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EKTi Marcellus Shale Capabilities Statement Shale V3 110707

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This slideshow highlights EKT Interactive’s training capabilities, methodology, and expertise in shale operations.
  • 1. Introduction to Marcellus Shale - Operations and Opportunities CAPABILITIES STATEMENT
  • 2. Marcellus Orientation & Training WHAT
    • Rapid on-boarding for technical & operations new hires
    • Quickly indoctrinate management & support staff critical to effective operations
    • Enable more companies to successfully do business with Marcellus industry
    WHY EKTi
    • We know your business; proven track record since 1986, working with Marcellus clients
    • Primary focus is ROI for training dollars, not just class attendance
    • Complement of instructional designers can meet internal or HSE certifications
    • Offices in Pittsburgh & Houston
    • Classes designed and taught by senior E&P and oilfield operations managers who love to train
    • Proprietary courseware for Upstream, Midstream and Oilfield Service industries
    • Instructor-led or electronic delivery
    • Use of interactive techniques to engage adult students and maximize retention
  • 3. EKT Interactive Curriculum Scope Upstream Microbes to Markets Industry Concepts and Themes Comprehensive coverage across Marcellus Shale operations Exploration Production Oilfield Services Industry Drilling Midstream Processing Downstream Transportation Supply Trading Gas Marketing Risk Management
  • 4. Marcellus Shale Curriculum Audience Three primary applications of the EKT Interactive curriculum
      • Natural Gas Operator and Technical Service Industry New Hires The curriculum provides a comprehensive, cost-effective introduction to the basics of the Marcellus Shale gas industry, the key business drivers, trends and basic terminology. This reduces the time and cost of operating management in on-boarding new staff.
      • Support Staff Critical to Effective Operations The basics of the Marcellus Shale industry should be understood by all IT, finance, legal, HR and procurement staff dealing with operations, to prevent inadvertent mistakes that can put the company at risk. For example, a better understanding of the operation enables accounting personnel to effectively challenge inaccurate invoices.
      • Companies Interested in Doing Business in the Marcellus Shale Bi-annual updates of the curriculum, and web access, provides convenient access and a refresher option as staff deal with sophisticated Marcellus operators and service companies.
  • 5. Lesson Structure
    • A. Domestic Natural Gas Introduction includes supply/demand factors affecting the US natural gas industry, the importance of shale gas development and the role of key participants.
    • B. Prospecting, Exploration & Evaluation includes a discussion of the Geophysical - Seismic industry.
    • C. Drilling and Completions includes rig selection, hydraulic fracturing and the downhole Technical Services industry.
    • D. Production includes a discussion of condensate, gas treating facilities and the production equipment industry.
    • E. Natural Gas and Transportation includes midstream processing and gas pipeline operations.
    • F. Supply Trading covers physical trading, hedging strategies and derivatives.
    • H. Gas Marketing includes an understanding of Power and the other Wholesale market challenges.
    Seven modules ready for a custom class presentation, including All modules are normalized to make students comfortable with the pace of delivery (Modules Build on Marcellus First Responder Training)
  • 6. Module Emphasis Key concepts guiding the module structure Content focus is business operations and finance processes, key terminology and definitions and explanations of appropriate global business drivers. Current workbook design is easily customized, and has extensive text supported by charts, graphs, videos and images - easily adapted to web delivery. Three downstream operations web prototypes have been developed. Reserves Production Consumption Processing Upstream Midstream Downstream
  • 7. Representative Curriculum Development Citations Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner In just 10 weeks, a Pittsburgh and Houston industry experienced team delivered a customized series of interactive train-the-trainer workshops, to implement a new Wellsite Emergency Response Training Program across the Commonwealth. A toolkit was provided to the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy trainers to make them self-sufficient and confident in explaining the complexities of managing wellsite emergency incidents in the Marcellus Shale. The program is now being rolled out to First Responder organizations across the Commonwealth. See ektinteractive.com for more details. Global Oil & Gas Clients and the SPE Developed and deliver a participative-interactive customized training course covering upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas operations. Use videos, exercises and hands-on access to equipment at the Wiess Energy Hall in Houston to re-enforce concepts and maximize retention. The Industry Overview portion of the class material is presented as part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) New Hire Orientation program in Houston. Similar customized courses have been delivered to 750 multi-national staff across the USA, Russia, Europe and India.
  • 8. Representative Curriculum Development Citations Super Major - Upstream Currently working with a super-major E&P operator in North America as they implement a large new system to manage oil and gas production volumes. Objective of our project is to design and deliver a blended learning training curriculum, including instructor-led and web delivery options, across several hundred production field operators covering deepwater, onshore and Canadian properties. Incorporating the latest virtual classroom audio-video technologies to streamline and standardize delivery, and provide a web-based repository for routine access as refresher courses or as new staff come onboard. Big Four Audit Firm For a Big 4 audit firm, developed 8 comprehensive modules of oil & gas training for global staff new to the industry. Curriculum covers upstream, midstream, natural gas, pipelines and downstream activities. The focus of the curriculum is the key business drivers, operations decision processes and trends affecting the industry operators and the key oilfield service and EPC segments. Oil & gas content owned by EKTinteractive, Inc ., is currently being converted to web delivery.
  • 9. Representative Curriculum Development Citations Super Major - Downstream Team led the training implementation of Sarbanes Oxley in the USA oil & gas finance operation of a super majors US downstream finance operation. Challenge was to apply adult learning and change management techniques to get the desk-level business staff ready for their first SOX audit. Developed a modular, custom case study, and instructorled training design that was delivered to over 850 US and Manila finance staff in just 12 weeks. External Auditor commented that they had rarely seen a staff that was as well prepared for the SOX attestation. Super Major - Upstream For a global super-major, provided instructional strategist and design services for a 14-module flash-based e-Learning advanced development program in High Pressure High Temperature Drilling. The program was rolled out to specially selected Drilling Engineers, around the world. Also led course conversion of First Line Supervisor Safety training from 5-day instructor-led to a 14-module web-based training for the company.
  • 10. More Information
      • Mission and heritage of EKT Interactive, Inc .
      • EKTinteractive.net a custom delivery capability
      • Web prototype features
    • Appendix:
      • Management team resum e s and experience
  • 11. EKT Interactive, Inc.
      • Our primary mission is to enable knowledge transfer from oil & gas experts to the next generation(s), using:
        • Adult learning techniques that maximize retention
        • Fact-based industry content - with explanatory ch

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