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Emerging Email Marketing Trends

Date post:10-May-2015
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Presentation on selected email marketing trends, followed by some tips to improve your email marketing program, including through better capture and use of data, welcome emails, using personality, integrating with social media, creating new high-value message streams and more. Presentation was presented at eM9 in San Francisco on April 21.
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2. 3. Holiday Email Volume Explodes 4. and the Volume Increase Continues 5. Lands End: 20 Emails in 22 Days Free Shipping20% off$5, $10 off 6. Remember the White Flower Day Sale? Was every Thursday, or so it seemed So when did I shop at Macys? They trained me to only shop on Thursday Study the subject lines/emails of your competitors How are your positioned differently? 7. Advertising is about the only thing that isnt social 8. Twitter, Facebook, et al R Xplding 9. Everyone is Joining the Fray 10. Mobile Devices Are the Norm 11. My Recent Inbox Snapshot Nearly Half AreAlerts/NotificationsOnly 1 message was opened 12. Exceptthat I read several of the emails on my Blackberry 13. Same Email May Be Read In MultipleEnvironmentsWeb BrowserWebPC clientVersion Mobile SocialRSS Feed ClientNetwork 14. From 4 Pages 15. to 140 characters 16. Emails Future Looks BrightEmail Still Tops for ROI Emails ROI in 2008 was $45.06 for everydollar spent on it, according to the DMAs Power of Direct economic impact study. 17. And Email Still Rocks for BusinessCommunications 18. Stop Using the Ketchup on Your Emails 19. It is all About the Ingredients 20. My Expectations: Birthday wish and/or coupon Age-based content/offers Gender-based content/offers 21. Now for that haircut,What I GetId Pay More Than $16! No birthday wish Content does not reflect age orgender Loren 22. No Data/Preferences CollectedLogical Personalization?: Gender Marital status Age ranges on signup Wedding anniversary Significant others birth date 23. 2. Use Behavioral Data 24. Cart AbandonmentCart Abandonment Reminder Campaign Big Results after One Month:(compared to all previous email campaigns) 48% lift Click through rate129% lift in Net Conversion rate Accounted for 10.4% of the total revenue from email marketing while representing only 2.7% of the total email volume. 25. Purchase Data 26. Email That Educates & Sells 27. Community/UGC Aggregation 28. Productizing of Emails Notifications Alerts Reminders Aggregators Confirmations Updates Closeouts Invoices and more 29. Sharing is Delicious 30. Email Share-to-Social 31. What Makes Content Shareworthy? Trustworthiness Tribal interests Simple and obvious Ease of sharing Social acumen and adoption of subscribers Creates value Reward/Incentives Good content 32. We Like Personalities Jim Cramer Mad MoneyKeith Olbermann MSNBC 33. Woot is a Hoot 34. People want to buy from people Zappos CEO on Twitter Talk to ME Entertain me Reviews what others bought 35. Select flights rightfrom the email Oakland is my preferred departureairport Book a flight links Search link 36. Everything You Need, Without the Images 37. Questions to Ponder 1. Are you enabling subscriber choice?2. Are your emails uniquely positioned relative tocompetitors?3. Are you collecting and USING customer data?4. Do your emails have personality?5. Are your emails shareworthy?6. Are you leveraging email for all it can be? 38. Do your emails need ketchup? 39.

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