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Empowering Lives - Take back your life from stress, worry, and anxiety

Date post:25-May-2015
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If you are: - Stressed due to work, caretaking, or over-commitment - Struggling with work-life balance - Having a hard time finding, accepting, and living your purpose Check out the way to take back your life, releasing stress, and finding joy and good health. www.BeTypeME.com
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2. First Mine On the outside Highly competent Takes care of everyone and everything Successful professional Financially stable Go to gal 3. First Mine On the Inside Not living MY life Exhaustion, fatigue Overweight Digestive and menstrual illnesses 4. Searched for Physical Healing Western Medicine Could not diagnose Tried medicines which did not work Suggested surgery that might help 5. Searched for Physical Healing Eastern Medicine Noticed elevated levels Could not say why levels were elevated Tried treatment & supplements with little change Losing all hope for relief 6. Inspiration Heard of a shaman in Peru that healed a man of cancer 10 incredible days in Peru 2 amazing shamanic healers Felt 15 years younger and pain-free 7. Inspiration Although I received healing in Peru, that is not my story. There was a bigger lesson. 8. I Am Powerful Within minutes of landing in Miami from Peru, the physical, emotion, and mental pain started to come back.I create what I experience good or bad. Led to quest to learn how to create a new positive, healthy, amazing life. 9. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Michelangelo 10. Type-ME Reprogram my brain for happiness, peace, joy and fulfillment Leave behind unworthiness, inner conflict, selfdestruction, and exhaustion Tools to release my old way of living and create a new Daily Habits to keep me on my path Power of Awareness, Acceptance, Alternatives & Action 11. Type-ME Online Program A gentle program to help me improve how I think, believe, act, and react. Powerful exercises to break through beliefs which are holding me back. Empowering tools to help me have more control and peace no matter the circumstances. A series of Type-ME Daily Habits so I can begin to build and maintain a new way of being. Practical lessons to help me incorporate a new way of being into my mind, body, and spirit. Instruction, encouragement, and support on my personal path to transformation. A flexible program I can fit into my time, lifestyle, and belief systems. At least one email a week with an eye-opening lesson or story, exercises or tools to expand and retrain my mind, and Type-ME Daily Habits to transform my life. www.BeTypeME.com 12. One to One Coaching Pre-Work Booklet 60 Minute Session Email Homework Email Access Between Sessions 13. Who I Help Stressed due to work, caretaking, or overcommitment Having a hard time finding, accepting, and living their purpose Struggling with work-life balance Im looking to take my life back in a sense. Ive always taken care of everyone else and never myself. Somewhere along the line Ive forgotten how to live. Its negatively impacting all aspects of my life and I feel frustrated and stuck. 14. Empowering Liveswww.ItsMyLifeInc.com 224-520-1193 Melissa@ItsMyLifeInc.comLearn to www.BeTypeME.com

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