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Ethics ten commandment

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  • 1. Jeremy Sananes Secondary IV Class 4C Presented to: Ms. Segal

2. 1. If you befriend those who are less popular or outcast, people will associate you with them and outcast you as well.Befriend those who are less popular anyway. 3. 2. Assisting in your community and volunteering to aid with little matters is time consuming and may feel like a burden.Assist with the little things anyway. 4. 3. You will be discriminated against for taking a stand against negative peer pressure.Stand up to negative peer pressure anyway. 5. 4. If you are yourself, unique and not conforming to societys template for you, people will see you as different and odd.Be yourself anyway. 6. 5. If you show compassion and care for others, people will see you as weak and vulnerable.Show compassion for others anyway. 7. 6. Trying your hardest and working to achieve the best possible consequence may not always result in the outcome you had hoped for.Try your hardest anyway. 8. 7. You will be ridiculed for failure, disappointments and not achieving what you had strived for.Never give up and try again anyway. 9. 8. Classmates and peers can be disrespectful, rude and arrogant.Respect them anyway. 10. 9. People can be selfish and closedminded in their thoughts and manners.Value their thoughts and manners anyway. 11. 10. An adolescents life can seem painful, unpredictable and unfair.Love your life anyway.

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The Paradoxical Commandments of an Adolescent’s Life Jeremy Sananes Secondary IV Class 4C Presented to: Ms. Segal
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