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  • 1.eHealth Education and Research at McMaster Norm Archer eHealth Technology Showcase Burlington Ontario November 18, 2008

2. Agenda

  • Introduction
  • The M.Sc. eHealth Program at McMaster
  • eHealth Research at McMaster
  • eHealth Research Centres, Institutes, and Programs
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • DeGroote School of Business
    • Faculty of Engineering
    • Associated Small Business
  • eHealth Research Network Exchange

3. eHealth is About...

  • Achievingbetter health outcomesby transforming healthsystemsandbusiness practices through the investment in and more comprehensive use ofinformation and information technology

4. McMastersM.Sc. eHealth Program

  • Director Dr. Ann McKibbon (Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics)
  • Collaborative multi-disciplinary program
      • Health Sciences
      • Engineering (Computing and Software Dept.)
      • DeGroote School of Business
  • Full time option
    • Two years Thesis or Course/Project
      • Includes 8 month paid internship with a company, healthcare institution or government agency
      • Thesis option four courses
      • Course/Project option seven courses
  • Part time option
      • Course/Project option only, no internship

5. M.Sc. eHealth Program

  • Students
    • All take a three course core (one each from Health Sciences, Computing and Software, and Business)
    • Students specialize in their supervisors field; they choose the field when applying
    • Full time students take an 8 month paid internship in a company, healthcare institution, or government health agency
  • Now recruiting for September 2009 admission
  • Application deadline is April 1, 2009
  • Details about the program and how to apply online athttp://mscehealth.mcmaster.ca/

6. Potential Careers in eHealth

  • A pplied/professional operational informatics settings:
    • chief information officer, nursing information officer, project manager, developer, trainer, healthcare systems integration architect, consultant
  • Expert/liaison
    • local experts, interfacing with informatics or information technology professionals, including chief medical or nursing information officer, clinical information technology liaison
  • Academic/research
    • individuals planning to continue to doctoral studies and careers as professors and researchers.

7. eHealth Research at McMaster

  • Comparison of eHealth core competencies and research across three disciplines
    • Health Sciences
    • Information Sciences/Computer Science
    • Management Sciences

8. COACH Core Competencies 9. Disciplinary Research ineHealth at McMaster Management Computer Science Project Management Analysis & Evaluation Organizational & Behavioural Mgt Canadian Health System Information Technology Information Management Health Sciences Clinical Health Services 10. eHealth Research at McMaster

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • DeGroote School of Business
  • Faculty of Engineering (Computing and Software)

11. Research Centres, Institutes, and Programs 12. Faculty of Health Sciences 13. The COMPETE Program

  • Computerization of Medical Practices for the Enhancement of Therapeutic Effectiveness
  • A major program within the Centre for the Evaluation of Medicines
  • Since 1996 the research team has completed three major phases and is currently preparing for the next phase
  • www.compete-study.com


  • Key Projects and Publications
    • EMR implementation success in real world community primary care
    • Transforming EHR data to research-quality information
    • Randomized trials of computerized decision support for patients and providers for diabetes and for vascular disease
    • Ensuring the quality of electronic quality-of-care measurements
    • Electronic data sources for post-marketing drug evaluation
    • Impact of automated telephone support systems on quality of diabetes care


  • Key Projects and Publications(continued)
    • Patient and providers views on health information privacy with electronic medical records
    • Systematic review of factors that predict success versus failure of prescribing decision support systems
    • Systematic review of effectiveness and harms of electronic drug interaction checking systems
    • Provider willingness to pay for e-health systems
    • Ontario stakeholder views on e-prescribing
    • Usability and ease of use of clinical decision support for patients and providers
    • Best methods of information communication between clinical systems and decision support


  • Currently Investigating:
    • Clinical, technical and policy readiness for e-prescribing in Canada
    • Best practices in electronic signatures and authentication for clinical practice
    • Cost-effectiveness of large scale electronic shared decision support for patients and providers

17. Department of Family Medicine

  • http://fammedmcmaster.ca/research/about
  • Contact Lisa Dolovich[email_address]
    • Family Practice electronic health records McMaster and Hamilton Family Health Teams
    • Patient-controlled electronic health records David Chan (MyOSCAR)
    • Patient-centred tool for self-management of hypertension
    • CHAP - Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (Online support)

18. MIIRIAM Department of Radiology

  • Medical Imaging Informatics Research Institute at McMaster
  • http://www.fhs.mcmaster.ca/radiology/
  • Contact David Koff[email_address]
    • MIIRIAM is currently in the process of formation, and will be announced soon
    • The Institute is an open forum designed to organize partnerships between clinicians, starting with radiologists, who have access to clinical data, and computer scientists and engineers who are looking for access to these data and validation of theirprojects.
    • The radiologists are very enthusiastic and there are already a number of stakeholders within and outside McMaster, including the University of Waterloo.
    • A major research project on image compression funded by Canada Health Infoway is currently underway and should be completed by mid 2009

19. Health Information Research Unit

  • http://hiru.mcmaster.ca/hiru/Default.aspx
  • Evidence Based Medicine
    • Improved searching and screening methods for the enormous number of medical articles that are being published
    • Summaries of the best of the best articles in 150 core medical journals
    • Evaluation and ratings for the best articles on therapies, knowledge translation, nursing, obesity
    • Systematic reviews on patient adherence with medications
    • Reviews of computerized clinical decision support systems
    • Finding the best ways to get evidence from the literature to practicing clinicians
    • Supplying information feeds of important clinical material to websites and book projects

20. School of Nursing

  • Contact Ruta Valaitis[email_address]
  • Completed
    • Online health promotion site for rural youth
    • Tailoring Online Health Promotion: A Toolkit for Communitieshttp://fhs.mcmaster.ca/OHPToolkit/index.html
  • Underway
    • Virtual Community of Practice for Street Nursinghttp://streetnursing.mcmaster.ca/

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