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Email trends 2014

Date post:29-May-2015
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Email trends change every year because people get smarter, and technology gets better. Here are some email marketing trends you should be doing in 2014 if you're not already. Develop a mobile strategy, implement a re-engagement strategy, adapt to filtering, get targeted on your messages, and lastly, remember, content is key. This will get you to the top of your game in the email marketing world.
  • 1. Develop a Mobile Strategy

2. Develop a Mobile Strategy 3. Develop a Mobile Strategy 4. Develop a Mobile Strategy 5. Develop a Mobile Strategy 6. Develop a Mobile Strategy 7. Implement a re-engagement strategy 8. Implement a re-engagement strategy 9. Implement a re-engagement strategy 10. Implement a re-engagement strategy 11. Implement a re-engagement strategy 12. ADAPT to Filtering 13. ADAPT to Filtering 14. ADAPT to Filtering 15. Get targeted on your messages 16. Get targeted on your messages 17. Get targeted on your messages 18. Content is king 19. Content is king 20. Content is king

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