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Email Marketing Trends 2011

Date post:10-May-2015
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While social and mobile seem to get the buzz today, email is still the No. 1 e-commerce traffic driver. A survey by ForeSee Results found that 19 percent of 2010 holiday shoppers came to a website primarily because of a promotional email, while 8 percent arrived via search engine results and only 5 percent used social media.However, social and mobile will have a huge impact on email marketing in 2011. According to a 2010 Nielsen study, email is now the No. 1 activity on mobile devices, while falling to No. 3 on PCs behind social networking and gaming.With integrated and social inboxes coming from Facebook, AOL and others, the year will be a challenging one for email marketers. However, these hurdles can become powerful competitive advantages with the right approach and email program.In this Webinar, Silverpop evangelist Loren McDonald outlines several key trends and their implications for email marketing in 2011 and provide tips for successfully addressing them. Among the trends Loren will cover:Social media/networks affecting subscriber expectations from email More consumers accessing email via mobile devices The emergence of the integrated and social inbox Consumers becoming even more "channel choosy" The increasingly fierce battle for the digital marketing budget Growing consumer concerns over privacy and personal data use ISPs/consumers increasing their expectations for "relevant emails."
  • 1.Email Marketing Trends You Cant Ignore in 2011

2. Speaker and Agenda Loren McDonald VP, Industry Relations Trends Silverpop Implications A Few Ideas/Tips Resources Q&A Wrap-Up and Survey 3. AgendaUber TrendsImplications Q&A for Email Ideas / Tips 4. My Goal for Today:Generate ideas, actions more than answers. 5. Mocial UberTrendsRegulatory/ EvolvingPerception Inbox 6. Mocial UberTrends 7. Social Media Explosion 8. The Big Gorillas 9. Facebook: The 2nd Web 10. Facebook Becomes Ecommerce 11. Brands Get Real (People) 12. Going Mobile 13. 40+ Tablets Expected to Ship in 2011 14. Mobile/Tablets Passing Desktops 15. Mobile Apps are Exploding 16. The Check-in Deal 17. UberTrends Evolving Inbox 18. The ISP Battle has ShiftedBad Stuff Too much good stuff 19. Smarter Inboxes 20. and the Unified Inbox is coming 21. AOL Project Phoenix 22. Hotmail Active Views 23. Buried in Nielsen blogEmail Remains Top on Mobile Internet Activitiesthe dominance of email activity on mobile devices continue with anincrease from 37.4 percent to 41.6 percent of U.S. mobile Internet time. 24. Mobile interaction still early Nearly 10% of Mobile openstotal opens are typically rangeon a mobilefrom 2-19%.device.Source: Litmus 25. Jan 2Dec 2537 emails 51T-Day emailsToXMASNov 181 week beforeThanksgivingDay 26. Uber TrendsRegulatory/Perception 27. Move to Prior Consent Australia, NZEU/Europe Except the USCanada 28. C28, Canadas Online ProtectionLegislation (COPL) Consent (opt-in) required to send CEM In most cases implied consent lasts for 2 years, express then requiredImmediate Unsubscribe - No 10-daygrace periodApplies to all messages that leave orenter Canada 29. Privacy / Data Permission 30. Phishing Remains a Problem Most Phished Brands June 2010, Source: Data Protection Center 31. Agenda Implicationsfor Email 32. 1. Battle for the Budget Pie 33. 2. More Channel Choosy 34. 3. Screensize-apalooza 35. 4. Where is My Email Being Read? 36. 5. Email Address Churn May Rise 37. 6. Usability Rules 38. 7. Brand (From Name) is Huge 39. 8. Trust Becomes More Important 40. 9. Email Must Become More Social 41. 10. Email Needs 2B More Sophisticated 42. 11. Need for Global Permission/PrivacyPractices 43. Agenda Ideas / Tips 44. 1. Get the DataBirthday emails List preferences / cadenceSegmentation / Content 45. 2. Enable Channel Options 46. 3. Manage Subscriber Expectations Privacy/Permission Brand Other communications Content Frequency Format Subscription management Relevance and personalization 47. 4. Enable Profile Changes - Footer 48. Where are the alternatives? 49. 5. Enable Profile Changes - Site 50. 6. Know Your AudienceSource: Unica Corporation/Pivotal Veracity 51. 7. Design for Everything Pre-header text Clear CTAs & links Alt attributes (tags) HTML text over image-based Design for touch Font size Font color Scalable fonts/images 52. 8. Getting to Open TrustedFromRight CreativeTimeSubject SurpriseKnown / Delight Value 53. 9. Promote Following & Sharing 54. 10. Like/Follow Deal 55. 11. Use Social to Grow Email Database 56. 11. Use Social to Grow Email Database 57. 12. Incorporate Email in Mocial Channels 58. 12. Incorporate Email in Mocial Channels 59. 13. Leverage UGC 60. 14. Surprise & Help 61. 15. Break it Up 62. 16. Highest Common DenominatorExpress consentTransparent privacy policiesImmediate opt-out Do you want to manage by different jurisdiction? 63. 17. Use Pre- to Post-Purchase Emails Pre-Transaction Purchase ProcessPost-Purchase Relationship Browse Order Satisfaction Bouncebackabandonment Confirmation Survey Account reminder Cart Order status Review request Loyalty programsabandonment Shipping notice Review Account status Shipment notification Purchaseconfirmation Recommendation anniversary Trip preparation Replenishment Repurchase Upgrades Right time, right message! 64. 18. Leverage Other Technologies 65. 19. Leverage Marketing AutomationWelcome 1st Purchase Repeat LoyaltyReengagement Campaigns CampaignsPurchase CampaignsCampaigns Campaigns100 300400 600 -200-400Subscribers /1st Time Repeat Loyal UnengagedVisitorsCustomersCustomers Customers Customers 66. 20. Speak the C-Suite Language 67. Resources / Q & A 68. About Silverpop A leading email marketing /marketing automation provider Email marketing Transactional email Share-to-social Send Time Optimization Landing pages Surveys SMS API Integrations w/ Web analytics,personalization, reviews,recommendation technologies 69. Resources Resource Center White papers Webinars Blogs Case studies Newsletters http://www.silverpop.com/marketing-resources/index.html Many presentations on SlideShare www.slideshare.net/Silverpop 70. Q & A / Contact Information Loren McDonald lmcdonald@silverpop.com Twitter: @LorenMcDonald Twitter: @Silverpopwww.slideshare.net/silverpop www.silverpop.com 71. Thank you!On Twitter: @Silverpopwww.slideshare.net/silverpop www.silverpop.com

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