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Date post: 08-Apr-2018
Author: kanchan-yadav
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  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Present Status ofEnvironment Management

    Group Members:Anupama BhatNamita Dubey

    Renesha JobanputraGrishma ShuklaKanchan Yadav

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    P repared June 2004 Slide 2

    What is the Environment? The environment encompasses the

    whole of life on earth and the complexinteractions that link the living world withthe physical world

    In a general sense, this coverseverything contained within the air, land

    and water

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    P repared June 2004 Slide 3

    Environmental Change Sudden and dramatic natural changes to the

    environment have occurred in the distant past, butonly relatively recently has one species had thepotential to upset the whole balance of the Earth'secosystem

    The global population has risendramatically during the last century

    The rise of industry and its rapidexpansion has been a major source of pollution. This hascaused changes in the balanceof our environment

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    P repared June 2004 Slide 4

    Global Environmental Issues Global Warming Ozone Layer Depletion Acid Rain Deforestation Loss of Biodiversity Water P ollution Desertification Waste disposal

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    Are we poisoning ourselves?At least 43 industrial clusters across the country arecritically polluted, Ankleshwar (Gujarat) topping thelist

    Ghaziabads air has 6 times the permissible limit of fine dust causing asthma and bronchitisJodhpurs surface water contains mercury which canaffect the brain, the nervous system and reproductivesystemsNavi Mumbai has 5 to 9 times the limit of lead andbenzene- causing rashes, headaches, vomiting and


  • 8/7/2019 env status


    There has been an Endosulfan tragedy inKasaragod.

    Endosulfan, a highly toxic organochlorine pesticidewas sprayed in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod

    District sine 1976, till 2001 regularly three timesevery year.T he aerial spraying of Endosulfan was allegedlyundertaken to contain the menace of the teamosquito bug.T he intensive use of Endosulfan results in achemical disaster (similar to the case of Bhopal gasleak disaster)

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    As early as 1979, stunted growth anddeformed limbs were noticed among newborn calves.By 1990s health disorders of very

    serious nature among the humanpopulation came to the lime light.Children were found to be the worstaffected with congenital anomalies,mental retardation, physical deformities,cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalusetc.Men and women were also affected with

    various chronic ailments, manyirreversible and difficult to treat.T here is a high incidence of disorders of the central nerves system, Cancer andreproductive disorders.

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Mumbai Oil Spill

    T wo cargo ships collided off the Mumbai coast on August7 causing an oil spill that

    spread quickly throughMaharashtra's coastline.

    T he vessel contained about

    1,200 tonnes of fuel oil in itstanks of which 800 tonnesspilled into the Arabian Seabefore the leaks could beplugged two days later.

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    T he oil spill affects fish species; many of them breedin mangroves.T he chemicals sprayed to disperse the oil too affects

    the marine ecologyT he chemical dispersants break the oil into smalldroplets which then settle at the bottom of the sea andaffect marine life

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    P lastic waste from MSC Chitra lies unattended after collision on Mumbai coast

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  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Co al Mining

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    GO Z

    ones f

    or Co

    al MiningIn recent days, there has been much discussion about the decision of theministry of environment and forests to impose go/no-go zones for coal miningto protect forested land from the damages of mining.While many environmentalists support such a policy, others fear such aconstraint on accessing coal will pose hurdles to the growth of the power sector, and therefore, industrial development.

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    T he environment ministry and coal ministry had agreed that the

    government should designate some coalbearing forest areas asno-go zones where mining would not be allowed.

    Because some of these coal blocks lie under dense naturalforests.

    T he environment ministry carried out a joint exercise with thecoal ministry, studying nine major coal mining areas thatconcluded that about 48% of the area under study (primarily incentral and eastern I ndia) was not viable for mining activitiesand fell in category A or 'no go' areas barred for mining. T hiswas later scaled down to 35% after more areas were freed for mining

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    203 blocks were to be in the no-mining zones and 449 in thegoareas. About 3,80,000 hectares of forest land would beopened up to mining, it was decided about seven times theland area of Mumbai city.

    T he mining lobby, backed by the coal ministry, demanded6,50,000 hectares of forests roughly 11 times the size of Mumbai. T hen it went all out and demanded that the no-godemarcation be dropped completely.

    I n an aside, P lanning Commission suggests tiger reserves bekept out of mining and that the no-go zones be temporary innature

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    A panel set up by the ministry had

    earlier this year said the companycolluded with state officials to illegallyoccupy forest land, and was expandingits refinery without approval.

    I t was observed that mining in theNiyamgiri area would endanger thelivelihoods of primitive tribal groups.

    Vedanta Aluminium has violated forestconservation guidelines and has failedto follow the Forest Rights Act at aproposed bauxite mine project in theNiyamgiri Hills of Orissa, according tothe Ministry of Environment andForests.

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    W ild Life Conservation

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    D id y o u Kn ow?

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    Every Part of the Tiger is used andconsumed right from the skin, meat,bones, urine, tooth, including their


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    Did you Know?

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    "Coal, gas and oil will not be the three kings of the energy world for ever.

    It is no longer folly to look up to the sun and wind, down into the sea's waves"

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Energy is a major input for overall socio-economic development of any society

    T he prices of the fossil fuels steeply increasing

    So renewables are expected to play a key role

    Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable

    Wind turbines are up to the task of producing

    serious amounts of electricity

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    It Blows You Away

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    Turbine Evolution

    Earlier used for P umping water

    Grinding grain

    Now mainly used for Generating Electricity

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    o The development of wind power in India began in the 1990s,and has significantly increased in the last few years.

    o India has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in theworld.

    o It is estimated that 6,000 MW of additional wind powercapacity will be installed in India by 2012

    o Wind power accounts for 6% of India's total installed powercapacity,

    o It generates 1.6% of the country's power.

    o Suzlon Energy is one of the India-based pioneering industries inworld to generate non-conventional energy.

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    o A s of 31 October 2009 the installed capacity of windpower in India was 11806.69 MW, mainly spread across

    Tamil Nadu, is the state with the most wind generating capacityMaharashtra, is second only to Tamil Nadu in terms of generatingcapacity.GujaratKarnatakaRajasthanMadhya PradeshA ndhra PradeshKeralaOrissaWest Bengal

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    Wind Farm, Tamil Nadu

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    Solar Power in IndiaSolar Power in India

    India is b oth densely p o pula t ed and h as h igh so la r insula t io n, p rov iding anideal c o mbina t io n f or so la r p ow er in India.

    Since India lies a t th e tro pic o f cance r w e ge t abundan t suns h ine to make fulluse o f so la r ene r gy.

    Wi th ab o u t 300 clea r sunny days in a yea r , Indias th eor et ical s o la r p ow er r ecep t io n, jus t o n i t s land a r ea is ab o u t 5000 tr illio n kW h/ yea r .

    In s o la r ene r gy sec tor , so me la r ge p ro jec t s h a v e been p ro p o sed, and a35,000 km a r ea o f th e T h a r D ese rt h as been se t aside f or so la r p ow er p ro jec t s, sufficien t to gene r a t e 700 to 2,100 giga w a tt s.

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    In July 2009, India un v eiled a US$19 billi o n plan, to p ro duce 20 G W o f so la r p ow er by 2020.

    Unde r th e plan, s o la r -p ow er ed equipmen t and applica t io ns wo uld bemanda tor y in all g ov er nmen t buildings including ho spi t als and hot els.

    As o f 31s t Augus t 2010 th er e w er e 89808 v illages or 15.1 % o f th e tot alwh ich w er e s t ill un-elec tr ified .

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    O v er 40% o f th e c o un tr ys p o pula t io n cu rr en t ly d o es n ot h a v e ene r gyaccess .India as a c o un tr y s t ill depends h ea v ily o n imp ort s o f o il and

    na t u r al gas wh en i t co mes to mee t ing th e daily ene r gy needs.

    T h e am o un t o f so la r ene r gy p ro duced in India is me r ely 0.4%co mpa r ed to oth er ene r gy r eso u r ces.

    P r esen t ly India fulfills a ro und 10.9% o f th e tot al r equi r emen t w ith r ene w able s o u r ces o f ene r gy wh ile s o la r acc o un t s f or a tot al o f 1% o f th e r ene w able ene r gy gene r a t io n .

    C u rr en t ly w e gene r a t e 18MW f ro m S o la r So u r ces bu t it is expec t edth a t 150-200 MW o f so la r p ow er w ill be ins t alled in th e c o un tr y byD ecembe r 2011

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    o H ydropower is power that is derived fromthe force or energy of moving water, which may beharnessed for useful purposes.

    o Some HYD ROPOWER Plants in IndiaNagarjunasagar Located in A ndhra Pradesh

    Kalinadi Located in KarnatakaIndira Sagar Located in MaharashtraKoyna Located in Maharashtra

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    Bhakra Dam (Himac hal Prades h) Sardar Sarovar (Gujarat )

    Salal Dam (Jammu Kas hmir ) Pawna Dam (Ma haras h tra )

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    The Government of India has requested theWorld Bank s assistance to finance the proposedLuhri Hydro Electric Project on the Sutlej river inHimachal Pradesh.

    The Luhri Hydro Electric Project is designed as a775 Megawatt, run-of-river hydropower

    generation scheme which, when completed, willgenerate approximately 3,152 Gigawatt-hours

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    The Government of India has also requested the WorldBank s assistance to finance the proposed VishnugadPipalkoti Hydro Electric Project to be developed on theAlaknanda river in Uttarakhand.

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Biomass Energy

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Biomass energy is derived from five distinctenergy sources: garbage, wood, waste, landfill

    gases, and alcohol fuels

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    B io mass , a renewable energy source, isbiological material from living, or recentlyliving organisms, such as wood, waste,

    (hydrogen) gas, and alcohol fuels.

    Biomass is commonly plant matter grownto generate electricity or produce heat.

    Forest residues for example (such as deadtrees, branches), yard clippings, woodchips and garbage are often used for this.

    However, biomass also includes plant or

    animal matter used for production of fibersor chemicals.

  • 8/7/2019 env status


    Biomass may also include biodegradablewastes that can be burnt as fuel.It excludes organic materials such as fossilfuels which have been transformed by

    geological processes into substances such ascoal or petroleum.

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