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Effective PLAP Donor Base Growth, Management and Product Acquisition Presented By: Dustin Morriss...

Date post: 31-Dec-2015
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Effective PLAP Donor Base Growth, Management and Product Acquisition Presented By: Dustin Morriss Director of Contact Center and Programmatic Recruitment
  • Effective PLAP Donor Base Growth, Management and Product Acquisition Presented By: Dustin MorrissDirector of Contact Center and Programmatic Recruitment

  • Who Are Our DonorsThe Fanatic!Donor shows up even before being calledDonor always Maxes out on number of donations allowedDonor will donate with a competitor if temporarily deferred with usGenerally is very high maintenance (has your personal phone number and knows all the staff by name, etc)Great donors, however, relying on them too much is dangerous. If they are permanently deferred or can not donate any longer for some reason it can have a major impact on your annual draw.

  • Who Are Our DonorsThe Steady EddieDonor will schedule like clockwork when askedDonor generally doesnt call in to schedule but will schedule when calledVery low maintenance donorMust have an effective contact strategy to manage these donors. Trying to keep them to around 20 donations per year. Must control over zealous PLAP recruiters who will book them just to keep their numbers up but forces the donor into a deferred status for plasma loss or exceeding maximum allowable donations.

  • Who Are Our DonorsThe Pinch HitterDonor is amiable to coming in when needed but annoyed if over utilized Generally will only donate approximately 6-10 times per yearGreat utility donor that you can keep in your back pocket for those times when you are coming up a little short. Must have an effective communication strategy implemented to retain these donors in a healthy donor pool. Again, managing the recruiters ambitions is vital.

  • Who Are Our DonorsThe Loyal ScoutDonor will only come in once or twice per year to do their dutyDonor is generally more incentive driven (t-shirt donor) looking for that new merit badgeGreat donors to have as long as you have a lot of them. These are great donors to use around holidays or during special promotions.

  • Who Are Our DonorsThe Elusive New DonorThese donors are the unknowns They will fit into one of the previous categories but we have to get them in the door before we can categorize them. It takes all of these categories to meet the needs of our hospitals and patients and management of all types is key.

  • PLAP Donor Pool GrowthHow Do I Find New PLAP Donors?Purple Top!!- Test for high PLAP count donors who can produce maximum yield.CostTesting and materials are relatively cheap as compared to the returnExclude O type donors from HPC testingGet DS buy inUntapped Donor Pools (thinking outside the box)Minority GroupsWhile Cicle Cell Positive donors can not donate red cells they can donate aphaeresis and are among the most loyal donorsReestablishes their sense of worth and contributionRetna Transplant deferredAnother group that can donate aphaeresis and not red cellTranslating your strategies to Contact Center RecruitmentEffective List GenerationElimination of incentized Contact Center staff, offer more of a base rate and find a rep with a higher skill set for conversionHiring and training an effective donor conversion specialistLack of training is the result of poor managementFind baseline performance metric and hold accountable.

  • Strategies ImplementedHPC Tubes (Growth)We have required that all fixed site red cell donors (excluding O types) have a purple top tube pulled for testing.We also require that all mobile red cell donors (excluding O types) that donate at a drive within a specified radius of a fixed site location have a purple top tube pulled for testing.Test results are compiled once per month and a list is generated for the CC Conversion specialist to work from.A form letter is sent from our CEO explaining the importance of PLAP donations and why they are needed.Millionaire PLAP program (Growth)Getting DS buy in by incentizing the phlebotomy staff for PLAP conversions by actual shows.When a donor comes in for a red cell and they are an A or AB type the DS member will discuss PLAP donation with them while they are on the donor bed and once the donor shown interest the lead is forwarded to the Contact Center Conversion Specialist for scheduling.The DS staff member receives some sort of incentive for every donor that shows and a testable product is drawn off of the scheduling.1 for 1 (Maintenance) The 1 for 1 strategy uses our CC Conversions specialist to work on converting 1 O- PLAP donor to red cell donation and an A or AB donor to PLAP.This allows us to maintain a steady donor base level while maximizing the products by blood type.

  • HPC Letter to Potential PLAP Donor

  • Results of Donor Base Growth Strategies















    New Testable PLAP Donor Growth


    CountOfDonorIDDonation Month

    143January 2007

    148February 2007

    147March 2007

    121April 2007

    145May 2007

    142June 2007Feb-08Mar-08Apr-08May-08Jun-08Jul-08Aug-08Sep-08Oct-08Nov-08Dec-08

    113July 20079483919910799157117142132138

    140August 2007

    113September 2007

    120October 2007

    124November 2007

    146December 2007

    145January 2008

    94February 2008

    83March 2008

    121April 2008

    99May 2008

    107June 2008

    99July 2008

    157August 2008

    117September 2008

    142October 2008

    132November 2008

    138December 2008




















    New Testable PLAP Donor Growth



  • PLAP Donor Base RetentionHow do I manage my existing Donor Base without exceeding established FDA parameters?Rotate donation typesHave donors do a WB or 2RBC once or twice per yearSlow down the steady EddysWe all have those donors who come to the donor center every other week like clock work as it is more of a social event for themExplain the FDA criteria and enlist their help to manage their donation schedule (Get them to help in the issue solution possibly by using the on line scheduler where applicable)Retain them through volunteer dept when possible Add additional 7 day list exclusion post eligibility dateIn most cases this can be managed within the existing list generation criteriaWARNING!!! When possible DO NOT create additional SOPs to accomplish this as you will not be able to tap this eligible but excluded donor pool when you are in a bind

  • Donor Group ManagementCommunication strategies!Key to managing all donor groups is an effective recruitment platform that allows for effective disposition and account notes.Asserting donors to a specific recruitment group is also another strategy that is helpful. Having hot lists, standard run lists, etcCoaching and controlling your recruitment team to help manage the dispositions, setting next call dates and effective call notes are of the utmost importance. To aid in this, we have eliminated the previous bonus structure and implemented a higher base rate to attract employees with a higher skill set and are more administratively minded. Using this model it is imperative that standards are communicated and held accountable.

  • Scheduling and Maintaining a Healthy and Consistent DrawStand By Donor ProgramThis was a pilot program for OBI that produced spectacular results.Purpose: To increase PLAP production on weekends to effectively fill the needs of the export market.Pilot:A pilot for this program was implemented on the Friday and Saturday following both the X-mas and New Years holidays at two different fixed site locations on two separate weekends. During the course of this pilot we saw the following results.

    Donors ScheduledDonors ShowedDonated No Donation2519 712

    For this pilot we used $20.00 gift cards as an incentive for the stand by donors if we did not draw them. The incentive for non stand by donors was 1000 MFL points. Using a rough base line projection of $450.00 per product this generated roughly $3150.00 in revenue that would have not been realized without the stand by program in place. The total cost of the stand by incentive was $240.00. The cost of the MFL points with 100% utilization (which is unlikely and more like 60%) included came to approximately $140.00. Total approximate cost of the program pilot was around $380.00 with an approximate $3150.00 of revenue generated gives a rough ROI of $2770.00 during a holiday that we would regularly be challenging but instead we were in surplus.Determination:As this was deemed to be a successful pilot the determination is to roll this program out further and implement system wide. The goal is to guarantee steady, reliable production. We will begin by putting in place a stand by schedule for each Saturday for every location that mirrors the existing PLAP schedule. There will be a limit of 25 slots available for stand-by donors system wide with the expectation of 19-20 to actually show.

  • In the Works!PLAP Stand by Program (Previous Slide)Aphaeresis Kiosk and Hot LineWe will be piloting a reschedule kiosk in the fixed site in the very near future which will do two things for us.First, there will be a computer with direct access to the OBI web site for scheduling. We will train the fixed site staff to educate the donors on how to use the schedule correctly and familiarize them with technology they may not be accustom to it.Second, allow us to have a direct hot line (or Bat Phone) that has a direct connection to the Aphaeresis queue at the contact center. This will accommodate those who are less technically inclined and encourage rescheduling.

  • Round TableQuestions, Comments, Discussion

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