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Eight Reasons For Evalu8ing Your Agencies (rather than just survey them)

Date post:20-Jun-2015
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http://www.trinityp3.com/ With more and more agencies and suppliers on most marketer's rosters, having a fast, effective and easy way to be able to measure, manage and maximise these relationships is becoming increasingly important. Evalu8ing is an online performance, relationship and collaboration measurement system that unlike other "survey systems" allows you to map the complex relationships within your marketing process and identify where these relationships are performing well and where they need to be improved and managed. This document provides you with the eight key benefits of the Evalu8ing system.
  • 1. Marketer8 key reasonsfor Evalu8ing Direct Agencyyour agencies.Media Agency(Not just surveying them.) PR Agency Digital Agency TrinityP3 October, 2011 Creative AgencyCONFIDENTIAL marketing management consultants

2. 8 key reasons for Evalu8ing your organisation1. Structured to suit your situation.2. Flexible to meet your requirements.3. Measures performance andcollaboration.4. Fast to complete and fast to getresults.5. Ease of use for participants andmanagers.6. Drill down into the results for realinsight.7. Options on how you implement.8. Measure more relationships,get more insights for less cost. marketing management consultants 3. 1. Structured to suit your situationMost systems are designed to measure oneEvalu8ing lets you define up to eight groups orgroup scoring another, and usually the reverse. teams and have them all evaluate each other.marketing management consultants 4. 1. Structured to suit your situation Evalu8ing also allows one group to evaluateOr Evalu8ing allows multiple brand and marketing many and, of course, many can evaluate teams to evaluate the agencies they work with one. and the agencies evaluate each other. Marketing Brand 2Agency 2 Agency 3 Brand 1Brand 3Agency 4 Agency 5 Agency C Agency AAgency 6 Agency 7Agency 8 Agency B marketing management consultants 5. 2. Flexible to meet your requirementsBecause no two situations or relationships arethe same, Evalu8ing does not lock you into aset panel of questions but lets you either: Choose from more than 200 tried and tested questions across categories such as collaboration, communication, performance, capabilities, etc. Or write your own questions to your specific needs and requirements.Evalu8ing can accommodate as manyquestions as you like. However werecommend using no more than 20 questionswhich allows participants to complete thesurvey in 15 20 minutes to maximiseparticipation. marketing management consultants 6. 3. Measures performance and collaborationWhat do you want to measure?Performance - This is a onedirectional or one dimensionalmeasurement, like a score card.Relationship - This is a twodirectional or two dimensionalmeasurement, or a 180assessment.Collaboration - Where theperformance of a group isdependent on the performance ofanother group or third party, amultidimensional measurementapproach is recommended. Unlike other systems, Evalu8ing canmeasure performance, relationship andcollaboration in one survey. marketing management consultants 7. 4. Fast to complete and get results The survey typically takes 15 20 minutes to complete (even with 8 groups to evaluate). The entire Evalu8ing process takes 3 4 weeks end to end including stakeholder workshop. Evalu8ing gets better than 90% participation and completion in just 5 working days. A report can be prepared from the moment the survey closes and usually takes 5 working days.marketing management consultants 8. 5. Easy to use as a participant and a manager The user interface is simple and easy to use and navigate, meaning no training is required for any one who can use a computer. It can be customised to represent the marketers brand with logos and corporate colours. Participants can provide commentary on each question and each relationship being evaluated. Only the groups to be evaluated appear on the participants screen. Participants are actually comparing and scoring the groups or teams against each other. marketing management consultants 9. 6. Drill down into results for real insight The Evalu8ing system provides 3 levels ofreporting: 1. Relationship chart maps the relationships being evaluated and colour codes the results against the survey benchmark. 2. Relationship scores a numeric score on a 100 base that can be used to track performance. 3. Participants commentary comments are attributed to a group and not an individual and provides insights into each relationship and question.Evalu8ing allows you to drill down bygroup and by question yet maintainscomplete individual confidentiality.marketing management consultants 10. 7. Option to mange it yourself or we canEvalu8ing can be implemented in twoways: Self Managed you can set up and manage the Evalu8ing system yourself. It is online and available to use at any time. You can pay per use or contract a customised version to your needs. Consultant Facilitated you can have a third party consultant, such as TrinityP3, manage the survey, prepare the report and, most importantly, facilitate the working sessions following the report to identify and develop strategies for improvement. marketing management consultants 11. 8. More relationships and insights, less cost To achieve this configuration ofrelationships with other systems wouldrequire a minimum of seven separatesurveys, where Evalu8ing requires justone.The survey shown here is effectivelysurveying 18 different relationships.The cost of this survey, if selfmanaged, is $2,000 + GST(8 x $250 per group per survey).If managed by TrinityP3, the costincluding survey management,facilitation, reporting and post surveystakeholder workshop, is$7,400 + GST,(inc $5,400 for facilitation management).marketing management consultants 12. For more information on Evalu8ing your agency relationships contact TrinityP3 Pty Ltd Sydney +612 8399 0922Melbourne +613 9682 6800 Hong Kong +852 3478 3982Singapore+65 6631 2861 [email protected] liability is limited as per our standard terms and condition as approved by the client prior to the project commencing marketing management consultants

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