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  • San Gabriel Mission Catholic Church

    June 11, 2017

    Saturday/Sbado 8:00 AM - Chapel (English) 5:30 PM - Chapel (English/Vigil) 7:00 PM - Chapel (Vietnamese Vigil) Confessions/ Confesiones Saturday/ Sbado 4:00 PM 5:00 PM - Chapel/ Capilla


    7:00 AM - Mission (English) 8:00 AM - Chapel (English) 9:30 AM - Mission English) 9:30 AM - Capilla (Espaol) 11:15 AM - Chapel (English) 1:00 PM - Capilla (Espaol) 3:00 PM - Chapel (Vietnamese) 5:00 PM - Chapel (English) 7:00 PM - Capilla (Espaol)

    Weekdays/Entre Semana 6:30 AM - Chapel (English) 12 Noon - Chapel (English) 6:30 PM - Capilla (Espaol) 7:30 PM - First Friday Only (Vietnamese)

    ADORATION/ADORACION 5:30 PM Monday - Chapel (English) 5:30 PM Jueves - Capilla (Espaol) 7:00 PM Wednesday - Chapel (Filipino) 7:00 PM 1st Thursday of the Month Only - Chapel (Vietnamese)


    Rev. Tony Diaz, CMF - Pastor Rev. Paulus Marandi, CMF Associate Pastor Rev. Theo Fuentes, CMF - Associate Rev. Valentin Ramon, CMF - Associate Rev. Ray Smith, CMF Associate Rev. Long Van Nguyen, SVD

    Deacon Couples: Fernando, Jr. & Yolanda Aranda;

    Guido & Violeta Zamalloa


    Weekdays/Entre Semana 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM & 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Saturday & Sunday/sbado y domingo 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM & 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM

    GIFT SHOP HOURS Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-4:30 PM; Sunday

    10:00 AM-4:00 PM


    Gift Shop is Closed: New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving,

    Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.


    First Reading The LORD, merciful and gracious, rich in kindness and faithfulness (Exodus 34:4b-6, 8-9). Psalm Glory and praise for ever! (Daniel 3). Second Reading Brothers and sisters, rejoice. Live with one another in peace, and the God of peace will be with you (2 Corinthians 13:11-13). Gospel God did not send the Son to condemn the world, but to give it abundant life (John 3:16-18).

    The English translation of the Psalm Responses from Lectionary for Mass 1969, 1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.

    LECTURAS DE HOY DOMINGO DE LA SANTISIMA TRINIDAD Primera lectura -Moiss subi6 al Monte Sina y luego el Seor paso delante de el (xodo 34:4b-6, 8-9). Salmo- Gloria y alabanza por siempre! (Daniel3) Segunda lectura-Trabajen para ser perfectos, anmense, tengan un mis-mo sentir y vivan en paz. Y el Dios del amor y de la paz estar con uste-des (2 Corintios 13:11-13). Evangelio -Dios mand6 a su Hijo nico al mundo para salvar el mundo por el. (Juan 3:16-18).

    Salmo responsorial: Leccionario Hispanoamericano Dominica! 1970, Comisi6n Episcopal Espafiola. Usado con permiso. Todos los derechos reservados.

    Staffed by the Claretian Missionaries U.S.A. ( C.M.F) 428 S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel, Ca. 91776 Tel: (626)457-3035

    Fax: (626) 282-5308 www.sangabrielmissionchurch.org

  • PARISH ADMINISTRATION Business Manager Al Snchez Office Manager Joana Albarez Secretaries: Vanessa Retzepis Delia Carrillo Laura Hidalgo Maintenance Manager: Jos Padrn

    GIFT SHOP Gift Shop Manager: Teresa Galeazzi 626-457-3048

    WORSHIP Worship Coordinator Guillermo Moreno Worship Committee Chairperson: Terri Reyes 626-570-9844 Director of Music Ministry: Ralph Mohutsky 626-235-8957 EVANGELIZATION Small Faith Communities Coordinator: Conchita Prieto 626-576-7749

    FAITH FORMATION Director of Faith Formation: Gigi Galardi 626-457-3043 English Coordinator: Connie Perez Ext. 834 Administrative Clerk Georgina Mayorga Youth Ministry: Bart Rando QUINCEAERA PROGRAM Nanette Rincn: 626-202-7422

    DOMINICAN SISTERS OF MISSION SAN JOSE Sister Georgette Coulombe, O.P. 626-284-9585 OUTREACH Christian Service Program Director: Greg Quioan 626-289-5165 FINANCES Finance Council Chairperson: Algis Marciuska 626-457-3034 Vietnamese Council Chairperson: Quan Tran 626-674-8493


    Thank you for your sacrificial offerings in the Sunday collection. We appreciate your support for the financial needs of the parish. Gracias por sus ofrendas en la colecta del domingo. Apreciamos mucho su apoyo a las necesidades de la Parroquia. The offering total for the week of June 4th, was: $12,569.392

    SGMHS Alumna Receives 2017 Outstanding Older American Award

    RENOVATE AND CELEBRATE \This weekend, a second collection will be taken during all the Masses for our grassroots campaign for Church up-keep and improvements. Thank you to all who contrib-ute each moth in this endeavor.

    RENOVAR Y CELEBRAR Este fin de semana, tomaremos una segunda colecta du-rante todas las Misas Gracias por contribuir a nuestro esfuerzo.

    Sunday Offerings/ Ofrendas Dominicales

    Bless those Who Bless You

    Next weekend marks the annual invitation for each of us to contribute to the Priest Retirement Fund for our priests in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. At all of our Masses next week we will ask that you and your families consider making a gift to this vital appeal. You may have received a letter asking you to renew your gift this year. I encourage you to complete that pledge card and mail it at your convenience. We will also have pledge envelopes available next weekend for you to make a gift. Thank you for your continued prayers for our priests and for considering making a gift in their hon-or.

    Bendice A Los Que Te Bendicen

    El prximo fin de semana marca la invitacin anual para que cada uno de nosotros contribuya al Fondo de Retiro para los Sacerdotes en la Arquidicesis de Los ngeles. En todas nuestras Misas le pediremos que consideren hacer un donativo a este llamamiento vital. Es posible que haya recibido una carta pidindole que renueva su donativo. Le animo a completar esa tarjeta de prpmesa y enviarla por correo a su conveniencia. Tambin tendremos sobres de compromiso para que usted pueda hacer un regalo. Gracias por sus oraciones por nuestros sacerdotes, Y por sus donativos en honor del servicio que nuestros sacerdotes nos han dado.

    San Gabriel Mission High School is pleased to announce that Alumna Sue Notheis, Class of 1960, was recently honored with the 2017 San Gabriel Outstanding Older American Award for her community service and contributions for the better-ment of the city and its citizens. In the words of Raquel Cagigas, also an Alum and Assis-tant Principal at SGMHS, Sue has a generous and giving nature as well as boundless energy and passion. Sue came out of retirement in 2008 when the principal at the time told her we were in need of a dance teacher. Through her employment she boosted the performing arts program at SGMHS not only with her classes, but by creating a student performance showcase and taking her students to other professional and semi-professional performances that further exposed our students to the arts which many do not have access to. Everyone who knows Sue knows she has a tremendous sense of humor and positive attitude, where fabulous is a staple in her vocabulary. Her joyful attitude spreads to all who are around her. Her San Gabriel Mission High School Family sends their congrat-ulations and love to Sue for this well deserved award.

  • HOLY TRINITY SUNDAY LETTER FROM THE PASTOR PAGE THREE In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We begin and end every gathering, event, prayer and liturgical moments with the invocation to the Holy Trinity. God chose to reveal Godself in this way: As Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit. There are many other names and titles that God has chosen to reveal Himself throughout history, but this trinity of names and titles is the dominant revelation in the New Testament. There is much theological reflection about the dynamic relationship be-tween the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the 12th century the schism (break up) between the East and West in the Church was largely due to the different understandings as to whether the Holy Spirit is giving by the Father only or through the Father and Son. It is amazing to imagine today that such break up should have taken place over different understandings of this internal relationship of the Holy Trin-ity, but such is the passion that drives theologians. When I was in seminary one summer I was helping out at youth detention center. The topic of the Holy Trinity came up in a conversation with a 15 year old boy. I found it difficult to explain to him how God is one and yet three dis-tinct persons. Then after a while he said: let me see if I can understand what you are saying. I have a sister who is mar-ried and has children. To me she is my sister; to her hus-band she is a wife and to her children she is a mother. She is the same woman and yet she is three distinct persons to me, to her husband, and to her children. When I heard this young boy say this I thought: he is no theologian, but he has a good notion of the Holy Trinity. This example of the teenager might not be perfect, but it does help to understand the One nature of God manifested in three distinct persons. In the same way that we relate to our parents differently than with our brothers and sisters; we also relate differently to that which we call the Spirit. With our parents there is a sense of respect, awe and sense of honor. We can also have closeness, trust and intimacy, as in tenderness of love. For some however, their difficult relationship with their parents might make it difficult to relate to God as Father. In this case, the Son (my brother, friend, companion, Lord, Messi-ah) might become our link to God. As Jesus related and surrounded himself with sinners, perhaps he can bring us closer to God. And if neither the Father and Son can bring us closer to the divine, perhaps the Holy Spirit can do what the Father and Son are unable to accomplish. The Holy Spirit that inspires, consoles and guides is the same Oneness of God. Long live the Holy Trinity! The Holy Trinity is Gods creativity in drawing us closer to Him! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Fr. Tony Diaz, CMF Pastor

    En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo, y del Esp-ritu Santo. Empezamos y terminamos toda reunin, evento, oracin, y momentos litrgicos con la invocacin de la Santsima Trinidad.

    Dios decidi revelarse a s mismo en esta manera: como Padre, Hijo y Espritu Santo. Hay muchos otros nombres y ttulos con los cuales Dios se ha revelado en la historia, pero este trio de nombres y ttulos son los que predominan en el Nuevo Testamento. En la historia de la iglesia tene-mos mucha reflexin teolgica sobre la relacin dinmica entre el Padre, Hijo y Espritu Santo. En el siglo 12 el cis-ma que ocurri entre la iglesia oriental y occidental fue causada en gran parte por la diferencia de interpretacin de como procede el Espritu Santo; si viene solo del Padre o del Padre y el Hijo. Parece exagerado imaginar hoy que tal cisma pudo haber sido creado por una diferencia de c-mo se vive la relacin interna de la Santsima Trinidad, pero tal es la pasin que mueve a telogos. Cuando cursaba por el seminario un verano tuve la oportunidad de ayudar en un centro de detencin para j-venes. El tema de la Santsima Trinidad sali en la conver-sacin con un joven de 15 aos. Tuve dificultad en expli-carle al joven como Dios es uno y tres distintas personas a la vez. Despus de un buen tiempo me dijo el joven: deja ver si entiendo lo que dices. Yo tengo una hermana que est casada y tiene hijos. Para mi ella es mi hermana; para su esposo ella es su esposa; y para sus hijos ella es madre. Ella es la misma mujer y a la vez tres distintas personas para m, su esposo y sus hijos. Cuando escuche a este joven pens: este joven no es un telogo, pero tiene una nocin buena de la Santsima Trinidad. Este ejemplo del joven no es quizs perfecto, pero si til para entender que Dios es uno y trino a la vez. En la misma manera que nuestra relacin con nuestros padres es diferente que la relacin con nuestros hermanos; al igual, la relacin con el Espritu tambin es diferente. La relacin con nuestros padres est basada en gran parte en el respeto, reverencia y honor. Tambin podemos tener cercana e intimidad (relacin cariosa). Para algunos, quizs, sus relaciones difciles con sus padres les dificulta acercarse a Dios como Padre. En este caso, el Hijo (como hermano, amigo, compaero, Seor, o Mesas) puede ser nuestra conexin con Dios. As como Jess buscaba y se rodeaba de pecadores, quizs, l puede acercarnos a Dios. Y si ni el Padre o el Hijo son capaces de acercarnos a Dios, quizs, el Espritu Santo puede hacer lo que el Padre y el Hijo no pueden hacer. El Espritu Santo que inspira, con-suela y gua es el mismo Dios. Viva la Santsima Trini-dad! La Santsima Trinidad es la creatividad de Dios que busca atraernos a l. En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo, y del Espritu Santo.

    Fr. Tony Diaz, CMF Parroco

  • PAGINA CUATRO The Family that prays together stays together 11 DE JUNIO, 2017 SATURDAY, June 10th 8:00 AM Marciana Motos, Elisa Lim & Elena & Luisito Bautista RIP 5:30 PM Luis Enriquez & Robert Garcia, RIP

    SUNDAY, June 11th 8:00AM Fr. Ralph Berg, CMF, S. Int. Richard Reynoso, RIP 9:30AM Leonza Mejia Flores, RIP Angie Campos, S. Int. Sara Dillon, RIP Irma Margarita Candelas, S. Int. 11:15AM Ellen Wagner, S. Int. Ruth Exconde, RIP Adela Loyola Mercado, RIP Margarita Becerril, RIP 1:00PM Leopoldo Hernandez, RIP Sara Dillon, RIP; Ofelia Muniz, S. Int. 5:00PM Lilian Luk, Valentia, Valerie, & Vivienne Cheung, S. Int. 7:00PM Elva Reyes, S. Int. Old Mission 7:00 AM Thanksgiving Mass to St. Jude 9:30 AM Paul Fou, RIP Ray Gomez, RIP

    MONDAY, June 12th 6:30 AM Vu Quynh, S. Int. 12:00 PM Elva Reyes, RIP 6:30 PM Alonso Rodriguez, RIP

    TUESDAY, June 13th 6:30 AM Joseph, RIP; Mrs. Hoa, S. Int. 12:00 PM Jose Cabral, RIP 6:30 PM Elva Reyes, S. Int.

    WEDNESDAY, June 14th 6:30 AM Dominico, All Souls & the unborn, RIP 12:00 PM Cabral Family, S. Int. 6:30 PM Elva Reyes, S. Int.

    THRUSDAY, June 15th 6:30 AM Dominic Ngo Tri Trang, RIP Henrietta Garcia, RIP Linda Regalado, RIP 12:00 PM Claretian Priests, S. Int. 6:30 PM Elva Reyes, S. Int

    FRIDAY, June 16th 6:30 AM Quyen Family, S. Int; All Souls, RIP 12:00 PM Thomas Sang Vu, RIP Sara Dillon, RIP Simon Trujillo, Jr., RIP 6:30 PM Elva Reyes, S. Int.

    SATURDAY, June 17th 8:00 AM Elva Reyes, S. Int. 5:30 PM Cortez Family & Stanley & Socorro Sperling, RIP

    San Gabriel Mission Parish Activities

    Sunday, June 11th 8:00 AM San Gabriel Mission Food Pantry Parish Hall 8:00 AM Guadalupanas Salon Helen 9:00 AM Vietnamese Youth Choir Room 3 10:00 AM Father Flavians Memorial Mass Reception Parish Hall 10:00 AM English Choir Room 3 12:00 PM Brazos Abiertos Salon 3 2:30 PM Youth Ministry Room 2 3:00 PM Brazos Abiertos Centro Parroquial 3:00 PM Childrens Choir Practice Helens Room 4:30 PM Brazos Abiertos Salon 2 5:00 PM La Anunciacion Choir Practice Salon Helen

    Monday, June 12th 9:30 AM W.O.W Women of Worship Helens Room 5:30 PM Adoration for Vocations Chapel 6:30 PM La Anunciacion Salon Helen 7:00 PM Estudio de Biblia Salon 3

    Tuesday, June 13th 9:00 AM English/Citizenship Class Conference Room 7:00 PM Rosary/Rosario a Nuestra Sra. De Fatima Salon 2

    Wednesday, June 14th 6:30 PM La Estudiantina Salon 2 6:30 PM Lectores Salon 3 7:00 PM VIRTUS TRAINING PT II Parish Hall

    Thursday, June 15th 5:30 PM Adoracion por las Vocaciones Capilla 6:30 PM La Anunciacion Salon Helen 7:30 PM Brazos Abiertos Centro Parroquial, Salones 2 & 3 8:00 PM Tin Mung Choir Library

    Friday, June 16th 7:00 PM Brazos Abiertos Salon 2 7:00 PM La Anunciacion Helens Room 7:00 PM English Prayer Group Room 3

    Saturday, June 17th 6:00 AM BRAZOS REFURBISH PROJECT PARISH HALL 8:00 AM Men of Promise 9:30 AM Lectors Library 10:00 AM Quinceaera Class Room 3 3:00 PM La Anunciacion Salon Helen 7:00 PM Encuentro Matrimonial Salon 3

    Mejor reza uno cuando no sabe que esta rezando. San Antonio de Padua

    The members of the San Gabriel Mission extend our deepest sympathy to the families of:

    Jose Cabral


    Faith Formation Office: Gigi Galardi, Connie Perez, Georgina Mayorga 626-457-3041


    Registration is now open for all programs, for de-tails please call the Faith Formation Office 626-988-9288 or come to the Rectory Office and pick up your application

    Faith Formation Summer Hours Mon Thurs: 11:00am 9:00pm Fri Sun: Closed

    Congratulations to all our students who were wel-comed to the table of the Lord for the first time this past Saturday. May this first Communion not be their last. Also, to our Spanish speaking Adults who completed the initiation into the Catholic church by receiving their Confirmation. May God bless you all in abundance now and always.

    An Invitation To Serve

    We are calling people to live out a vocation! Serving as a catechist is more than simple volunteerism. It is more than performing a function. It is more than filling a slot. It is a vocation: a call from God to serve his Church! Perhaps this notion of catechists as having a vocation is new to you. In days gone by, we thought of vocations as pertaining to priests and nuns. While that is true, all people have a vocation: a call to live a life of holiness. Being a catechist is one of them. As a catechist you can use this opportunity to grow in your faith, in your relationship with the Lord, and in holiness. You will not merely be teaching kids, you will be a living symbol of Gods love working through you. Our children are the upcoming church and the joy and gratification of being part of that growth is immeasura-ble. The bonds created as you plant the seeds of faith will last a life time. Believe me, as a catechist for 30 years I know the joys of great courage knowing that God is always with them. You will not be alone, we offer year round training, retreats, and in-service sessions for all parts of the litur-gical year and will be there every step of the way. You will become part of our family and develop life-long friendships with other catechists while you serve the Lord and grow in your faith. Please answer the call.. Wont you say yes?

    Invitacin para Servir

    Estamos llamando a la gente a vivir una vocacin! Servir como catequista es algo ms que un simple voluntariado. Es ms que realizar una funcin. Es ms que llenar un espa-cio. Es una vocacin: un llamado de Dios para servir a su Iglesia! Tal vez esta nocin de ver a catequistas con tener una vo-cacin es nuevo para usted. En los das pasados, pensamos en las vocaciones como pertenecientes a los sacerdotes y monjas. Mientras eso es cierto, todas las personas tienen una vocacin: un llamado a vivir una vida de santidad. Ser catequista es uno de ellos. Como catequista puede aprovechar esta oportunidad para crecer en su fe, en su relacin con el Seor y en la santidad. No estars simplemente enseando a los nios, sers un smbolo vivo del amor de Dios trabajando a travs de ti. Nuestros hijos son la prxima Iglesia y la alegra y gratifi-cacin de ser parte de ese crecimiento es inconmensurable. Los lazos creados cuando plantan las semillas de la fe dura-rn toda la vida. Crame, como catequista durante 30 aos, conozco las alegras de un gran valor sabiendo que Dios siempre est con ellos. No estars solo, ofrecemos entrenamiento durante todo el ao, retiros y sesiones en servicio para todas las partes del ao litrgico y estaremos all en cada paso del camino. Usted se convertir en parte de nuestra familia y desarro-llar amistades duraderas con otros catequistas mientras usted sirve al Seor y crece en su fe. Por favor contesta la llamada ... .. No dices "s"?


    Ya estn abiertas las Registraciones para todos nuestros programas, para mas detalles por favor llame a la Oficina de Formacion al, 626-988-9288 o venga a la Rectoria para recoger su aplicacin.

    HORARIO DE VERANO PARA LA OFICINA DE FOROMACION Lunes Jueves: 11:00 AM9:00 PM Viernes Domingo: Cerrado

    Felicidades a todos nuestros estudiantes que fueron bienve-nidos a la mesa de Dios por primera vez este sbado pasa-do. Que esta, su primera Comunion, no sea la ultima. Felicidades tambin, para nuestros Adultos del programa en Espaol que recibieron su iniciacin de Confirmacion a la Iglesia Catolica. Que Dios los bendiga a todos con sus abundantes gracias.

  • PAGE SIX www.sangabrielmissionchurch.org JUNE 11, 2017

    They pray best, those who do not know that they are praying. St. Anthony of Padua

    Finger Prints/ Huellas Digitales

    San Gabriel Pastoral Region

    SAN GABRIEL MISSION CHURCH, July/julio 24 428, S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel 91776 626-457-3035


    KEEPING THE PROMISE ALIVE SAN GABRIEL MISSION, June 14 428 S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel 91776 Please call for appointment 626-457-3035


    Manteniendo Viva A La Promesa MISION DE SAN GABRIEL, Junio 21 428 S. Mision Dr. San Gabriel 91776 Para una cita llame 626-457-3035

    (must have valid ID/Se necesita Identificacin valida)

    2017-2018 San Gabriel Mission Royal


    Royal Court is open to all young women between the ages of 16 to 18, single and a member of the San Gabriel Mis-sion Parish or attend San Gabriel Mission High School. Deadline to turn in application is July 9th, 2017. Please turn in completed form to the parish Rectory Office.

    Application forms can be found at the church entrance or the Rectory Office. For more infor-mation, please con-tact Nanette Rincon at 626-202-7422.

    BULLETINS for July 9th are due EARLY! Please send any articles or announcements for this issue to Joana by June 23rd. Thank you!

    El BOLETIN para el 9 de Julio, se debe de entregar temprano. Por favor, mande sus artculos o anuncios a Joana a mas tardar el 23 de Junio. Gracias!


    SATURDAY, June 24 5:30 - 9:00 PM


    MISA para Familias de los Encarcelados

    IGLESIA SAN ANTONIO, 26 de Junio 7:00 PM

    1901 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel

    Families of the Incarcerated MASS

    ST. ANTHONY CHURCH, June 26 @ 7 PM 1901 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel

    Families of the Incarcerated


    THEME: The boy who goes into Prison is not the man that comes out.

    Our Lady of Grace- June 24 10 am to 12 pm 5011 White Oak Ave Encino, Ca 91316

    We also offer Van Services to: Wayside, Soledad/Salinas, Avenal, Pleasant Valley, Chuckawalla, Pelican Bay, and Ironwood. You can find our pamphlet in the Vestibule at the Church entrance.


    Familias de los Encarcelados

    Tambin ofrecemos Servicio de Camin para: Wayside, Soledad/Salinas, Avenal, Pleasant Valley, Chuckawalla, Pelican Bay, and Ironwood. Busque nuestro panfleto en el vestbulo, a la entrada de la Iglesia.


    Fr. Robert Bishop, CMF August 4-12, 2017

    This will be our 8th annual pilgrimage to this incredibly holy Shrine. Experience the beauty, peace and rejuvenation of spirit and faith as we spend a week basking in the love of Jesus, deep-ening our faith in the Holy Eucharist, and fellowshipping with one another. Come and see why we keep saying Its not WHATS in Alabama, its WHO'S in Commissioned by The Nio Divino, Mother Angelica left a legacy for us to share in. Enjoy daily Mass, tour EWTN, (see a live taping of Threshold of Hope with Fr. Mitch Pacha), enjoy spiritual talks, visit the Pope St. John Paul II Museum, and much more! Cost approx. $1100 all inclusive. Space limited.

    For more info call Albert & Mary Helen (626) 285-6687


    Dear Friends & Family of San Gabriel Mission,

    We have kick started the preparations for our annual Fiesta that will celebrate the 246th anniversary of the foundation of our beautiful San Gabriel Mission. Let us contemplate this event in the presence of our God as we consider the rich and beautiful diversity of languages, cultures and nationalities that are part of our parish. Tru-ly, this diversity is a blessing! The beautiful tapestry that is our San Gabriel Mission is made up of countless gen-erations, native and immigrant, that have left a witness of faith, hope and love in the hearts of the generations that followed. We stand on the shoulders of these previous generations and we are surrounded by brothers and sis-ters in Christ and families that want to continue to wit-ness the presence of God in the valley of San Gabriel. This is what our Fiesta celebrates; this is what moves us to celebrate the 246th anniversary of our beautiful San Gabriel Mission. Join us in rejoicing and celebrating this wonderful event! This year San Gabriel Mission will feature a Fiesta Car Raffle as part of our festivities on Labor Day week-end, September 1st-3rd. The Grand Prize will be a 2017 Nissan Versa or $10,000 in cash. The winner of the top prize can choose between either prizes. Our 2nd prize winner will receive $2,000 in cash, 3rd prize winner will receive $1,000 in cash and our 4th prize winner will re-ceive $500 in cash. Official rules regarding taxes and fees that apply to all winners are on our website.

    This endeavor can only be successful with your help and so we are counting on you to help us by selling two (2) books of raffle tickets. Keep in mind that a prize of $200 is awarded to the person who sells the most tickets, $100 for the second top seller, and $100 for the grand prize ticket seller. To be considered for top seller, please have all your ticket and money turned in by Thursday, August 31st. For each two (2) books of tickets you sell ($100), you can receive a Fiesta t-shirt at the Fiesta (while supplies last). If you are a MES or MHS school parent, you can choose to earn service hours by checking the correct box-es on the return envelope. Please return ticket stubs and money to the Fiesta table outside of Sunday masses be-ginning June 18th, or the Rectory office. Thank you for your help in making this years FIESTA a success! God bless you!

    Your brother in Christ and Mary, Fr. Manuel (Tony) Diaz, CMF Pastor Please note - due to IRS rules, we are no longer mailing out raffle tickets to our parishioners. Instead, we ask that you please present the enclosed post card to our Fiesta Car Raffle Booth that will be available after all masses beginning June 18th to pick up your tickets. Tickets are also avail-able for pickup from the Rectory Office.

    Queridos amigos y familias de la Misin de San Gabriel,

    Ya hemos empezado los preparativos para la Fiesta que celebrara el 246 aniversario de nuestra bella Misin de San Gabriel. Contemplemos este evento en presencia de Dios al considerar la bella diversidad de lenguas, culturas y naciona-lidades que son parte de nuestra parroquia. Verdaderamente esta diversidad es una bendicin! La imagen que radia nues-tra Misin de San Gabriel est compuesta por generaciones tanto nativas como inmigrantes de diferentes generaciones que han plasmado un testimonio de fe, esperanza y amor en los corazones de las generaciones que los siguieron. Estamos parados sobre los hombros de previas generaciones y esta-mos rodeados de hemanos/as y familias que desean continuar dando testimonio de la presencia de Dios en el valle de San Gabriel. Esto es lo que celebra nuestra Fiesta anual; esto es lo que nos mueve a celebrar el 246 aniversario de nuestra bella Misin de San Gabriel. Los invitamos para que se re-gocijen y celebren junto con nosotros! Este ao la Misin de San Gabriel rifar un coche nuevo durante la Fiesta que se celebrar durante el fin de semana del Da del Trabajo (septiembre 1-3). El premio mayor ser un Nissan Versa 2017 o $10,000 en efectivo. El ganador del premio mayor tendr la opcin de llevarse el coche o el dine-ro en efectivo. El segundo lugar se llevar $2,000 en efecti-vo; el tercer lugar $1,000; y el cuarto lugar $500. Las le-yes de impuestos y cargos por documentacin del coche y dinero en efectivo se pueden encontrar en la pgina de red de nuestra fiesta. Esta rifa es nuestro evento principal para recaudar fondos para la parroquia y nuestras escuelas. Su participacin es de suma importancia. Les pedimos que cada uno de ustedes venda por los menos dos (2) libros de boletos. La persona que venda ms boletos se le dar un premio de $200; $100 al segundo lugar de ventas; y $100 a la persona que venda el boleto del premio mayor. Para documentar al mejor vende-dor por favor entregue los recibos de los boletos y el dinero antes del da jueves, agosto 31. Por cada dos (2) libros de boletos vendidos ($100), usted recibir un camiseta de La Fiesta (mientras tengamos en bodega). Si ustedes son padres de familia de nuestras escue-las podrn ganar horas de servicio marcando la cajita indi-cada en el sobre. Por favor regrese los recibos de los boletos y el dinero a la rectora o en la mesa que estar fuera de la iglesia todos los domingos. Gracias por su colaboracin y por hacer de nuestra Fiesta y rifa todo un xito, para la Gloria de Dios el bien de nuestra parroquia y escuelas. Dios los bendiga!

    Suyo en Cristo y Mara, P. Manuel (Tony) Daz, CMF, Prroco

    Por favor note que de acuerdo a las leyes de IRS no podemos mandar por co-rreo los boletos de la rifa. Les pedimos que por favor presente la tarjeta inclui-da en esta carta a la mesa de la Rifa de la Fiesta que estar puesta fuera de la iglesia empezando en junio 18. Con esta tarjeta usted recibir sus boletas para vender. Tambin puede recoger sus boletos en la rectora.

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