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eTapestry Product Roadmap - eTapestry User Group 2013

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  • 1.AGENDA 9am to 10amWelcome Jeremy Vanscoy, Toney Boor and Mike Rusche10am to 10:15am 10:15am to 11:30am 11:30am to 1pm 1pm to 2:15pm 2:15pm to 2:30pm 2:30pm to 3:45pm 4pm to 4:15pmBreak Breakout Sessions Lunch and Tour of Blackbaud Indy offices Breakout Sessions Break Breakout Sessions Prizes!

2. ETAP USER GROUPNovember 14, 20113 Indianapolis, IN Mike Rusche, eTapestry Product Manager 3. TWEET ABOUT YOUR SESSION #ETAPHORIZON #BLKBETAP #MRUSCHE #ETAPUSERGROUP 4. Introductions 5. Introductions Mike Rusche Has been with Blackbaud 14 Years Product Manager for the eTapestry software. Started when eTapestry was first developed. Initially did everything (sales, finance, take the trash out) and then moved on to head up Support, Training and eventually eCommerce before moving over to Product Management. 6. Introductions Lisa Wang Uses eTap 3 days a week on average Works for a Social Outreach Program Is the main user of eTap, but also coordinates the volunteer program and picks up the mail and answers the phone and buys the office supplies and, and, and and you get the picture. Oh did I mention she only 30 hours per week. 7. Introductions Leanne Waters Uses eTap 5 days a week Works for a Healthcare Foundation Logs into eTap when she arrives in the morning and is in it until she shuts down her computer to leave. Is the main user, who is responsible for all things eTap from making sure that gifts get in to running reports for the board to everything in-between. She is all eTapestry all the time. 8. Focus on the Customer I dont need a software, I need a tool that works with me to help me get my job done. A tool that is powerful and efficient to use.I need something that is easy to learn and use. Something that gives me the same power as a larger organization without all the cost. 9. Focus on the Customer Two very different users Two very different organizations No extra time to struggle with their software. Same types of challenges when it comes to their donor management software. 10. How is Blackbaud Helping? 11. Blackbaud is helping Organizations By: Conducting Discoverywww.blackbaud.com/discovery 12. Blackbaud is helping Organizations By: Talking to customers 13. Blackbaud is helping Organizations By: Iterating, Iterating, Iterating 14. Blackbaud is helping Organizations By: Engineering to solve a need. 15. Blackbaud is helping Organizations By: Releasing updates to eTapestry that save time and anticipate your needs. 16. Lets Look at how Blackbaud is Helping 17. Blackbaud is Helping With. Easier Navigation Dynamic Search Embedded DIY Pages Visual Updates Outlook Integration Update 18. Easier Navigation The new menu is a real time saver for navigating all the different places I need to go in eTap!!This new menu is so much easier to remember when I dont login everyday! 19. Dynamic Search I love the Dynamic Search because it gets me to the account I am looking for more quickly.Less clicks means saved time and I need all the time I can get! 20. Dynamic Search It would be great if I could go to the journal right from that search drop down box. 21. DIY Embedded Pages DIY embedded Now that is what I am talking about Blackbaud. Giving me a tool that really helps!forms gives me a donation form that looks like our website without the big cost. 22. Visual Updates My eyes thank you!The new look is fresh and clean. Looks like a whole new product! 23. Outlook Integration Update Thank you Blackbaud for making my new Outlook version work with Blackbaud! 24. And more to come! 25. Printing in eTapestry I just want to hit a button to print what I am looking at on the screen. 26. NCOA IntegrationI need to run an NCOA on my records. Can eTap help me with that? 27. Gift Entry I enter a lot of gifts. There has to be a better way to do that without all of those extra fields. Do I have to see all of them?Is that really and accordion menu? Really, what does Final mean? 28. Gift Entry 29. Gift Entry Updating an accounts address from the gift screen equals TIME SAVER!Thank you for only showing me the fields I have to enter. 30. So What is Next? 31. So What is Next? I have more and more donors asking me about being able to donate from their phone. Can you help?Is there any way we could process credit cards via a mobile device? That would be great when we are at an event! 32. eTapestry, Ecommerce and Mobile Integration with Blackbaud Mobile Pay.DIY Pages Mobile Compatible 33. So What is Next? I wish I had a better understanding of the whole Social Media thing. How do I connect with my donors that way? 34. Social Media and eTapestry How many of you know someone who uses some type of social media? How many of you use some type of social media? How many of you keep your social media profile up-to-date? In a life event, how many of you would update your social media account before you updated your bank? 35. Social Media and eTapestry What is the issue our customers are trying to solve with Social Media? What information do our customers want brought in from Social Media into eTapestry? How do our customers want eTapestry to interact with Social Media? 36. So What is Next?Seems like we work so hard to get a donor and then we lose them so quickly! 37. Donor Retention For every 100 donors, organizations gained in 2012, they lost 105 donors.* How many of you know your current donor retention rate? Do you know how much it costs to acquire a new donor vs keeping an existing donor? Would you do something to try and keep a donor if you knew they were ready to stop giving to your organization? *FEP Final Report 2013 38. Donor Retention What do our customers want to see about a donors retention status? How would our customers use that information? What actions do our customers want to take once they know that information?*FEP Final Report 2013 39. So How is Blackbaud Helping? 40. So What is Next? Discover, Design and Engineer items that: Save you time Save you money Connect you with your donors Make eTapestry a tool and not just a product 41. TWEET ABOUT YOUR SESSION #ETAPHORIZON #BLKBETAP #MRUSCHE #ETAPUSERGROUP

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