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Date post:07-May-2015
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bbcon 2013
  • 1.10/7/2013 #bbcon 1 Email Marketing with eTapestry PRESENTED BY LAUREN DALPEE

2. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 2 ABOUT TODAY'S SPEAKER Lauren Dalpee eTapestry Product Marketing Manager, Blackbaud oversees all product marketing efforts for eTapestry. Today she focuses on delivering more value to the eTapestry offerings, understanding client needs for product enhancement, and assessing future opportunities for growth. Prior to joining the Blackbaud team, Lauren worked in marketing at the American Red Cross, where she handled all fundraising, community outreach and marketing efforts to increase and cultivate the donor base. There she saw firsthand the impact that technology can have on nonprofit organizations that are understaffed and stretched for time. Today she is an advocate for tools that help nonprofits work smarter in order to serve more with less, because every minute counts! @[email protected] 3. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 3 Lets Look at the Big Picture - Email marketing best practices Bring it to Life in eTapestry - specific examples of how to use eTapestry to cultivate donors and improve marketing efforts Take it to the Next Level with Constant Contact - tips and tricks to manage your Constant Contact account and its use with eTapestry AGENDA 4. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 4 Email marketing is all about trust Not a public channel like Twitter or Facebook Constituent is signing up for your list as an agreement to enter a relationship with you by way of their inbox 53% of donors leave due to the nonprofits failure to communicate THE ROLE OF EMAIL MARKETING 5. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 5 FIVE QUESTIONS FOR EMAIL MARKETING What are YOU trying to do?1 WHO are you trying to target?2 HOW will you deliver your message?4 WHAT message will help you get there?3 Did it work?5 6. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 6 FIVE QUESTIONS FOR EMAIL MARKETING Audience WHO are you trying to target? WHAT message will help you get there? Content HOW will you deliver your message? Tactics What are YOU trying to do? Goals Did it work? Results 7. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 7 FIVE QUESTIONS FOR EMAIL MARKETING Audience WHO are you trying to target? WHAT message will help you get there? Content HOW will you deliver your message? Tactics What are YOU trying to do? Goals Did it work? Results 1 8. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 8 WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? Do you want to Increase exposure? Build relationships? Obtain donations? Drive attendance? the answer to this question will guide your answer to every other question 9. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 9 Take it one goal at a time Choose a goal that aligns with your mission Collaborate with other key department leaders GOAL SETTING BEST PRACTICES 2012 top email marketing objectives for nonprofits: 1. keeping supporters informed (80%) 2. attracting and retaining donors (64%) 3. driving online donations (61%) 10. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 10 FIVE QUESTIONS FOR EMAIL MARKETING Audience WHO are you trying to target? WHAT message will help you get there? Content HOW will you deliver your message? Tactics What are YOU trying to do? Goals Did it work? Results 2 Increase exposure Build relationships Obtain donations Drive attendance 11. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 11 WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO REACH? Donors Volunteers Alumni Prospects Lapsed Donors 12. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 12 Goals: Primary Audiences: Increase Exposure Build Relationships Drive attendance Obtain donations CONNECTING GOALS WITH AUDIENCE 13. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 13 UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUDIENCE To connect with your audiences, you must first understand them on a personal level. GOALS: What keeps them up at night? What are their passions and interests? What are their dreams and goals? CHALLENGES: What are their primary goals in life? How are they trying to create a meaningful life? 14. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 14 Name Geography Age, Gender, Income, Occupation Level of Membership Amount Last Donated Program of Interest Name of Event they Attended How Long theyve been a Supporter WHAT DO YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE? eTapestry Tip Query on the above fields to segment your e-mail lists 15. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 15 Collecting email address, name and main interest will let you start sending engaging communications Use sign up forms to gain personalization & segment potential supporters What supporter group do you best fit into? Volunteer, Donor, Board Member, etc How often would you like to receive communications? What are your topics of interest? Certain programs, services, locations? Provide existing subscribers an e-mail with a link to a survey to ensure you continue to send them relevant content HOW CAN YOU LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE? eTapestry Tip 16. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 16 Segment your audience based on what you know about them and information youve collected from them Include personalization to show you have a relationship with them SEGMENTATION FOR PERSONALIZATION Personalized e-mails increase response rates by nearly 60% eTapestry Tip Data Merge Fields allow e-mail to appear personalized. Use any field you want including: event they last attended, city they live in, program of interest, etc. eTapestry can also pull and input pledged amount with due date 17. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 17 1. know your audience 2. base your content on what you know 3. Send the email only to the appropriate audience who will be interested in the topic TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING = RESULTS Use the setup screen to determine the specific parameters around your email, including which query to use, who will receive replies, and whether you want the journal updated for each recipient. eTapestry Tip 18. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 18 USE QUERIES TO SEGMENT IN ETAPESTRY 1. Build a query in eTapestry based on your audience segment 2. Select query for criteria before sending out your e-mail in eTapestry 19. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 19 Once you understand your audience, Give them what they want! 20. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 20 FIVE QUESTIONS FOR EMAIL MARKETING Audience WHO are you trying to target? WHAT message will help you get there? Content HOW will you deliver your message? Tactics Did it work? Results 3 Donors Volunteers Alumni Prospects Lapsed Donors Increase exposure Build relationships Obtain donations Drive attendance What are YOU trying to do? Goals 21. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 21 Types of Emails Most relevant for 1. Informational - News/service updates - Research/Advocacy - Facts & Tips 2. Relational - Thank you communications - Holiday communications - Acknowledgements 3. Promotional - Solicitations - Annual appeal - Event Invitations WHAT MESSAGE WILL HELP US GET THERE? 22. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 22 INFORMATIONAL EMAILS Goal: - Increase exposure Content focus: - Engagement and Education - Non-promotional Benefits: - Delivers knowledge - Establishes trust and credibility - Widens audience exposure through forwards, shares, & referrals Frequency: - Monthly/weekly Tactics: - Use bullets, summarize information, be concise News/service updates Research/Advocacy Facts & Tips 23. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 23 RELATIONAL EMAILS Goal: - Build Relationships Content Focus: - Experience & Announcements Benefits: - Retention & Loyalty Frequency: - Event-driven Tactics: - Use content to build deeper relationships Thank yous, Holiday communications, Acknowledgements, Press Releases eTapestry Tip Automate these so when a supporter gives, they automatically receive a thank you 24. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 24 PROMOTIONAL EMAILS Goal: - Obtain donations - Drive attendance Content Focus: - Promotion & Call To Action - Limit content Benefits: - Acts as a vehicle for fundraising $ - 1 x 1 communication that enables the constituent to give Frequency: - Quarterly (depending on fundraising cycle) Tactics: - Use content to invite click-through or other action Solicitations, Annual appeal, Event Invitations On average, 35% of online revenue can be sourced to a direct email appeal, with the rest coming from other sources, like directly pulling up a website or peer referral. 25. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 25 WHATS THE FIRST TYPE OF EMAIL A NONPROFIT USUALLY SENDS? Informational 58% Relational 17% Promotional 25% 26. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 26 WHAT TO USE FOR WHICH Look & Feel Constant Contact Segmentation eTapestry Segmentation eTapestry Informational Relational Promotional 27. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 27 Scenario #1 Goal: obtain donations Audience: potential supporters Content: 1. Informational newsletter - Why? Gets and keeps them opening - allows them to understand/connect to your cause 2. Promotional newsletter Result: Initial action - donation/advocacy ENGAGING CONTENT FOR PROSPECTS Initial Action Doesnt Give You The Biggest Payoff Acquiring new supporters cost 10x more than keeping existing ones It is 5x easier to win back a lapsed supporter than to find a new one Loyal supporters generate referrals (aka: they find your new donors for you! BUT 28. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 28 Scenario #2 Goal: retain donors Audience: current supporters Content: Informational newsletter Keeps them connected Deepens their interest Result: REPEAT Action - donation/advocacy - Word-of-mouth referrals! ENGAGING CONTENT FOR EXISTING SUPPORTERS Supporters want to be a part of your mission. YOUR job is to make sure they feel connected. Supporters want information. Show them: HOW their money is being spent Information helps supporters feel connected Show them: How YOUR cause relates to THEM Information lets supporters see that their donation is making an impact. Show them: What youve done to save the world 29. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 29 Connect with your supporters by using content from: - Website links - Blog posts - Pictures - Social media Benefits of links - Easy to read - Drive traffic to website - Provides TRACKING RECYCLE CONTENT BY USING LINKS eTapestry Tip Utilize Correspondence Templates to create mailings Easily build and send professional looking communications using a built in HTML email editor. 30. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 30 FIVE QUESTIONS FOR EMAIL

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