prepare questions in advance to askBe ready to provide the contact some background information about yourself and what you are looking for

Networking or social events with a group of people

Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Where it happensHow many have LinkedIn accounts? Facebook? Twitter? 1. Which one do you use most? 2. What do you use it for?7http://marketing.linkedin.com/sites/default/files/attachment/MindsetDivide_Infographic.pdf

8Know how to properly reach out to some one using professional communication.

Ask for ADVICE or GUIDANCE for your internship/career search (dont ask for a job).

Start with the people you know first.

Use resources such as family, advisors, career center staff, mentors, alumni.

Know yourself/your interests, what you are good at; go in with some knowledge about what you like and how your skills fit.

Best Strategies for networking9Keep a spreadsheet to help you organize and track who you have talked to and any follow up.

Find events to attend and go with a goal in mind, take friends if you need the support but be sure to spread out.

Use social media to help you!

Have a fresh resume that you can easily make changes to and send upon request.

Be genuine in getting to know the person and offering to help him/her as well.

Use an email you check often.

Dont overwhelm yourself.

Best Strategies for networking10What if I am shy or the thought of going to a networking event makes me cringe?

What if I reach out to someone and I never hear back?

Is it better to email the contact directly or ask someone to do an email introduction?

What if someone gave me more people to talk to and I just got offered a position?

What if I spent all this time networking and it led nowhere?

Troubleshooting11Lets get to work!

Networking WorksheetSet goals & identify current networkSet networking goalsList who you knowList who knows who you knowAction plan for connectingHighlight one you plan to work on this summer

See example and fill out your own!

How Can You Network effectively?12Learning Objectives of this Session:

Understand the importance and value of networkingIdentify a current network of contacts to build uponLeave with a specific networking action plan

In closing13Thank you!

Julie Schrader

Manager, Employer DevelopmentButler UniversityInternship and Career ServicesAtherton Union 3154600 Sunset AvenueIndianapolis, IN 46208

[email protected](317) 940-8802


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