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Eight Reasons You Should Hire Eric G. Glenn, Sr

Date post:19-Dec-2015
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  • Eight Reasons You Should Hire Eric G. Glenn, Sr.
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  • Eric Glenn Is Analytical Eric received A's in Literary Criticism. Close text readings and rendering detailed opinions. Applied theories to critical arguments. Presented ideas in classroom setting to peers and professors.
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  • Eric Glenn has Analytical Trading Experience as a Broker Eric Glenn has interpreted buy & sell orders. Explained to clients why those orders may not have filled based on time & sales reports. Eric Glenn has given seminars on equity options trading.
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  • Award Winning Top Salesman!!!!!! Bank of America TIAA CREF E*Trade Securities RBC Centura The Vanguard Group
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  • Motivator!! Success is not selfish! Assistant Vice President Eric Glenn has been called on to deliver motivational speeches to teams at Bank of America.
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  • Smart 2011 Bachelors of Arts Degree in English Literature,and Sociology. NASD Series 7, 6, & 63 Licenses. NC Life & Health Licenses. Chess Coach.
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  • Team Player Most Valuable Team Member with CIGNA Health Care. Top Producing Team with Bank of America. Lead Team Meeting at The Vanguard Group.
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  • Continued Personal Development Built personal library of over 1000 Books on personal development. Extremely fast learner. Consistently reading books & periodicals for self- improvement.
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  • Computer Saavy Bloomberg Microsoft Systems Siebel Systems Scopus
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  • Creative Thinker Creativity is imperative to keep businesses competitive. Power Point Presentations may be the standard in career searches.
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  • In Summary Eric Glenn has prepared for this opportunity. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Hire Eric G. Glenn, Sr.

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