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el Bulli Tableware design

Date post: 05-Dec-2014
Author: fantastic-orange-tree-ikonic
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el Bulli tableware Author: Pere Gifre - Ikonic / el Bulli. Cient: Restaurant el Bulli. Roses (Spain) Year: start 2008 · CALENDAR MAY 2008. Dinner at elBulli. First contact. DEC 2008. Meeting at elBulli. Ferran Adrià proposes that we design their new chocolate box. At the end of the meeting we had a big proposal: to design their new tableware for the snacks. JAN 2009. We started to analyze the elBulli elaborations, their techniques and philosophies to understand their needs and make a project brief. All of this was done in collaboration with elBulli and also with elBulli Taller team. FEB 2009. We present a concept proposal for development. TOKYO TASTE – Ferran Adrià presents the concepts on which we are working. FORUM GASTRONOMIC DE GIRONA – Ferran Adrià presents the new tableware project. MAR 2009. We manufacture some prototypes to evaluate their use. MAY 2009. INDABA 2009. Ferran Adrià presents the tableware concept design animations at the festival celebrated in South Africa. LA SEXTA NEWS. La sexta TV channel broadcast a special program about the cuisine of elBulli and Ferran Adrià showing the first prototypes. JUN 2009. elBulli begins its season until December. JUL-DIC 2009. We evaluate the designs in the elBulli kitchen itself, studying in detail their internal work processes and elaborations preparation. SEPT 2009. DOCUMENTARY RTVE. The National Spanish television broadcast an advance of “The history of elBulli”, which contains some fragments of the designs video presentation. OCT 2009. MIPCOM – “The history of elBulli” documentary is presented. It consists of a collection of 8 DVDs, which will be broadcast in RTVE in 2010, including a summary with the new tableware concept. The images are also used for the credits and for the promotional documentary spot. DEC 2009. EelBulli closes its doors until next season. The DVD collection “The history of elBulli” goes on sale internationally. JAN 2010. We are currently working on the adaptation of the designs for their final use, adapting them to manufacturing processes.
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