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  • Epworth ClinicPatient Information

  • Welcome to Epworth Clinic

    Epworth Healthcare: Epworth aims to be the pre-eminent provider of quality healthcare for our consumers through the integration of clinical practice with education and research.

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    We believe in being innovative in our approach to providing

    services of excellence for consumers.

    We believe in ongoing professional and personal development

    for all staff members.

    We work cohesively as a team.

    We believe in being open, transparent and inclusive in the care

    and treatment we provide for consumers.

    We believe that excellence comes from a commitment to best

    evidence based practice in our mental health services and in

    working in full partnership with consumers.

    We are a recovery orientated service that supports people to

    recognise and take responsibility for their own recovery, wellness

    and to define their own goals, wishes and aspirations

    Epworth Clinic Mission Statement

    Epworth Clinic has a team of dedicated health care professionals

    working with consumers. We aim to provide the best possible

    Mental Health Service to you, taking into account your personal

    goals and welfare needs.

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    Our goals are

    To support consumers with their personal goals and to

    help them achieve optimal mental health outcomes

    To provide excellent mental health services focussing on

    person centred care and treatment.

    To operate the services in the spirit of Mental Health

    Recovery Orientated Practice.

    To ensure the service is well managed and fosters

    exceptional relationships with consumers, staff and all

    other key stake-holders.

    We will do this in line with the following Epworth Values

    Respect Community Integrity

    Excellence Compassion Accountability

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    Be treated with dignity and respect

    Be informed of your rights and responsibilities in a way that is meaningful to you

    Be provided with quality care and treatment that takes into account your cultural, gender and personal needs

    Be fully involved in your care and treatment options at Epworth Clinic

    Epworth Clinic complies with the Privacy Act 1988 ensuring that your personal and treatment information is confidential

    Be given clear information on your diagnosis and treatment options, the services available to you and any risks associated with those treatments

    Epworth Clinic ensures all patients are informed of any outstanding charges pertaining to their admission

    Make a compliment or complaint and to have your feedback responded to in accordance with Epworth Compliments and Complaints Policy

    Consumers may request a second opinion (please refer to your treating psychiatrist or treating team on how to request a second opinion)

    Consumers may refuse treatment and be informed of the clinical consequences

    Be assessed and treated in an environment that is safe, conducive to recovery and free from discrimination

    If you are not satisfied with Epworth Healthcare feedback process or want to share your experience or raise your concerns independently you can do so by contacting the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner (MHCC). The contact details for the MHCC are: Telephone: 1800 246 054 or email [email protected]

    These rights and responsibilities reflect the guidelines identified in the following documents: The National Standards for Mental Health Services (2010) Commonwealth Government: Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Private Hospital Charter: Your rights and responsibilities as a private consumer in a hospital. The Privacy Act 1988

    Consumer Rights

    As a consumer of Epworth Clinic, you have the right to:

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    The admission staff will introduce you to the nurse who will be looking after you. The nurse will orient you to your room and the unit explaining your therapy program and expectations, medication, menu ordering and meal times.


    There is a telephone in your room for you to make and receive calls; the extension number is located on the whiteboard in your room and also on the phone. If you choose to bring your own electronic devices, you can access the internet via Epworths consumer Wi-Fi system (details on how to access this are located in your room). Newspapers are available for all consumers to read, they can be found in the day lounges on each unit.

    Sign In and Out book:

    Please sign in and out if you are leaving the unit e.g. attending the day program, organised day leave, or going out for a coffee.

    Personal belongings

    It is always advisable to leave valuable personal belongings at home. To ensure the safety of belongings, each room has its own cupboard and drawer which can be locked. Please ensure your personal belongings are locked in your room. You will need to approach nursing staff to have your possessions locked away in your room. Please do not leave any valuables unattended in your room or in common areas of the hospital as the hospital will not accept responsibility for loss or damages.

    Admission to Epworth Clinic

    Admission staff will discuss with you the general admission procedures and provide the following documents

    A statement on your rights and responsibilities as a consumer

    You may also be provided with a patient information brochure relevant to your health care needs

    Information on our compliments and complaints process

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    Personal money

    We ask consumers not to carry large amounts of money with them. There is an auto teller machine located outside the building for consumers and their visitors to access.


    Illicit substances or alcohol are not permitted on the premises. Consumers should not consume alcohol or present as intoxicated during their stay as it may affect their medications and the ability to be treated at the hospital, as well as their safety.


    For the safety and health of consumers and visitors it is important that you wear footwear at all times in the hospital. This is to ensure you are protected from any potential injuries and protect all consumers from the possible spread of infection.


    We encourage you to be responsible for day-to-day activities such as personal hygiene and maintaining your room e.g. making your bed and keeping the room presentable each day.

    Laundry Facilities

    Epworth Clinic provides laundry facilities on site for patients to utilise. When you need to change your bed linen, please let your contact nurse know and they will supply you with new linen.


    Consumers are requested not to drive whilst they are an inpatient due to the effects of some prescribed medications. For visitors, there are paid parking facilities on site. Parking is free for the first two hours. Trams to the site are also available. Please see tram route 72 for details. The nearest train station is Gardiner Station, with a 10 minute walk to the hospital or Camberwell Station with a 10 minute tram ride on the number 72.


    In line with the Health Department guidelines and for the safety of all consumers and visitors, pets are not usually permitted on the hospital premises; however there can be exceptions to this rule, for example support dogs for sight impaired consumers. In all cases, this is at the discretion of the Nurse Unit Manager.

    Admission to Epworth Clinic

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    GP Service

    As part of our admission process we engage a General practitioner to conduct a physical examination to assess your health status and to exclude any medical causes that may be impacting on your mental health disorder. If you have any minor physical health complaints, we can arrange for you to be seen on the unit by a visiting GP. To do this you just have a word with your contact nurse.

    Medical care

    All consumers in the hospital are under the care of an Epworth accredited psychiatrist. If you have any concerns about your medical treatment it is important to discuss this with your psychiatrist in the first instance as issues can generally be resolved. Otherwise, please ask a member from the treating team and your nominated carer will contact your psychiatrist on your behalf.

    Medication administration

    Medication will be administered by either a nurse or psychiatrist. Nursing, medical staff and pharmacists are here to help educate you about the medications you are taking. We ask that you familiarise yourself with what you are taking, why you are taking it, what dose and times you need to be taking your medication. Medication is usually administered to you in your room.

    Escalation of care communicating your health concerns

    We want to ensure that consumers, families and carers are informed and will be supported when communicating concerns and signs and symptoms about a possibly deterioration in the consumers clinical presentation. In the first instance, please feel comfortable approaching the nurse who is looking after you or your family member so that can inform the psychiatrist currently involved in your care.

    Consumer Inpatient Services

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    The whiteboard located in each consumers room is used for the purpose of consumer safety and care. Please use the board to personalise the goals that you want to achieve whilst in hospital and write positive affirmations and messages of hope. Use it as a prompt for when you next have an appointment to see your doctor, need to take medication or have pathology taken.

    Consent and participation

    In order to ensure that your ri

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