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Equipping Helicopters/Boats with the Supercavitating Multi Environment Ammo (MEA)™

Date post: 15-Dec-2015
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Equipping Helicopters/Boats with the Supercavitating Multi Environment Ammo (MEA)™

Equipping Helicopters/Boatswith the Supercavitating Multi Environment Ammo (MEA)™

• The MH-60J – All weather, medium-range

helicopter (specialized for search and recovery) similar to the Navy MH-60R and MH-60S Seahawk

– There are 42 total MH-60Js in the Coast Guard air fleet, with 35 in operational use.

• Armament– Single 7.62mm M240J machine gun– 7.62mm shoulder-fired precision


The MH-60J

The H-65 Helicopter

• The H-65 helicopter – All-weather and night-time

operations– FLIR, a heads-up display and other

avionics upgrades are being installed aboard the H-65 for law-enforcement operations.

• Armament– Single 7.62mm M240B/H machine

gun– 7.62mm shoulder-fired precision

weapon– .50-caliber shoulder-fired precision



33-foot Law Enforcement Special Purpose Craft (SPC-LE)

25-Foot Defender Class Boat (RB-HS/RB-S)

41' UTB

Armament: 7.62mm M240 machine gun

Current Threats

Drug-Running Mini-Subs and Semi Submersibles

A drug smuggling semi-submersible captured in Colombia last summer.

Latin American drug smugglers are stepping up their use of small, hand-made mini-subs in order to avoid U.S. military patrols in the eastern Pacific.

Between 2001-2007 alone, the US Coast Guard detected 23 mini-subs. This number has "ballooned."

M.E.A. - Multi Environment Ammunition™

Enhancing capabilities of 7.62mm, 12.7mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm applications, with standard weapons

Delivers greatly increased range, improved stopping power, penetration and multi-environment capabilities without modification to existing


The Most Effective Solution for Self Defence

• In water at speed >100m/s (328ft/s; 109yd/s) the core forms a cavity that is optimally designed to exceed the size of the projectile

• Water resistance in the cavity acts solely on the leading edge

• Stabilization is achieved through contact with the cavity by rear of the projectile

• The cavity collapses when speed of the projectile reduces to approx 100m/s (≈328ft/s; 109yd/s)

• DSGT’s patented supercavitating projectile design enables air/water capabilities, but also gives reduced drag in air, with extended range, increased stopping power, and material penetration


Core Cavity outline

Benefits OF MEA• Supercavitating MEA rounds are able to enter from the air into the

water while maintaining their destructive power. – MEA rounds enter or leave water at very low angles (> 2 degrees)– MEA rounds enter the water without danger of ricocheting, even when multiple

air/water/air entries are involved (i.e. passing through waves) – MEA rounds:

- Are stable in air and water- Are spin-stabilized in air, and cavity-stabilized in water- Are capable of penetrating steel targets underwater up to 60m for 12.7mm

• MEA bullets can penetrate water, sand and mud (wet or dry)– bullet profile enables highly effective penetration of difficult materials– including dry or wet sand or mud. Bullet remains intact & effective.

• Firing such rounds from existing shipboard guns offers a highly effective and cost-efficient hard-kill defense.

• MEA can effectively engage close-in targets

MEA Performance (Effective Range)

Underwater Range

12.7mm 60metres

7.62mm 30metres

5.56mm 15metres

CaliberAir Range





Note: Just requires changing to MEA ammunition!!

Target Effectiveness-Underwater 5.56mm DCS

5 shots in target plate

• Water to water shots• Std HK 416 weapon• 38 feet underwater range• 3mm aluminium target

Target Effectiveness

7.62 DCS (7.62x51)

Max supersonic range in air >3100 feet

Max effective range in water 75 feet

Will penetrate through >6mm steel plate underwater at 22 feet u/w

Will penetrate in >6mm steel plate underwater at 38 feet u/w

Will penetrate 2.5mm steel plate underwater at 75 feet u/w

Target Effectiveness

7.62mm DCS

• Air to Water shot• Std AR-10 weapon fired air to water• 15 degree water entry• 22 feet underwater range• 6mm steel target

2 shot holes throughtarget plate

Target Effectiveness – 7.62mm DCS

•Sea trials with air to water at low angles.

•Target is submerged 6mm steel plate.

• Approx. 6-7m water depth.

•7.62x51 DCS ammunition Std G3 rifle


MEA 7.62x51 – 7.62mm DCS

Bullet type DCSBullet weight, g 14.2Core weight, g 14.2Core diameter, mm 7.62

Shooting in the airX (range in m) V (velocity in m/sec) E (energy in Joule)

10 660 3093200 576 2356400 497 1754600 425 1282800 364 9411000 323 740

Shooting from the air into the water at range 10 m

X (range in m) V (velocity in m/sec) E (energy in Joule)

5 437 135610 290 59715 193 26420 129 11823 100 81

• Samples available• In production now• No sabot


Target Effectiveness-12.7mm APSX

Max supersonic range in air >6300 feet

Max effective range in water 200 feet

Will penetrate >12mm steel at 100 feet u/w

Proven against torpedo at 75 feet u/w

Penetrates >12mm steel at 100 feet underwater

12.7 APSX

MEA 12.7x99 - 12.7 APSX

Bullet type APSXBullet weight, g 60Core weight, g 53Core diameter, mm 12.6Muzzle velocity, m/sec 780Recoil momentum, kg x s 6.7

Shooting in the airX (range in m) V (velocity in m/sec) E (energy in Joule)

500 651 112301000 524 72701500 402 42802000 326 2820

Shooting from the air into the water at range 10 m

X (range in m) V (velocity in m/sec) E (energy in Joule)

10 627 1042020 510 689030 415 456040 338 303050 275 200060 223 1320

• Samples available• In production now• Discarding sabot


Possible Targets


7.62 = 20m under water

Cal .50 = 60munderwater

MEA can destroy Speed Boats using .50 cal or M240- above and below water line

Passing through waves

5.56 = 10m under water

Will enter water without ricocheting at low angles through multiple air/water/air interfaces (i.e. passing through waves)

7.62 = 20m unserwater

Cal .50 = 60m 20mm = 150m

MEA can destroy Mini Subs Using the 12.7mm APSX or 7.62 mm DCS Rounds

.50 cal

When underwater targets are identified, pilots can engage threats JUST BY CHANGING THE AMMO to MEA


Anti-Mine Application

7.62 = 20m Cal .50 = 60m 20mm = 150m under water

MEA can destroy mines using the 12.7mm APSX

20mm or 30mm guns NOT required with the MEA

Detecting Mines at Sea Using Blue/Green Lasers

• Enhanced Effect of the ‘super’ Cavity:

– Near misses are still effective- destructive effect of collapsing cavity even with 300mm near misses

– Cavity persists in water (more than 30metres for 30mm)- increases chances of affecting target

Additional Supercavitation Benefits

• 5.56mm, 300BLK and 7.62mm DCS MEA in production• 12.7mm APSX MEA available now. In production.• MEA independently evaluated by NIAG study as most effective hardkill solution

for ship defence• Air/Water and Material Penetration performance fill current naval capability gaps• Enhances capabilities of standard weapons on helicopters, surface vessels, patrol

boats• Effective ammo for Surface swarming threats• Effective ammo for Semi-submersible and submerged threats –defensible from

helicopters and boats. • Mine counter measures, using 12.7mm to depths of 40-60metres• Exceptional material penetration: including, ground, soil, mud, sand, armour –

and water• Extended capabilities for any weapon used or carried over water, on any platform• Just change the ammo!!!!


Thank you.

For more information, please contact:SG Chung

[email protected], VA 22101