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  1. 1. EFFORTLESS EXPERIENCE Chapter Three: The Worst Question a Service Rep Can Ask. Shashank Kapoor
  2. 2. RECAP MYTHS ... BUSTED in chapter 2 Most think: Customers want to call for service. The reality is: Most customers prefer to self-serve. Most think: The big challenge is getting customers to try self-service. The reality is: Its hard getting customers to stay in self-service. Most think: Customers demand more choice in self-service. The reality is: Customers demand simplicity and guidance.
  3. 3. Have I fully resolved your issue today? Most common asked question at the end of the call. It is perhaps the worst question in customer service. Going ahead majority of the customers end up calling back because their issue wasnt fully resolved. The organizations follow a metric: FCR (first contact resolution), considering job well done. Boasting FCR rate of 70-80 percent. BUT THE REALITY IS On an average, FCR rate is only 40%
  4. 4. REALITY
  5. 5. Why arent we resolving issues the first time customers contact us? What causes our customers to have to call us back? CONCERNS
  6. 6. CAUSES Source: CEB, 2013
  7. 7. Going beyond First Contact Resolution How can I make sure, this customer doesnt have to call us back? NEXT ISSUE AVOIDANCE APPROACH
  8. 8. HOW..???
  9. 9. The game plan. This approach is like chess you have to think a few moves ahead in the game. Measure Next Issue Avoidance.
  10. 10. Talent wins games, but teamworkand intelligence win championships. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Putting it all together.
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