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Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Date post: 16-Jun-2015
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ENTROPIC TREND INDICATORS (ETI) analysis: a new predicting “laser” or precision tool in stocks, funds and FOREX technical analysis and …possibly (?) website/advertisement access analysis
Page 1: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis


a new predicting “laser” or precision tool in stocks, funds and FOREX

technical analysis and …possibly (?) website/advertisement access analysis

Page 2: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

God’s Will for fundamental creationists or religious people

This is the alternative to the evolutionist’s world:

• “God created the universe” and Evolution of life doesn’t exist

• Only the final state of the system: “eternity in paradise or hell” is proposed…. or predicted.

Page 3: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Living organisms and Evolutionist world

• For Evolutionists living organisms have to to build their own project following some driving forces and inherited traits.

• With time diversity of life appeared following natural selection and genetic drift: this is called EVOLUTIONEVOLUTION

• So in parallel we have projects of individual living organisms and a secondary-level project: the trend of evolution or the trend of life.

Page 4: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Living organisms (LO) and Individual Life Trend (LT)

Collective Life Trend and Evolution

• LO = Life + Energy + Project for Life

Page 5: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Living organisms (LO)

• Physical Living Organisms (PLO): Plants, microorganisms, animals and humans, and at the limit viruses : all have a body and a genome and are using sun energy for growing

• Non-Physical Living Organisms (NPLO): they haven’t any body and therefore haven’t any own genome. Most of them are Human Social Living Sciences (HSLS). If they are “Living Organisms” their genome should be delocalized in all human PLO interacting together.

Page 6: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Financial systems in Human Social Living Sciences (HSLS)

• A financial system is a living organism following the rules of  “Necessity” (Prof. J. Monod) in an open system.

• To survive it has to grow and build its own “project” using building blocks.”.

• The old “Entropy” concept of a growing open system fighting against disorder can be applied:

• In Construction and Deconstruction

Page 7: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Life in finances is written like music

• Using Entropic Trend Indicators (ETI)

Page 8: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Example of ETI chart and analysis

Page 9: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Entropic Trend Indicators (ETI) example

Page 10: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Indicators arrangements & interactions

• 8 to 10 progressive indicators G (green), P (pink), V (violet), R (red), O (orange), Y (yellow), B (blue) and W (white), (plus X and Z)

ANALYSIS corresponds to description of:• Rainbows Arrangement (incomplete and

complete rainbow formation)• Fused (hybridized) incomplete rainbows• Black Holes (BH) formation

Page 11: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

The two boxes

• North box or Nirvana box (N box) is limited by 78.6% line.

• South box or Hell box (L box) is limited by the 21.4% line.

• In ETI analysis rainbows formations are only considered and analyzed inside the boxes. Rainbows formed partially outside the boxes are called pseudo-rainbows

Page 12: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Giving a name to candles

We have developed:• a graphic system, then • a language to describe or translate the results

into meaningful trend informations. Each candle (in any timeframe) has a specific short name depending on ETI positions and interactions, then

• A trend analysis tool in taking incomplete and complete rainbows formation into account.

Page 13: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Complete rainbows in N or L boxes• The 8 complete progressive ETI rainbows are described as:

rG when only G is inside the N or L box to form the rainbow, rP with P>G in the N box and G>P in the L box,  rV with V>P>G in the N box and G>P>V in the L box, rR with R>V>P>G in the N box and G>P>V>R in the L box, rO with O>R>V>P>G in the N box and G>P>V>RrY with Y>O>R>V>P>G in the N box and G>P>V>R>O>Y in the L

box,rB with B>Y>O>R>V>P>G in the N box and G>P>V>R>O>Y>B in

the L boxrW with W>B>Y>O>R>V>P>G in the N box and

G>P>V>R>O>Y>B>W in the L box.

With some good softwares we can get one or two more indicators called X and Z with Z>X>W. Right now they have no special colors and are displayed in another pane.

Page 14: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Incomplete rainbows

• Incomplete rainbows (ri) or incomplete rainbow with fusion (or hybridization) (rif) are rainbows like:

• riX with separated colors but in mixed orders, or • rifX with (X=color P, V, R, O, Y, B or W)

corresponding to some fused or hybridized "colors" (or entropic indicators), rifP meaning "incomplete rainbow with G=P (G and P fused or hybridized)  

• For a "rif" candle it is usually necessary to check if the candle before and possibly the next one are also "rif candles. Otherwise this may just be a crossing point without special entropic interactions.

Page 15: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Entropic trend value• Incomplete rainbows are rainbows with increased

entropic value compared to the corresponding complete rainbow at about the same time.

• The entropic trend value decreases when a rainbow is formed from an incomplete rainbow or when the system evolves to a higher rainbow level (higher grade). The entropic trend value decreases also quickly when most of the highest indicators are moving in the same direction to 100% in the N box or to 0% in the L box, or their “density or compaction” increases near 100% or 0%, respectively.

• Rainbow value can be estimated for each candlestick using all visible ETI.This is correct or comparable for a short time range only.

Page 16: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Black Holes (1)

• Black Holes are incomplete rainbows when some progressive indicators are degenerating to 0% or 100% and like in physics rainbows are disappearing suddently into Black Holes or fused point on top or bottom.

• Black Hole are frequent in short timeframes and exceptional in frequency and significance in daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Page 17: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Black Hole (2)• In our system, like in the case of the

eight complete rainbows in the N box” there are only eight degenerated states of NIRVANA black holes (N1 to N8).

• Or N1 to N10 with the two additional invisible ETI.

They can also be called N-G, N-P (color)

• In L box there are only 8 (or 10) degenerated states of HELL black holes (L1 to L8 or L10).

Page 18: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Black Hole (3)

• N1 is when G value = 100% • N2 is when G=P= 100% • N3 is when G=P=V= 100% • N4 is when G=P=V=R= 100% • N5 is when G=P=V=R=O= 100% • N6 is when G=P=V=R=O=Y= 100% • N7 is when G=P=V=R=O=Y=B= 100% • N8 is when G=P=V=R=O=Y=B=W= 100% • To N10 if invisible X and Z are available.

Page 19: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

Black Hole (4)

• For the corresponding HELL “box” there are also only eight (or 10) HELL situations called L1 to L8…. (or L10)

• L1 is when G = 0% L2 is when G =P= 0%

• L3 is when G=P=V= 0% • L4 is when G=P=V=R= 0% • L5 is when G=P=V=R=O= 0% • L6 is when G=P=V=R=O=Y= 0% • L7 is when G=P=V=R=O=Y=B= 0%• L8 is when G=P=V=R=O=Y=B=W= 0%

Page 20: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

ETI Hybridizations (1)

• If ETI Black Holes and ETI Rainbows can be compared with corresponding Physics phenomenons

• For ETI Hybridization we can make parallels with Genetics and organic chemistry.

• ETI hybridization happens when two or more ETI have the same value at some time point (candle)

Page 21: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

ETI Hybridizations (2)

• ETI hybridization is not crossing: it involves (like for genes) hybridization energy and energy conservation.

• It may be considered as “long range crossing” in cases of TRANS hybridization.

• But in ca 20 to 40% of cases there is no crossing after hybridization (CIS hybridization)… to use the configuration name used in organic chemistry.

Page 22: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

ETI name (1)

• Main name/secondary namerO :Only main name : complete rainbow

• rR/riO : main name : complete rainbow+ second name (incomplete)

• rG/ricR/pricW : complete rainbow + second and third names

Page 23: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

ETI name (2)

• rifB(VR) : incompl. Rainbow with VR hybridization

• rifW(GP+OYBW) : incompl. Rainbow with GP and OYBW hybridizations

• rG/rifcB(VRO)/riX/priZ

• L4/ricO Black hole in bottom box + ETI in correct order to O.

Page 24: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

SCOR Hourly ETI chart

Page 25: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

TEVA: stepwise bottoming

Page 26: Entropic trend indicators (eti) analysis

SPY (SP500) Monthly (AUG 2011)