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Employer Branding Proposal

Date post:20-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. The worlds largest youth-driven organizationAn international platform for young people toAIESEC in Numbers110 countriesexplore and develop their leadership potential60,000 members & 800,000 alumni10,000 international internships / year and make positive impact on the society560 youth conferences / yearEMPLOYER BRANDING PROGRAM| AIESECPARTNERSHIP PROPOSALAIESEC VietnamEstablished in 2006Estimated 400 members / yearCatch up with us on:284 international internships delivered Websites02 national youth conferences / yearwww.aiesec.org20 youth-to-business events / yearwww.goexchange.infoWe brand our partners as first-choice employers for AIESECersFacebookin Vietnam. Through promotion of career opportunities towww.facebook.com/AIESECVietnammembership base, support in campus recruitment andwww.facebook.com/aiesecftuhcmcpartnering in youth engagement. Each of our partners engagewith AIESEC in their own unique ways.AIESEC Career Fairwww.acfvietnam.comWhat our partner think What we did for UnileverWe believe AIESEC can play a very positive role in expanding 6 Management Trainees in 2011 are AIESECthe horizon of Vietnamese students, some of whom may wellalumni.become future leaders of this country. Working together with Showcase to 1000 students and 4000 CVs inother students from many countries around the world allows AIESEC Career Fair.them to exchange views on how different countries look for Show case to 280 AIESEC members at annualand define the answer to the often common challenges of our youth conference in July.lives, in business and in society in general. Career Orientation Day. Mr. Thomas Grunzke Unilever Campus Ambassador Program launch.Former Vice President of Unilever Vietnam Leadership Development and Career Orientation for AIESEC leaders.AIESEC FTU HCMC | www.aiesecftuhcmc.org | [email protected] | Hotline : +84 (0) 937 337 800
  2. 2. Partnership ObjectivesTo fuel a strong brand of Employer of Choice for NOVARTIStoward talented youth locally and internationally throughregular direct and online interaction.Engagement AgendaProgram NameTime Description Recruit talented Vietnamese students and recent graduates toMar - Apr take internships overseas.Global Internship Program Recruitment Attract these talents and strengthen NOVARTIS pipeline with Aug- Sepinternationally experienced youths. Recruit talented Vietnamese students to become members ofMar - Apr AIESEC.AIESEC Membership Recruitment AIESEC members, upon their graduation becomes high caliberAug - Sepyouth talents for NOVARTIS. 1-day career fair organized for AIESEC partners, attracting overAIESEC Career Fair July1500 students in Ho Chi Minh city region. July - HCMC 5-days conference for AIESEC members about:AIESEC Youth Leadership Conference leadership & management, organizational understanding, January - professional skills, CSR, challenge your worldview. Hanoi October 1 day event for AIESECs highest profile partners to share withCareer Orientation Day AIESEC members and students about career preparation and May leadership.Mentorship ProgramYear round Company executives will become mentors for AIESEC leaders. Company executives will conduct training about soft skillsSkill Training ProgramYear round and/or hard skills for AIESEC members. Depends onAIESEC will support NOVARTIS in the launching of TalentTalent Program Launching Programs to students and recent graduates.NOVARTIS Organize sharing seminars to help students understand moreNOVARTIS Career DevelopmentDepends onabout career development in NOVARTIS and in PharmaceuticalSeminarsNOVARTIS industry. Engage NOVARTIS employees in our CSR projects, improvingEmployee Engagement in CSRYear round their well-being and passion toward society.This is the engagement agenda for the highest-level partners of AIESEC Vietnam. Besides these programs, wealso welcome further discussions with you to discover other potentials methods of engagement.AIESEC FTU HCMC | www.aiesecftuhcmc.org | [email protected] | Hotline : +84 (0) 937 337 800
  3. 3. Results & SponsorshipPrograms NameResultsSponsorship- Recruit 100 youths / year Platinum: 2000 USD Global Internship Program Recruitment (*)- Branding to 10,000 youths Gold: 1200 USD- Regular online & campus engagementSilver: 700 USD- Recruit 120 new members / year(cover both GIP &AIESEC Membership AIESEC Membership Recruitment (*)- Branding to 10,000 youthsRecruitment)- Regular online & campus engagement- 1500 participants Platinum: 5000 USD- Branding to over 40,000 studentsGolden: 2000 USD AIESEC Career Fair- Attract more than 4000 CVs through onlineSilver: 500 USDCV contestPlatinum: 5000 USD- Show case to 300 AIESEC members and AIESEC Youth Leadership Conference Golden: 2000 USDleaders, both locally & internationallySilver: 1000 USD- 150 AIESEC members and alumni Covered in Career Orientation Day partnership fee- 200 university students- A selected group of most distinguishedCovered in Mentorship Program partnership feeAIESEC leaders (10 15)- 150 AIESEC membersCovered in Skill Training Program - Follow up activities & performance report partnership feeafter training- Launch to 20,000 university students viaCovered in Talent Program Launching online channels and AIESEC studentpartnership feenetwork.- Regular interaction with 100 AIESEC Covered in NOVARTIS Career Development Seminars partnership feemembers and other students leaders Engage your employees in our CSR projects:- Living with HIV/AIDS- Hope for Children Improve your employees:Covered in Employee Engagement in CSR - Facilitating skills partnership fee- Presentation skills- Well-being and passion for society- Innovation & adaptability (working withour international interns)(*) AIESEC organizes 2 membership & GIP recruitment per year. The sponsorship amount covers 1recruitment.AIESEC FTU HCMC | www.aiesecftuhcmc.org | [email protected] | Hotline : +84 (0) 937 337 800
  4. 4. Price StructurePARTNERSHIP FEE PROGRAM SPECIFIC FEEThe amount of financial sponsorship paid for AIESEC to coverThe amount of financial sponsorship paid fora 1-year employer branding program. specific AIESEC Talent Programs. Amount: 1500 USD (tax excluded)Please refer to Result & Sponsorship sectionThe partnership fee covers: Branding on our communication channels & among student network. Online & offline interaction with AIESEC members Other opportunities listed in the Results & SponsorshipWhy value AIESEC members ?This employer branding partnership focuses onAIESEC members & leaders for a reason:The key difference between AIESEC members andother students is the skills they develop throughenterprise learning while managing the AIESECprograms. All members take part in an innovativedevelopment cycle that equips them with:Leadership ExperienceAIESEC members have the opportunity to leadteams in different areas, plan, make decisions,Global understandingspeak in public, and turn their ideas into results. AIESEC members are constantly working andMulti-tasking and Time Management Skills communicating across borders around the globe. Members learn how to effectively work in diverseAIESEC members volunteer 8 to 20 hours a weekenvironments and see their actions on a globalin the organisation while managing university, perspective.part-time jobs, family and friends. Learn how tomanage their time, set priorities, and multi-task. AIESEC members interact with industry, government, NGOs, universities, students and international interns. This allows AIESECers to be some of the most connected young citizens in Vietnamese Universities AIESEC FTU HCMC | www.aiesecftuhcmc.org | [email protected] | Hotline : +84 (0) 937 337 800
  5. 5. Quick look at the AIESEC Experience AIESEC FTU HCMC | www.aiesecftuhcmc.org | [email protected] | Hotline : +84 (0) 937 337 800

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