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Encapsulation Technologies - Lambson Ltd€¦ · Encapsulation material Gelatine + Gum Arabic...

Date post: 05-Feb-2021
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Leading the way Encapsulation Technologies
  • Leading the way

    Encapsulation Technologies

  • Leading the wayWhat is Microencapsulation?Lambson Microencapsulation Technologies

    • Size: typically 1µm- 1mm

    • Active ingredients are entrapped in a shell or matrix

    • This renders them temporarily inactive

    • Release of the active is “triggered” by a stimulus

  • Leading the wayWhy Encapsulate?

    Isolate, Protect and Stabilise

    Controlled Release


  • Leading the wayIsolate, Protect and Stabilise

    • Prevents degradation

    • Flavour and odour masking

    • Separates reactive components

    • Manipulation of encapsulate (Oil & water)

    • “Plug and play” add to formulation without changing it

    • Flavour /Fragrance burst or slow over time release

  • Leading the wayControlled Release







  • Leading the wayAppearance

    Visual cues

    Aesthetic appeal

    Colour changes

    Premier branding

  • Leading the way

    Personal & Home Care

    Consumer Markets

    Food, Beverages & Nutrition

    • Shampoo and Shower gels

    • Cosmetic Creams

    • Hand Sanitisers

    • Deodorants

    • Toothpaste

    • Detergent & Fabric conditioner

    • Targeted release

    • Self-healing actives

    Pharma & Medicine

    • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids & unsaturated fatty acids

    • Animal & Plant extracts, Flavours & Fragrances

  • Leading the wayIndustrial Markets

    Construction & coatings Agriculture & Environment

    • Pesticides & repellents

    • Fertilisers

    • Paints, antimicrobials & protection coatings

    • Self-healing actives

    • Phase changing materials

    • Breakage markers

    • Inkjet pigment

    • Thermochromic dyes Invo-Caps containing Concrete healing active[1]

    [1] A Kanellopoulos et al 2017 Smart Mater. Struct. 26 04502

    Capsule wall

    Encapsulated healing


    Crack Healed concrete

    Illustration of self-healing concrete

  • Leading the waySelecting the right technology


    • Core Material• Physical state, size, hydrophobicity• Concentration of active

    • Wall material• Market: Consumer or industrial• Application: Isolate, protect, stabilise• Regulatory: grade, FDA, etc.• Release mechanism

    • Process• Stability of core material• Particle size and distribution• feasibility

    SEM image of Vida-Caps

    Light Micrograph of Vida-Caps

  • Leading the wayInvo-CapCore/Shell Matrix


    CoacervationSpray Chilling

    Material encapsulatedOils, some aqueous

    activesAqueous, oils

    Encapsulation material

    Gelatine + Gum Arabic Lipids/ waxes, gelatine

    % loading of active 90% 40%

    Trigger mechanism Pressure, DigestionPressure,


    Particle size 5-1500µm 10-1000µm



  • Leading the wayInvo-CapCore/Shell Matrix


    CoacervationIn situ polymerisation Spray Chilling

    Hydrogel matrix beads

    Material encapsulatedOils, some aqueous

    activesOils, some aqueous

    activesAqueous, oils

    Large water soluble molecules, oils

    Encapsulation material

    Gelatine + Gum ArabicMelamine

    Formaldehyde, Urea Formaldehyde

    Lipids/ waxes, gelatine Alginate, agar

    % loading of active 90% 90% 40% 15%

    Trigger mechanism Pressure, Digestion PressurePressure,


    Pressure, Diffusionequilibrium

    Particle size 5-1500µm 0.1-300µm 10-1000µm 200-4000µm



  • Leading the wayVida-Caps

    TechnologyComplex Coacervation

    GelatineComplex Coacervation

    Gelatine – free (Vida-Caps)

    Material encapsulated

    Oils, some aqueous actives Oils, some aqueous actives

    Encapsulation material

    Gelatine + Gum Arabic Chitosan + Gum Arabic

    % loading of active 90% 90%

    Trigger mechanism Pressure, Digestion Pressure

    Particle size5-1500µm 20-1500µm



  • Leading the way

    20– 1500µmHydro-

    alcoholic Stability

    Why Choose Vida-Caps?

    Encapsulates hydrophobic


    High Loading (90%)



    Plastic Free

    Pressure release

    Bespoke Design

  • Leading the wayConclusion

    Lambson are proud to offer a wide range of encapsulation products, customised to suit your requirements, and created to help take your formulations and developments to the next level.

  • Leading the way

    With offices and facilities in England, Europe, China, Japan and America we offer a truly Global Supply Network.

    Thank you for your attentionAny Questions?