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Eternal Abyss

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Eternal Abyss

Eternal AbyssYoure hopeless!

You disgrace!

You worthless piece of filth; theres no rescue coming today!

This foggy mist is so thick

I can hardly see my hands or feet right in front of me.

Im so cold and starving

Like I havent eaten for weeks.

I cant recall a happy memory to dwell upon.

Why cant I see anything pass my feet?

I hear voices echoing in the distance

That say Im no good and Im wasting my time searching for a mythical light

It doesnt exist and I should submit to the doubt, seclusion, and despair then disappear.

I refuse to believe this, but Im so cold

Ive got no memories or anything comforting to hold on to.

The voices are getting louder and stronger, making them difficult to overpower

Theyre constantly watching every breath I take and judging every decision I make.

I cant tell if Im breathing air or if Im breathing at all

Are my feet even carrying me?

Perhaps I dont exist and should fade away.

I know I havent been a saint my entire life; Ive made mistakes that Im not proud of.

I remember bits and pieces of my past; its a struggle to retrace my steps.

How did I get in this situation?

The lights have vanished from sight; making the road impossible to find,

Every step I take I begin to understand that this is the scariest route Ive taken,

Not knowing where Im going is unsettling.

I could be walking around,

I could be floating around,

The only thing to do is wander around, aimlessly.

Perhaps one day Ill find my way.

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