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Eight reasons why Data Centre solutions fail

Date post:23-Dec-2014
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InTechnology’s James Odom, Product Specialist – Data & Cloud Services, looks at eight of the reasons why Data Centre solutions fail and how those reasons can be avoided. http://www.intechnology.co.uk/resource-centre/webcast-eight-reasons-why-data-centre-solutions-fail.aspx
  • 1. Eight Reasons Why Data CentreSolutions Fail30/01/2013James Odom Product Specialist, Data & Cloud Services

2. Webcast AgendaIntroduction to InTechnologyWhat is a data centre solution?The benefits of data centre solutions8 reasons data centre solutions fail, and how to avoid themSummaryQuestions and Answers 3. Introduction to InTechnology Serving the UK IT market for nearly 30 yearsUnique position in the managed IT services marketFull range of managed IT services delivered to over 800 UKbusinesses 4. What is a Data Centre Solution? 5. What can a data centre solution offeryou? Reduced capex/opex Removal of in-house operational burden 24/7/365 support Budget transparency pay for what you use Option of fully managed service, focus time/energy intofront-end business operations Scalability, flexibility 6. 1. Lack of PlanningData centre solutions are individually tailored and flexible.What are your business objectives?How can a data centre help you achieve your objectives?Has the end-to-end delivery from network, to access methods,application delivery, business continuity and DR beenconsidered?If you cant answer these questions, how will a data centresolution be a success? 7. 2. Seller Misrepresentation Some sellers have motives that may not align with those ofyour business Know what you need and what you do not do your research A seller may try and give you Tier 4 facilities, but many do notneed this the difference between Tier 3 and Tier 4 in termsof availability is 0.013%, 68 minutes a year 8. 3. End-to-end OwnershipExactly what are you paying for?Simple colocation services? Or are network, IaaS and datamanagement protection included?It is essential that you choose the right provider and ask theright questions; what do they offer and what do you need? 9. Where do you want your data is local preferable? Areyou unsure? City data centres are often housed in buildings that werenot designed with data in mind Data centres based outside of the urban hub are oftensuperior in design and quality. Ensure it is easilyaccessible, with good transport links close by4. Location 10. 5. Insufficient Testing Most data centres offer resilience, but many do not test it An unreliable data centre means you may be left withoutaccess to your data, and ultimately, your business Ask the right questions how often does the data centrecarry out fail-over testing? How will they support yourbusiness continuity plan? Get these things in writing if necessary; you wouldnt handyour mission-critical information to a stranger, so why do somany to a sub-par data centre? 11. 6. Audit and Documentationsavings All businesses must keep a record of their actions, datacentres are no exception They offer 24/7/365 support can they show evidence? They offer a high level of security and compliance do theyhave CCTV recordings from the last 90 days and the correctcertification? As such records allow for error-tracing and supportimprovement of business operations, easily accessibledocumentation is critical 12. 7. Quality Systems PCI and ISO standards should be the minimumrequirement for any potential data centres Take a tour of their facilities to observe their standardsfor yourself what does their 24/7/365 hands and eyesreally look like? 13. 8. Best Effort v Business Grade Is the data centre a colocation warehouse, or does it offerbusiness-grade services that are secure, resilient andmanaged end-to-end? Who are their other customers are they comparable to youand likely to possess similar business needs? Attentiveness and knowledge are a must . Talk to them, letthem assure you of quality of their facilities 14. Summary Data centre solutions are varied and flexible; it is vital youknow what level of service you want before you begin A data centre solution is only as good as the data centreitself. Conduct ample research, look for documentation andproof of the services they claim to offer No factor is insignificant even a data centres geographicallocation can affect the success of your data centre solution 15. ANY QUESTIONS?Email: [email protected]: 01423 850000Website: www.intechnology.co.ukTwitter: twitter.com/InTechnologyTHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

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