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Egyptian Cinderella

Date post: 12-Jan-2017
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THE GOLDEN SLIPPER Ancient Egyptian Cinderella By Nate, Sean, Domenico

The golden slipper

The golden slipperAncient Egyptian CinderellaBy Nate, Sean, Domenico

RhodopisRhodopis is a girl who likes to dance from Greece.She gets kidnapped by pirates and sold to a wine merchant andbecomes a slave.


AntagonistPirates kidnap RhodopisThey sell her to a wine merchant as a slaveHe makes the slaves do everything

Magical HelpThe falcon takes Rhodopis slipper off and brings it to the king. The king said, Whoevers foot fits thisslipper I will marry.

Happily Ever AfterThe king finds Rhodopis She tries the slipper on and it fit. The king marries Rhodopis and she becomes the new queen.

Book ReviewWe give this book 4 stars. We liked the king in the story. We liked the pirates. We also liked the falcon because it was something different.