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Ethics Lecture

Date post: 26-Jan-2016
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Ethic Lecture
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Introduction to Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Information Ethics Information Literacy Information Ethics Data Analytics
Page 1: Ethics Lecture

Introduction to Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Information EthicsInformation LiteracyInformation EthicsData Analytics

Page 2: Ethics Lecture
Page 3: Ethics Lecture

Business Intelligence

Quality Information

Functions5-ComponentSDLCInfo LiteracyEthicsDesign• Spreadsheet*• Database

Data Analytics

Big Data*Methods• Data Mining*• Text Mining*• OLAP*• Visualization*• Query


Benefits Components

Implement with:* Excel Access

Page 4: Ethics Lecture

Ethics & Analytics

Data Analytics

Information Ethics


Information Literacy

one process

Page 5: Ethics Lecture

Information Ethics Objectives• List and explain the three steps of information literacy

• Explain how information literacy can improve problem solving & decision making

• Define and recognize examples of ethical information dilemmas

• Identify three standards that may govern your actions regarding information ethics & contrast the consequences of using each

• Describe four types of data analytics.

Page 6: Ethics Lecture

Segment AInformation Literacy

Page 7: Ethics Lecture

Information Literacy

• Define what information is needed• Define what data is needed• Know how and where to obtain data• Define what processes are needed to turn data

into information

• Understand meaning of information

• Act appropriately based on information (use information legally and ethically)

Page 8: Ethics Lecture

Information Literacy ExampleAt a local convenience store, diaper sales on Friday evening accounted for a large percentage of total diaper sales for the week.

1. No particular brand, size or type of diaper accounted for the increase.

2. Diaper sales for the rest of the week were unaffected by Friday evening’s sales volume.

3. No other products in the store had a similar trend. 4. This trend had been going on since the store


You are the store manager. Your job is to maximize profits.

Page 9: Ethics Lecture

Segment B:Information Ethics

Page 10: Ethics Lecture

Ethical Information Dilemmas

•Misrepresent Data

• Fabricate Data

• Conceal Information

• Acquire Unauthorized Information

•Misdirected Information

Page 11: Ethics Lecture

Guidance for Business Professionals

• Laws

• Corporate Policy

• Ethical Behavior

Page 12: Ethics Lecture

Misdirected Information Scenario #1

Suppose you are buying a condo and you know that at least one other party is bidding against you. While agonizing over your best strategy, you stop at a local Starbucks. As you sip your latte, you overhear a conversation at the table next to yours. Three people are talking loudly enough that it is difficult to ignore them, and you soon realize that they are the real estate agent and the couple who is competing for the condo you want. They are preparing their offer.

Page 13: Ethics Lecture

Misdirected Information Scenario #2

Consider the same situation from a different perspective – instead of overhearing the conversation, suppose you receive that same information in an email. Perhaps an administrative assistant at the agent’s office confuses you and the other customer and mistakenly sends you the terms of the other party’s offer.

Page 14: Ethics Lecture

Misdirected Information Scenario #3

Suppose that you sell computer software. In the midst of a sensitive price negotiation, your customer accidentally sends you an internal email that contains the maximum amount that the customer can pay for your software.

Page 15: Ethics Lecture

How Will You Handle Misdirected Information?

• Ethical and legal are not synonymous.

• Establish your personal policy about dealing with information that is misdirected to you.

Page 16: Ethics Lecture

Segment C:Data Analytics

Page 17: Ethics Lecture

Types of Data Analytics

Slide courtesy of Richard Gomes, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Page 18: Ethics Lecture


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