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Date post:05-Jul-2015
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Our brief company introduction
  • 1. EuroTradeCon Ltd. promotion premium - tradingBrief introduction www.eurotradecon.hu

2. Basics

  • Established in 2002
  • Commerce of custom-made, custom designed gifts and premiums
    • Presentation of novelties and the newest premium trends for customers campaigns or for specific target groups
    • Questing, producing any kind of gifts&crafts after customers requests
    • Providing purchasing-outsourcing activities

www.eurotradecon.hu 3. Advantages of co-operation with EuroTradeCon Ltd.

  • Quick and flexible solutions
  • Providing unusual marketing tools
  • Direct representation of Far-Eastern manufacturers
  • Very competitive prices
  • Low cost logo printing
  • Professional services, professional staff with dedicated account manager

www.eurotradecon.hu 4. Projects in we might be the BEST (e.g.)

  • Questing lighters with USB memory stick
  • Purchasing 5,000 pcs. of unique premiums, which fit the companys image
  • Purchasing 25,000 pcs. of four-color, custom shaped plastic/tin box for specific promotion
  • Planning and designing unique games and toys in large quantities
  • Supporting promotional wear needs (Gildan, Sols)

www.eurotradecon.hu 5. Projects in we might NOT be the BEST (e.g.)

  • Purchasing 500 pcs. of one-color printed mugs
  • Purchasing 1,000 pcs. of plastic ballpoint pen for office needs
  • Umbrella and baseball hats (in small quantities)

www.eurotradecon.hu 6. A selection from our wide product range www.eurotradecon.hu Bangers for sport/outdoor events MegaHorn for sport events Different clappers for sport/outdoor events Can&bottle coolers 7. A selection from our wide product range www.eurotradecon.hu USB memory sticksfrom 128Mb to 2 Gb USB products for multiple use;digital photo frame Newest MP3 and MP4 playersfrom 128Mb to 5 Gb 8. A selection from ourwideproduct range www.eurotradecon.hu Compressed towel, T-Shirt; custom shaped and printed Wide variety of custom shaped air fresheners 9. Fully customized products www.eurotradecon.hu Padlock Clock Soap dispenser Flashing soaps 10. Fully brand-customize d products www.eurotradecon.hu Slippers Skill game 11. Some of our satisfied clients

  • Aral zemanyag Kft.
  • AXN Central Europe Kft.
  • Biogal-Teva Pharma Rt.
  • Borsodchem Rt.
  • Bramac Kft.
  • ElectroWorld Magyarorszg Kft.
  • FedEx Flying-Cargo Hungary Kft.
  • Fundamenta Lakskassza Kft.
  • Gramy Reklmgynksg
  • GRANT Reklm Kft.
  • Group 4 Falck Biztonsgi Kft.
  • Lauritzen Marketing Kft.
  • Magyar Fallabda (Squash) Szvetsg
  • Magyar Alumnium Rt.
  • MV ZRt.
  • MB-Auto Kft.
  • Magyar Klkereskedelmi Bank Rt.
  • MKB-Eurocredit ZRt.
  • Murexin Kft.
  • Nestl Hungria Kft.
  • Peugeot Centrl
  • Peugeot Gablini Kft.
  • Philip Morris Magyarorszg Kft.
  • Storck Hungria Kft.
  • Rbaksz Kft.
  • Ringier Kiad Kft.
  • Sara Lee Hungary Kft.
  • SOTE
  • Szent Istvn Egyetem
  • UPC Magyarorszg Kft.
  • Vodafone Magyarorszg ZRt.
  • ZARA Magyarorszg Kft.

www.eurotradecon.hu 12.

  • Thank you for joining our presentation!
  • For further information please contact:
  • Simk Zsolt
  • Business Development Manager
  • Tel: 00361/414-7250
  • Mobile: 06-30-619-8791
  • www.eurotradecon.hu


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