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Macau Business | Lifestyle Supplement | Wines, Spirits & Cigars | July 2009
  • Cigars and their secrets: this is how they rollMacau on the spot of the best cognacs

    How red wine goes with chocolate and sexDrink with style: cocktails uncovered

  • 20.4 metersLength of the longest cigar ever hand-rolled,

    by Jose Castelar Cairo from Cuba

    140Age of the one of worlds oldest bottles

    of beer a Ratcliff Ale produced by Bass, UK, in 1869.

    1787 Year of production of one of the worlds most

    expensive sauternes (Chateau d Yquem).

    3000Number of Bolivar cigars, part of a limited edition

    created for the Middle Eastern market by Habanos.

    US$750Unit price for a Gurkha His Majestys Reserve (HMR)

    cigar, infused with Louis XIII Cognac.

    US$500,000Amount paid for an Imperial of Screaming Eagle Cab 1992, sold at the Napa Valley Wine Auction in 2000 for

    charity purposes and bought by Cisco Systems.

    US$160,000Price paid by Christopher Forbes for a 1787 Lafitte

    Th.J. bottle of Bourdeaux wine (Th.J. stands for Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States).

    by the nUmberSYes, all stats were

    dug up from a range of obscure

    websites, including those of the Macau

    Government and Macau Business

    Some of the best things in life are free (or so they say). Others youd gladly pay for. Case in point (focus...), premium hand rolled cigars, vintage wines, century old spirits or freshly mixed cocktails. This edition of ESSENTIAL is truly a sensory trip you cant afford to miss. Eye candy-wise, we give you a 151-year-old-Pre-phylloxera cognac stashed away in a dark cellar in France. Sticking with cognac, we talk about the art de vivre with Patrick Maruiz, brand ambassador of 358 bottle rare limited edition Black Pearl Magnum - fit for Kings (notice the capital K). We all know what cognac goes well with, right? - As long as you dont dip them in it... A hand rolled premium cigar, of course! All the way from the homeland of tobacco, Cuba, master roller Yazmin Borrs Valdes tells ESSENTIAL how its done down in Havana, while connoisseur Dickson Yip shares on smoking etiquette and gives a few suggestions for stacking up your humidor. And then Man discovered wine (arguably one of the greatest discoveries ever). We dare you, no, we double dare you to come up with anything which adapts so nicely to any and every occasion as wine. Think of it, theres just sooooo many kinds out there... Well, not to worry, we went ahead and did some of the leg work for you and selected a few vintages that are sure to impress anyone just by digging them out of the cellar. Although, if what youre really looking to do is impress your guests with your hosting skills, check out the section on mixology. Youll find the complete low down to get cracking at home, just dont forget to stock up heavily on the ice. But if youre not one to don the apron, we got you covered with a selection of the best mixes around for you to chill out with.Besides subscribing to equall opportunity policies were also all in favour of moderation in most everything, be it sex, wine or chocolate. Do it, but do it responsibly! Next month well talk about... golf. Yes, weve surrendered to the corporate sport, but only because were keen on taking money from corporations (only from the socially responsible ones... Not!!!) and giving it back to the less fortunate - thats what weve been doing for the past two years at the Annual Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament youve heard so much about. We bet youre just itching to enrol, right? Nows your chance. Well talk shop, go over some of the biggest misconceptions about the sport (we cant think of any just now, they are all true!), and get you some excellent tips from the pros to help shave a few strokes off that scribbled score card. As usual well round up all the ESSENTIAL equipment any boardroom-Tiger-Woods could ever buy, and since no golfer is complete without the right attire, we went shopping for the right, fresh, low cut, designs for the season. We always crave your feedback. The first issues of ESSENTIAL were met with enthusiasm from many a reader and we thank you for your encouragement and suggestions. If you have something to share please keep it clean and write to us at [email protected] Go ahead, indulge yourself in the best the city has to offer and enjoy!


  • It is said to be the worlds oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage

    Produced by brewing and fermentation of starches

    Mostly flavoured with hops to add bitterness

    Possibly its invention dates back to the Neolithic period

    Its alcoholic strength ranges from less than 3 percent alcohol by volume (abv) to

    almost 10 percent (abv)

    Moderate consumption is associated with decreased risk of cardiac disease, stroke

    and cognitive decline

    Brewers yeast is known to be rich in nutrients such as magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins,

    but might add extra calories to your diet!


    Probably the worlds fourth most widely consumed beverage behind water, tea and beer

    Made of fermented grape juice and various types of yeast

    Yeast consumes the sugars found in the grapes and converts them into alcohol

    Wine production dates back to 6000 BC and is thought to have originated in areas within the borders of Georgia and Iran

    The alcoholic strength of wine ranges from 10 percent to 20 percent abv

    Researchers have discovered that a compound found in red wine may help prevent prostate cancer

    Wine is not a good source of vitamin micronutrients but a regular glass of wine contains tiny amounts of carbohydrates and proteins and about 85 calories

    Lust - Dipping your cigar in that fine Cognac for an aftertaste as sublime as the best of perfumes.

    Gluttony - Not knowing when to stop when invited by a co-worker for a few drinks, and knowing you are not the one who is paying.

    Greed - Buying vintage cigars and red wines and never having time to savour the taste.

    Sloth - Having the chance to taste an exquisite wine and not making an effort to understand it

    wrath - What you feel if, in your absence, your son drinks half of your Chateau Palmer bottles with his teenage friends.

    envy - Yes, its true, sometimes we feel like switching our drink in a bar with that of our friend. Well, who never did that?

    Pride - To drink water with ice, pretending its vodka to hide the fact that you are on medication



  • eye candy

    Macau is now host to the first world sale of a spectacular reserve by Croizet, the French house founded in 1805 and recently bought by a Russian company. With 151 years of history, the Croizet 1858 Cognac, a pre-phylloxera production, is currently only available at MGM Grand in a specially numbered 2000 carafe edition, and only 4700 carafes exist in the world.

    A very venerable gentlemanCroizet 1858 CognacGreat Cognacs are few and far between and usually their producers allocate the finest reserves for a selected few. Many of the best 19th century Cognacs are stored in France, often in restaurants cellars


  • Pre-phylloxera CognacCognac produced prior to the phylloxera period offers a completely different product when compared to modern versions. Phylloxera is a tiny aphid (bug) imported to Europe from the United States, where it was endemic, from the 1830s onwards. Over the next decades the bug almost extinguished European crops. To fight the bug, European producers basically started to graft European vines onto American root stocks. So the hybrid is what exists today. With the arrival of phylloxera, a grand period of the European vine industry was gone. Croizet still owns a great collection of Cognacs produced before the phylloxera period. The stocks are kept at the companys headquarters in a special ageing warehouse known as Paradis.Due to its ability to prove the integrity of its vintage Cognacs, Croizet was one of three Cognac houses (together with House of Delamain and House of Hine) allowed by the French government to continue producing vintage Cognacs after the ban of 1963, to combat widespread fraud.

    1858 Croizet tasting notesA tasting note for one of the lots of the 1858 Croizet shows notes of dried roses and poppies, with fruity notes of coconut, passionflower and quince, plus woody notes of sandalwood and cedar and at the end, in an empty glass, you can feel traces of balsamic and nutmeg notes. It has an exceptional length, elegance and is very distinct. A second lot shows floral aromas of orange blossom, hyacinthe, then honeysuckle during the slow oxidation process in the glass. Also found were notes of candid fruits and nutmeg, and in an empty glass lots of balsamic was found and a hint of saffron

    abV - (Alcohol by Volume) The standard measure for alcohol volume in beverages. It represents the amount of volume taken up by ethanol compared to the entire volume of the drink.

    aftertaste - The taste left on the palate after the wine has been swallowed. The persistence of the aftertaste - the length - may be used as an indicator of the quality of the wine.

    appellation dOrigine controlle (France) - Often abbreviated to AC or AOC, this is the highest legal classification for French wine. In order to qualify for the AC, wines must be produced from grapes grown within a geographically defined area, and conform to regulations concerning grape varieties, yields, alcohol content and so on.

    band - Paper placed around the cigar, usually near the head, originally used to protect white gloves from tobacco stains. Merchants quickly seized the idea and began using it as a place to put their brand name.

    bouquet - The smell of an unlit cigar.

    bitter - Bitterness of hops or malt husks used in beer production. It means the aftertaste sensation left

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