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eMarketer Webinar: Mobile Commerce Trends WEB

Date post:23-Aug-2014
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eMarketer projects 19% of retail ecommerce sales in 2014 will be made on a smartphone or tablet. Shoppers are embracing mobile commerceare you? Topics in this webinar include: What products are consumers buying on smartphones and tablets? Where are the most sales madeapps vs. mobile websites? What role do mobile coupons play in driving mcommerce sales? How are leading retailers converting mobile shoppers into buyers?

2014 eMarketer Inc. sponsored by Mobile Commerce Trends Cathy Boyle Senior Analyst, Mobile July 24, 2014 2014 eMarketer Inc. Agenda US retail mcommerce sales forecast Types of products being purchased Primary sources of sales Factors and tactics that trigger sales Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. US Retail Mobile Commerce Sales Forecast 2014 eMarketer Inc. This year, 19% of US retail ecommerce sales will come from purchases made on mobile devices 2014 eMarketer Inc. US retail mcommerce sales will continue to rise at double-digit rates for the next four years 2014 eMarketer Inc. Two headline-grabbing milestones are on the horizon: 1. In 2016, 1 in 4 US retail ecommerce dollars earned will come from mobile devices 2. In 2017, US retail mcommerce sales will top the $100 billion mark Source: eMarketer, April 2014 Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. Types of Products Purchased 2014 eMarketer Inc. Physical goods comprise the bulk of US retail mcommerce sales 2014 eMarketer Inc. Year-over-year growth was robust for a number of leading US retail categories in Q4 2013 Department stores: 49.6% growth in mobile sales Health and Beauty: 81.7% growth Home Goods: 38% growth Apparel: 54.5% growth Source: IBM Digital Analytics Benchmarks, Q4 2013 2014 eMarketer Inc. However, mcommerces share of US ecommerce sales is still small and the percentage varies widely by retail category Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. On the digital product side, sales are also climbing higher each year Download and in-app revenues are expected to increase by 16.3% in 2014 and another 16.9% in 2015 2014 eMarketer Inc. Ebooks are the workhorses of the digital goods category, but games are steadily gaining share 2014 eMarketer Inc. Primary Sources of Sales 2014 eMarketer Inc. The bulk of US retail mcommerce sales are generated from three sources: 1. Tablet users 2. iOS users (iPhone and iPad) 3. Mobile websites Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. Tablet users generate the bulk of US retail mcommerce sales 2014 eMarketer Inc. Tablet shoppers browse longer and add more (and more expensive) items to carts The tablet mirrors desktop behavior, so the tablet has substantially higher cart value, and users are willing to purchase larger carts. Adam Foroughi, co-founder and CEO of AppLovin On a tablet, theyre leaning back and browsing, so their basket size will be larger: two items, three items. Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO, Branding Brand 2014 eMarketer Inc. Tablet buying patterns are closer to those seen on PCs than smartphones 2014 eMarketer Inc. iOS users are still the most likely to buy iPad and iPhone users converted at higher rates throughout 2013 compared with users of other tablet and smartphone brands Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. One reason: The iOS population in the US remains true to its reputation for wealth iPhones and iPads have a very high price point and are attracting a type of buyer that is extremely likely to have expendable income, be brand conscious and more likely to spend money. Marcos Sanchez, vice president of corporate communications for App Annie 2014 eMarketer Inc. Also, iPhone and iPad users overindex in four key mobile activities: 1. Website usage iPads represented more than 85% of US tablet visits to websites between Q1 2013 and Q1 2014; iPhones comprised between 59% and 62% of smartphone visits to websites during the same period (Monetate) 2. Organic search Over two-thirds of organic search traffic came from iOS devices in Q1 2014 (RKG) 3. App usage iOS device users spend more time using apps (Flurry) 4. Email activity iOS users generated 82% of mobile email clicks and opens in Q2Q4 2013 (Yesmail) 2014 eMarketer Inc. Android users are gaining ground in mcommerce, but slowly In Q2 2013 Android smartphone order values were highest 2014 eMarketer Inc. US mcommerce transactions are more likely to occur via mobile websites 55% of adult shoppers polled in December 2013 said they used their smartphone to make a holiday purchase directly on a website Only one-third (34%) used an app Mobile Apps Other Source: Survey conducted by Baynote for the e-tailing group Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. Multiple factors contribute to websites generating more mobile sales than apps: Retailers gravitate to mobile websites first More retailers have mobile websites than apps Big-spending tablet users turn to the web to shop Tablet users spent the bulk of their time (56%) shopping on retailers websites in June 2013 as opposed to apps (comScore) Retailers face competition from other apps US smartphone users spent just 2% of their mobile app time in December 2013 using shopping-related apps (Nielsen) Apps often lack ecommerce functionality 2014 eMarketer Inc. When it comes to apps, make sure the customer journey makes sense for the customer There are a number of apps that redirect back to the mobile website to make a transaction. Why use the app if its sending me to the website anyway? Len Shneyder, marketing manager at OtherLevels 2014 eMarketer Inc. Factors and Tactics that Trigger Sales 2014 eMarketer Inc. Creating the opportunity for impulse shoppers to buy is one key to success A significant portion of the mobile shopping that happened on Black Friday actually took place in the store. Customers who were buying televisions actually bought TV stands and racks for installation [using mobile] while they were waiting in line to pay. Bao Nguyen, spokesperson for Wal-Mart Global Ecommerce 2014 eMarketer Inc. The basics are worth reiterating Make it easy for smartphone and tablet shoppers to buy easily, no matter which device they use Minimum requirements: A mobile website with commerce functionality (responsive design is recommended) A user interface built for touch navigation Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 eMarketer Inc. Responsive design increased mobile sales by 183% for Champs Sports Mobile conversion rate increased 33% since launch of responsive site in 2014 Mcommerce sales grew by 183% Mobile visitors increased 75% Return visits rose 170% Source: Mobile Commerce Daily, July 3, 2014 2014 eMarketer Inc. Simplifying the purchase processmaking it quick and easydrives mcommerce sales higher After integrating Google Wallet Instant Buy, transactions completed with Google Wallet in Android apps quadrupled Newegg added Google Wallet Instant Buy to its mobile site and found shoppers convert 100% more often when using the feature compared to checking out with other payment options Source: Internet Retailer, Dec 11, 2013 2014 eMarketer Inc. Giving mobile shoppers what they want coupons and dealsgenerates interest and sales Recent email subject line emphasized in-app discount offer: Spend more time with your selfie + 40% off mobile photo orders! 40% of Walgreens digital print orders now come from mobile devices, up from 1% in 2010 Image source: Mobile Commerce Daily, July 14, 2014 2014 eMarketer Inc. Mobile users not only opt in to receive coupons, most redeem them as well This year, more mobile coupon users will redeem a coupon or code via a tablet than through a smartphone That trend is expected to reverse next year 2014 eMarketer Inc. Key takeaways Mobile devices generate a significant share of US retail ecommerce sales: 19% share in 2014, 25% in 2016 Physical goods generate the bulk of US retail mcommerce sales, but revenue from paid downloads and in-app purchases is growing steadily Tablet users, iOS users and mobile websites are the primary sources of US retail mcommerce sales Creating the opportunity for impulse shoppers to buy is one key to success; coupons are another Twitter #eMwebinar 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey 2014: Who are the Mobile Elite? Ray Pun | Strategic Marketing for Mobile @RayPunSD 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey 2014: Who are the Mobile Elite? Mobile Elite segment spends more time and money

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