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Date post:29-Jun-2015
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  • 1. When something just doesnt seem right

2. How we tend to respond 3. If this isnt yielding the results 4. The way we see it 5. The brew employerA fine balancebrand groupindividual managerial non-managerialreality aspiration internal external 6. Every Channel Every Influencer 7. Cross functional tool kit 8. How we go about it 9. The Methodology1-1 interviews Quantitative surveyFocus Group discussions Quantitative &MarketingHR & Leadershipqualitative surveycommunication workshop with external TGstrategy & execution 10. Route to brand of statureUnderstanding the CorporateBrand IdentityDistilling compellingthemes and propositionsInternal Strengthening the EB withcommunicationemployeesprogram for the EB ExternalGo to market positioning(external) assessmentGo to market(internal)Segment wise marketing The courtship experiencestrategy 11. Diving into the methodology 12. What the Metrics look likeElevation in day rankingBrand awareness and external credibilityReduction in new hire premiumsBetter offer-acceptance ratio Internal MetricsImproved slot within a placement dayIncrease in number of applicantsElevation in day rankingIncreased unsolicited profiles Brand awareness and external credibilityReduction in new hire premiumsExternal Metrics Better offer-acceptance ratio Improved slot within a placement dayIncrease in number of applicantsIncreased unsolicited profiles 13. Picking up where we left off 14. Helps to Dig a little DeeperWhat is our core propositionDoes it appeal to my target talent poolsWho is driving our employer brandIs it differentiatedIs it known & credible within the organizationWould potential candidates reflect it backIs the message consistently spread through all channels 15. Travelled the pathRegained Day 1 status on management school campusDeveloped a world class and differentiated Internship program to increase predictability of intake Attracted professionals into a family run business hitherto run by loyalistsIncreased share of women in a service organisationCreated an engagement model that also ensures longevityof the employee with the company and consistent performanceDesign of an alumni connect program to perpetuatethe Employer Brand 16. A few journeys we are onPutting together an online media strategy for a business with low national brandawarenessDesigning a courtship experience in line with the EVPs and organisational valuesCreating marketing strategies towards attracting critical talent pools Refining the internal organisation and employee related systems and processes to make the Employer Brand a reality Increasing offer to joining ratio of engineering campus recruits 17. Breaking through the clutterAn Iconic cinemagoing experience 360 degree stake holderbranding Nurturing Heroes A Brave newconference The Texas InstrumentsInternship program Global Education in IndiaRedefining the brand through creative packaging Powerful regional brand 18. Nurturing HeroesTaking the Employer Brand to Management Graduates 19. Nurturing HeroesTaking the Employer Brand to Management Graduates 20. Nurturing HeroesTaking the Employer Brand to Management Graduates 21. The Texas Instruments Internship program 22. A brave new HR conference 23. A brave new HR conference 24. Whose business is people? 25. A brave new HR conference 26. A brave new HR conference 27. 360 degree stakeholder branding Isteel is a Chennai-based construction grade steel manufacturer, now known forestablishing itself as a premium brand in its cluttered category The challenge here was to make the brand relevant to every stakeholder, usingeconomical, yet effective, marketing channels. 28. 360 degree stakeholder brandingHome Owners Striking outdoor hoardings strategically placed across the city maximized reach and optimized media costsQuality home grade construction steel that would last for generations 29. 360 degree stakeholder brandingContractors / Architects / Engineers /Bar BendersThe forever partnershipdelivered through theUngalUyirThozan Isteel Mobile Testing Vanprogram that provided A novel concept of a mini-lab on wheels to LIC Life Insurance policies validate the promise of Quality. Contractors,to bar benders.architects and engineers could run quality testsTechnical training,on their steel at their construction sites. The Meets & manuals onvan also doubled up as a mobile ad-canvas.construction techniquesby industry experts 30. An iconic in cinema experience 31. An iconic in cinema experience 32. An iconic in cinema experience Escape is going to be the hottest entertainment option in Chennai. It beats all the other cinemas - User review, mouthshut.com 33. An iconic in cinema experience 34. Developing a powerful regional brandHoardings in local language spread across key towns in AP 35. Developing a powerful regional brandUse of popular local media such as radio to communicate quality and value for money proposition 36. Global Education in India 37. Redefining the brand through packagingPackaging that would go unnoticed on shelf, began getting the notice of shoppers amongst the clutter 38. Redefining the brand through packaging 39. Webwww.isteel.inwww.sathyamcinemas.com www.pronatureorganic.comwww.escapecinemas.com www.bluesteel.inwww.hrconference2011.comWeve designed each of these websites (even developed the logos for all the brands)

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