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    OUR ENEMIES WITHIN , an outline of attacks by segments of the academiccommunity including Harvard, Georgia and Duke on independent judgment the very basis of

    creative thought.

    by Paul Henrickson, Ph.D. tm. 2011

    The Bertrand Delacroix Gallery advertisement below was selected mainly by chance ,

    but, in part, because it represented, in ge neral. The tenor of most advertisements

    which are, understandably, focused on the achievement of profit through the

    movement of funds. It is a modestly acceptable practice typical of a commercial

    environment. Unfortunately, by its nature, this attitude ve ry often finds itself in a

    antagonistic relationship with the ideals of truth and maturity of intellectual

    development....growth, as it were, of the human spirit.

    It is in this sense that I am using it as an illustration.

    The smaller images I have inter spersed throughout as a means of underscoring the

    advertisements message. The inclusion in the advertisement, of famous names is

    sometimes motivated by the desire to assure the reader that the claims, whatever they

    may be, are legitimate. In this case thes e inserted images of the works of those

    mentioned as having influenced Ron Agam only seem to demonstrate that 1) Agam

    was not in the least influenced by them, 2) was negatively influenced by them which

    may be indicated by his works having moved closer to t he concepts of nihilism...a

    psychiatric delusion. This is sometimes called minimalism and it often remains

    uncontested on the grounds, and the fear of, being thought ignorant.

    In this case I admit my ignorance of Ron Agam s motivations and this allows me to

    ask what might be important questions. First among these might be was the sons

    lesson learned from the father that it is a virtue to get the most profit from the least

    effort? The puritan fathers taught us that an application to duty was an admira ble

    virtue and Yaacov Agam has very successfully entertained and fascinated us and to

    the extent that a diversion might be therapeutic he has benefited us. But, seriously, he

    has demonstrated that changing ones point of view gives a different image and THIS

    is an important contribution . So, at the moment, we bless the father and doubt the


    But the financial world spins on and Ron, for some inexplicable reasons, seems to

    have been awarded the Legion of Honor the requirements for which it is stated that

    the recipient must have produced works of eminent merit. Well, I suppose that will

    have to pass as the meanings for eminent include: prominent, conspicuous, and

    lofty and do not strongly suggest quality except, perhaps, in merit but that leads

    us into more serious conflict since it is related to: value; character or accomplishment

    that commends praise; excellence; state of being worthy of appreciation and I am blind to

    those qualities in Rons offerings.

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    The following is a copy of the advertisement announcing the exhibition with the

    additions I have made such as the underscoring (used to draw attention to the claims

    of virtue on Rod Agams part) and the inclusion of images associated with the artists


    Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by

    Ron Agam. Agam brings fresh, new elements to his work where he furtherexamines the interaction of colors. He seeks to expose the harmony and

    effective balance of these varying colors with placement and scale.

    Agams personal exploration in the world of painting is a testimony to his

    childhood, where he was influenced by the works of the masters of the early

    stages of geometric abstraction, such as Elli llssitsky,

    Malevitch, Mondrian and later Joseph

    Albers. In various sizes, these paintings are meant to resonate beyond the two-dimensional

    surface and to utilize the varying energies of the colors that fuel his vis ion. Agam asserts that my shapes, colors

    and forms are the expression of an artist that lives in the present, creates for the future with a deep respect for

    the past.

    Ron Agam was born in Paris and raised in Rehovot, Israel and Paris. From

    an early age Agam was encouraged by his father, artist Yaacov Agam, to

    pursue art. Ron studied at New York University, where he was captivated

    by the local art scene and the stimulating environment of the artists of that

    time, among them Andy Warhol . Throughout hiscareer, Agam has exhibited across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, in

    cluding the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC; Martin-Gropius-Bau,

    Berlin; New York Historical Society, New York; Mitsukoshi, Tokyo; and Zurich Kunsthaus, Zurich. His work has

    been featured in major news publications, such as Time and Newsweek.

    His commitment to art as well as political efforts to bridge nations demonstrates his unique position as an artist

    and humanitarian. In 2008, he received the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor by the Government of France, the

    highest honor in France.

    The underlined portions are my additions The words underlined were chosen to

    carefully shift our attention from the real qualities of the works displayed to those

    qualities one might hope might be there. Since the desirable qualitie s were absent

    word substitutions had to be made to in order to lead the viewer into a position to see

    the works as the gallery director would like the viewer to see them. There is some

    evidence suggesting the one who composed the advertisement doesnt beli eve what

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    he wrote that these paintings were meant to resonate The writer slipped up, or,

    better still, he couldnt refrain from telling the truth. Or, perhaps, he selected the

    wrong examples, but he did use the word meant as opposed to have .

    (Top: In a red night, 2011, 48 x 48 x 3 inches, Mixed media on canvas; Bottom: Into the Galaxy, 2011, 84 x 84 x

    4 inches, Mixed media on canvas)

    For information and images, please contact Vanessa Campos at [email protected]

    The information below is provided to let the reader know something of the way those who decide matters related

    to the French Legion dHonor decoration function. The information is from their report.

    Propositions and social honors

    Some procedural questions regarding the

    award of the French Legion of Honor

    developed. The answers are below:

    1) What are the conditions for


    One is eligible for nomination in the class of Knight

    (chevalier) of the Legion of Honour over the course of a

    career of at least 20 years with an assortment of acts of

    eminent merit.

    One is eligible for nomination in the class of

    Knight (chevalier) of the National Order of Merit

    over the course of a career of at least 10 years

    with an assortment of acts of distinguished merit

    (in reality, the Council of the National Order of

    Merit looks at 15 years of activity).


    Payment is made by

    check to agent

    comptable de la Grande

    Chancellerie de la

    Legion dhonneur

    (example fee: 20 Euros

    and 28 cents for

    knight). You will receive

    the certificate after the

    decoration ceremony.

    20 euros and 28 cents is not a bad investment for

    all the uninformed admiration it buys

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    2) Can I apply for a decoration?

    No. It is not possible to request a decoration

    Perhaps Rons father Yaacov asked in his stead.

    This would not require doing a return favour for

    the intermediary spokesman.

    Yaacov Agam is justifiably famous for his

    application of the changing effects of human movement on the perception of a

    stationary relief object. The importance of this, however, has, I think, yet to be

    established as has the true significance of the legion of honor by t he French

    Government or the New Mexico governors awards of merit. The question remains asto whether these people are qualified to make these sorts of judgments. I know

    someone who maintains that it is of no importance that the person presenting the

    award is aware of the significance of any accomplishment for which he presents an

    award, or even that the people watching need to understand the why of it. It is

    enough that it takes place. It is simply a social act and one of no particular moral


    It is at this point that I step in for I am not capable of tolerating the implication that the

    arts are merely frivolous entertainments for a mentally and physically indolent and

    last wealthy class. My position is that the arts have a real meanin g and while that

    meaning has proved itself to be extremely elusive and that it requires significant effortand mental struggle to both discern an d to explain it as a phenomenon it is, however,

    worth the effort.

    In specific re

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