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bbcon 2013
  • 1.10/7/2013 #bbcon 1 eTapestrys DIY Online Forms PRESENTED BY KIMBERLY HAMMER

2. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 2 Overview of DIY Forms NEW Embeddable Template! Setting Up a Donation Page - Including Some Best Practices Setting Up a Contact Page AGENDA 3. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 3 OVERVIEW OF DIY FORMS 4. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 4 What are DIY Forms? - Do-It-Yourself forms are useful for online giving, event registrations, volunteer registrations, membership, and email signups. We call these DIY forms because you can do everything yourself: set them up, design them, edit them, and publish them. How-to documentation: Getting Started with Do-It-Yourself Forms - Set Up Transaction Processor - Set Up Confirmation Email Template - Set Up User Defined Fields - Set Up Funds, Campaigns, and Approaches - Create DIY Forms - Save and Publish DIY Forms - Manage DIY Forms OVERVIEW OF DIY FORMS 5. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 5 ACCESSING ONLINE FORMS To access your DIY Forms: Click the Management tab > under the Online Presence column click DIY Forms. 6. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 6 ACCESSING ONLINE FORMS If you do not have any DIY Forms, your DIY Forms page will look like this: Youll want to click on the Take a Walkthrough button and watch the three videos reviewing the DIY Forms: Create a Form Edit and Publish Your Forms 7. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 7 TYPES OF ONLINE FORMS To create an Online Form, simple click on the box for the type of page you would like to create. 8. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 8 TRANSACTION FORMS The Online Giving, Event Registration, and Membership Signup Pages are transaction-based forms. Submissions via these forms come in to eTapestry as gift journal entries. That means you will need to select a Fund, Campaign, & Approach. Fund might be the only required Field in your database but we recommend tracking a Campaign and Approach on every transaction. 9. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 9 ONLINE GIVING PAGE This page creates a gift transaction on a new or existing Account. With an Online Giving Page, you can: Allow donors to give to a list of Funds or simply direct their gifts to one specific fund that they do not get to choose. Provide: Giving Levels, allow donors to specify their own amount, or a combination of both options. Automatically assign Values to Fields with the Hidden Fields. Send a Donor Confirmation E-mail and/or send an e-mail to staff when a donation occurs. 10. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 10 ONLINE GIVING PAGE The donation page is a general online donation page where donors can go to make one-time and recurring donations. The donation page does not require any user defined fields. However, the Donation Amount must remain on your form. The Donation Frequency can be turned on or off. 11. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 11 EVENT REGISTRATION PAGE This page creates a gift transaction on a new or existing Account. This page requires you to have a Ticket Quantity User Defined Field on the Transaction so you can see how many tickets a donor wanted: 1, 2, 3, etc. tickets. You cannot use this page for a Free or no-cost event. You would use a Contact Page for that. If you want to sell tickets to an Event, and your event has only one ticket price (i.e., each ticket costs $50 whether you buy one ticket or several), then you can effectively utilize this to sell tickets to your event. If you sell one ticket for $50 and two tickets are only $75 then this is not the functionality you want to use. To offer this you would need to utilize the eStore (Cart) Module. 12. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 12 EVENT REGISTRATION PAGE The event registration page is where individuals sign up to attend a special event your organization is hosting. If you use event registration forms, you must include a user defined field to track Ticket Quantity. 13. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 13 MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP PAGE This page creates a gift transaction on a new or existing Account. You cannot use this page for a Free or no-cost memberships. You would use a Contact Page for that. You must associate a price for each Membership Level and only one membership can be purchased through the page at a time. The Membership Type field is optional, example: New, Renewal, and Gift If you want to sell multiple memberships at one time then this is not the functionality you want to use. To offer this you would need to utilize the eStore (Cart) Module. 14. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 14 MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP PAGE The membership signup page is where individuals can purchase a membership to your organization. If you use membership signup forms, you must include a user defined field to track Membership Level. The Membership Type is optional. 15. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 15 NON-TRANSACTION FORMS The Contact and Volunteer Page options are both forms that import data into eTapestry as Journal Contacts. Because submissions via these forms come in as contacts, enter the Journal Contact Subject text you want recorded for each contact. The other general settings are the same across all form types. Notice that there are no options for Fund, Campaign, and Approach. This is because submissions via these page types come in as Contacts rather than Gift journal entries 16. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 16 MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP PAGE This page creates a contact on the journal of a new or existing Account. You can use this page to allow people to sign-up for: Newsletter Additional Contact To allow volunteers to self-report their volunteer hours Free Events or Membership Sign-up 17. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 17 CONTACT PAGE The contact page option allows donors to sign up to receive emails or newsletters from your organization. No user defined fields are required to create and publish a contact form. However, you can add any additional user defined fields for additional information your organization wants to gather. 18. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 18 VOLUNTEER PAGE This page creates a contact on the journal of a New or Existing Account. This would be an excellent page to have potential volunteers complete a volunteer application. Any application that does not require a charge/fee to be charged would be appropriate for your database could be created with this page type, not just volunteer applications. This page could also be used to track Volunteer Hours but there are three Fields that are automatically held for use on this page that may not apply: Volunteer Availability Volunteer Skills Volunteer Interest 19. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 19 VOLUNTEER PAGE The volunteer page allows constituents to go online and register as volunteers for your organization. The volunteer page does not require any user defined fields; however, we recommend you have the following three: Volunteer Availability Constituents can select the days of the week they are available. Volunteer Interest Constituents can select their interests in regards to volunteering with your organization. Make sure the options/values match the options available at your organization. Volunteer Skills Make the values/options match the skills you find desirable in volunteers. 20. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 20 NEW EMBEDDABLE TEMPLATE 21. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 21 Make your DIY page look and feel like your organizations website! NEW EMBEDDABLE TEMPLATE! 22. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 22 We recommend using the embeddable template for embedded pages - The other templates do not look as seamless when embedded - The embeddable template will take on the background color of the website unless you set a background color o There is a button to remove background color, but it defaults to no color on the embeddable template Fonts are limited to the fonts available in DIY No Sharing Links on the embeddable template - They are designed to share the URL to the DIY page rather than the URL to your organizations website The DIY Form is secure even if it is embedded on an unsecured page. - We recommend embedding it on a secure page because some browsers may display a warning when the page is not secure A page only need to be re-embedded on your website if you edit the length of the DIY page. - Lengthening or shortening the page by adding or removing elements/text NEW EMBEDDABLE TEMPLATE! 23. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 23 SETTING UP A DONATION PAGE 24. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 24 1. A Photo - You should have some kind of visual that will show why the money is needed or who is being helped, preferably a program participant/consumer NOT some stock photo you found online. 2. A BRIEF description of the need - People arent going to read an entire essay, get to the point and add a couple of links to additional info that your potential donor may want to know more about. And dont forget to say thank you ahead of time. 3. Example of what a donation will provide - This can be very powerful, connecting an actual dollar amount to specific things that the nonprofit does. Create the list with your program participants in mind and show what will be provided and for how long for that specific dollar amount. DONATION PAGE BEST PRACTICES 25. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 25 4. How to Donate - This may seem like a given, but you really need to make sure everyone can donate offline as well as online. For offline donations, give them a downloadable form that matches your online form, has your logo/header, and mailing instructions. Let people know up front what online system you are using to process their payment so they feel secure. 5. Let the donor make choices - Letting the donors have some control may create a little more accounting effort on your part, but will have big rewards when you see your donations go up. Let them choose the program they want to contribute to, always leaving Area of Greatest Need as the default choice. Look at the donations you have been receiving on and offline to gauge the donation levels to set dont be afraid to go too high or to start a little higher you dont have to have a $20 option as long as youve got an other box. DONATION PAGE BEST PRACTICES 26. 10/7/2013 #bbcon 26 6. Recurring Donations - Dont miss an opportunity to receive regular monthly gifts. You can provide weekly, month

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