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English Advanced Vocabulary and Structure Practice

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A handbook of practical advice towards students learning English as a foreign language.

I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

Earthquakes are amongst the most destructive usually (2) without any warning and"

(1) disasters. They (3) in a greattidal waves which, in the (8)

(4) ot lite and an enormous demolition ot buildings. Additionally, theycause devastating landslides or create gigantic (5), are collosal walls ot water smashing (6) ot destroying (7) majority ot tatalities (9) . lasts 30 to 60 seconds, so usually there is no time to (11) once the shaking starts. The trigger (12) a complex chain lifted, pushed or and, (10) the mortal into seashores with such

may .."

torce that they are about when buildings Most trequently, savage torces the earthquake


cities. However,

and serious injuries

ot an earthquake

(13) in the building's structure when it is shaken, pulled. A building'sheight, its shape and construction (14) deciding about the survival or collapse (15).

materials are the most signiticant ot the structure

consequently, about the lite or death ot its

1. a) nature 2. a) hit 3. a) result 4. a) tatality 5. a) tact 6. a) potential 7. a) wide 8. a) bring 9. a) demolish 10. a) avert 11. a) upkeep 12. a) up 13. a) activity 14. a) tactors 15. a) settlers

b) naturalistic b) strike b) efteet b) waste b) certainty b) conceivable b) broad b) come b) jumble b)evade b) upturn b) on b) motion b) phenomena b) eitizens

c) natural c) tall c) lead e) harm c) honesty c) capable c) tuli c) lay c) destroy c) abstain c) upshot c) out c) progress e) points c) inhabitants

d) native d) attack d) cause d) loss d) truth d) possible d) vast d) make d) collapse d) restrain d) uptake d) oft d) reaction d) ingredients d) burghers


II. Put the words

in the correct


3. The landlord was very generous to us. Ali that we consumed in his inn was"""""""""""""""

the house.

1. Does it make any (DIFFER) to them it we pay by cheque? 2. The two boys should receive a just punishment. Their .............................. (BEHAVE) at the inauguration ceremony was really outrageous. 3. Couldn't you provide us with amore (PRACTICE) scheme? The one you have just devised is not sensible at alI. 4. As a matter ot tact, the realisation ot the project itselt isn't so ".......... (TROUBLE) as the initial conditions we have to accept. 5. Jason is the most (TRUTH) person I know. He never t811s lies. 6. Mutual accusations will get you nowhere. You'd better try to find a more reasonable"

4. We can't give up. Now that we have gone through the most difficult part of the route we must reach Khartoum """"""""""""""" any cost. 5. If you had informed us """""""""""""'", advance that you wouldn't be giving any

seminar we wouldn't have gone to the trouble of making all the necessary arrangements. 6. Jack's great interest """"""""""""""" Unidentified Flying Obh.cts seems quite odd

to his friends, but the boy considers it an absorbing hobby.

7. Whatunavoidably makesmeangry """""""""""""""prompt decisions.

Frank is his inability to take


to your conflict. between its members. (FASHION) among youths these days to spend their

8. The football star is going to spend holidays in a secluded place where he expects to

7. The main cause ot the current crisis in the party seems to be the deep 8. l1's most free time in the cinema. 9. Unfortunately, none of us managed to convince the director of the benefits that our experiment might bring. His 10. Cindy and Mike's close """"""""""""""" (APPROVE) (FRIEND) grew even stronger when Jack mentioned the possible cost of the venture. finally developed into a profound feeling and culminated in their marriage last year. 11. Nobody has applied for the mission knowing how may be. 12. Tom has lost his 13. 'What's the " (CONFIDE) in conventional medicine after 'It's six metres long.' (DOUBT) whether he'lI many years of unsuccessful treatment and has opted for acupuncture. (LONG) of this rope?' 14. Mark's been terribly busy this week. It's .." attend our performance tomorrow. 15. 'Why didn't they react to my warning?' 'They might not have understood its discreet (MEAN).'

hide""""""""""""""" thecuriousjournalistsandphotographers. 9. Alithecandidates, xcept """"""""""""""" e Mr Jenkins, have scored the requirednumber of points. 10. Customers used to complain about the high prices of food, meat particular. 11. Learning this long definition 12.lnstead"""""""""""""""

heart, at first, seemed an impossible memorizing it.

task. But, finally, I was successful

a long speech at the beginning of the meeting, the

chairman only gave a short welcome to all the participants.



13. Only Mark was keen """"" going fishing early in the morning. The rest ot the company telt too tired after their long journey. 14. Tell the children to stop tooling around or 1'11 e my patience los them. 15. There's no difference price these two printers.

IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

using the given torms so that they retain their original

1. It wasn't Tom that you saw in the department store, tor sure. III. Insert the correct prepositions. It couldn't 2. We had to cali the doctor because the baby had a high temperature. . .. . . . . . . . .

(because ot).









WITH3. It I were you, I wouldn't tell anybody about the discovery.


1. Although Mrs Parker was bitterly jealous

her friends' higher

You had 4. The boys laughed at the man in spite ot his old age. (tun ot)

wages in the company, she managed to avoid making sharp comments. 2. The committee doesn't support any immediate changes. They say the modifications should be introduced step" step.






5. You are 0.11 elcome to take any to od you like. w

8.Theideato by 0.11 visitors. the a) do 9. His a) disregard b) pay c) go

a visit to the local council residence was welcomed

Help 6. What was the reason tor his resignation? (made)

d) walk

ot the safety regulations really can't be ignored any longer. b) untamiliarity c) carelessness d) inattention

7. Did the children enjoy themselves during the performance?, ....

(good time)

10. Let's """"""""""""""" a) miss

the place, it looks sa gloomy and unpleasanl. c) depart d) disappear ,so give us, please, more details on

b) abandon

8. We haven't had any message tram him since March. (heard)

11. What you are saying is quite the situation.

9. You don't have to worry about the tuture. (no need) There 10. Ali the students were awarded diplomas. Every ... ... . ,.

a) tamous

b) accustomed

c) obvious

d) tamiliar ot the President entering

12. For a short while, I managed to catch the palace. a) vision b) notice c) view d) sight

13. The suggestion to leave the camp at once was strongly climbers who were afraid ot the approaching snowstorm.

by the

V. Choose the correct answer.1. It you go on report. a) disturbing b) attlicting c) concerning d) affecting me crazy. . me like this, I will never be able to tinish writing my

a) opposed

b) complained

c) quarreled

d) resigned your duties may

14. The tirst thing tor ali ot you to remember is that .............. result in an instant dismissal. a) escaping

.c) resisting d) missing

b) neglecting

2. Turn aft this machine, please. The harsh sound really a) takes b) worries c) drives d) bothers

15. It was the commission's job to dec ide whether the pilot was .......... the crash that occurred right after the take-otf.


3. Everyone knew that a) working b) engaging

this task would require a considerable c) making d) completing


a) responsible 16. None ot us has ever

b) prane

c) guilty

d) comprehensive

ot taking any rash steps against illegal

4. Mr Tanner did his best to tix the taulty oven, but his .. electrical devices wasn't good enough to succeed. a) service 5. Judy didn't b) ski II c) technique d) craft

at repairing

broadcasting. a) dec la red b) persisted c) appraved d) concluded by the enemy forces. d) torture

17. Several soldiers ot the squad were taken ............ a) capture 18. The student was b) hostage c) kidnap

tor a second to agree to Mike's proposal as she had

been in love with the boy tor a long time. a) decide b) linger c) hesitate d) await

,... ot understanding the theory even after the

pratessor's protound explanation. a) incompetent b) incapable c) helpless d) unsuccesstul me company?

6. Don't get so nervous about his com ing late. When you get to know him better, you'lI learn to take it a) easy b) loose c) nice d) tine tor parking his vehicle in the wrang

19. I'm going tor a walk in the park. Would you like to '" a) follow 20. Patrick is too a) instant b) condemned c) harrassed d) tined b) stay , b) spontaneous c) ward d) keep

7. The inconsiderate driver was place. a) intlicted

a gambler to resist placing a bet on the tinal game. c) compulsive d) continuous





II. Put the words in the correct form.

1. The low """""""""""""""


at the concert was a result of the organizers'

I. Replace each italicized words with a synonymous one. II is believed that aur inherited (1) genetic characteristics play the decisive (2) role i

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