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#EuropeanSP--SharePoint's Social Media Scorecard

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Presentation given at the European SharePoint Conference on October 18th, 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

2. My BackgroundChristian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler Most recently at Microsoft Microsoft Managed Services (now BPOS-Dedicated) Advertising Operations, ad platform API program Prior to Microsoft, was a senior consultant, working in the software, supply chain, and gridtechnology spaces focusing on collaboration Co-founded and sold a collaboration software company to Rational Software. Also co-authored3 books on software configuration management and defect tracking for Rational and IBM At another startup (E2open), helped design, build, and deploy aSharePoint-like collaboration platform (Collaboration Manager), managingdeployment teams to onboard numerous high-tech manufacturing companies,including Hitachi, Matsushita, Seagate, Nortel, Sony, and Cisco I live in a small town just east of Seattle, have a daughter in college and 3 boys at home 3. Axceler Overview Improving Collaboration for 16+ Years Mission: To enable enterprises to simplify, optimize, andsecure their collaborative platforms Delivered award-winning administration and migrationsoftware since 1994 Over 2,000 global customers Dramatically improve the managementof SharePoint Innovative products that improve security, scalability,reliability, deployability Making IT more effective and efficient and lower the totalcost of ownership Focus on solving specific SharePoint problems(Administration & Migration) Coach enterprises on SharePoint best practices Give administrators the most innovative tools available Anticipate customers needs Deliver best of breed offerings Stay in lock step with SharePoint development and market trends 4. Agenda The rise of social media What is social media in the enterprise? Social media inside SharePoint The scorecard, criteria The contenders SharePoint 2010 Scorecard Summary how SharePoint 2010 stacks up 5. DefinitionsSocial media is media designed to be disseminated through socialinteraction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishingtechniques. Social media uses Internet and web-based technologies totransform broadcast media monologues (one-to-many) into social media dialogues (many-to-many).It supports the democratization of knowledgeand information, transforming people fromcontent consumers into content producers.Wikipedia.org 6. The Social Informatics ShiftEmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 7. The Social Informatics ShiftSocial Informatics is the study of informationand communication tools in cultural and (Wikipedia)institutional contexts.It is a cross-disciplinary focus on usagepatterns, and is a blend of sociology, anthropology, psychology, technology andbusiness perspectives, examining the changing way inwhich we do business. 8. EmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 9. The Social Informatics ShiftBtw, the word app wasmade word of the year 2011 10. WindowsLiveSpaces Twitter06YouTube Xanga 05 Ning Yahoo360BeboOrkutFlickr04 Facebook Dodgeball LinkedInMySpace03Tribe.Net XingLast.fm FriendsterFotolog 02Ryze LiveJournal 01 SixDegrees.com99 00 97 98 11. The Future of Social Media 12. Emerging Enterprise Technologies1. Community management tools2. Open identity3. Microblogging4. Social CRM5. Enterprise applications gaining a social layer6. Activity streams7. Social search, analytics, and filtering8. Enterprise social media workflow9. Automated compliance monitoring10.Next-generation unified communicationsDion Hinchcliffe, ZDNet, Ten emerging enterprise 2.0 technologies to watchhttp://blogs.zdnet.com/Hinchcliffe/?p=1224 13. The Scorecard / Criteria Ease of Entry Internal, External Discovery (expertise, interests) Contextual Search Enterprise Content Management (workflow, business process management) Building Communities External Focus Team Collaboration Internal Focus Real-Time Connections Cost Extensibility 14. The Contenders Facebook Ning Yammer Salesforce Google+ Jive Box.net 15. FacebookEmail Cell [email protected] @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 16. FacebookEmail Cell [email protected] @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 17. FacebookFeaturesScorecard Moderation and privacy controls Ease of Entry Internal F, External A Microblogging Discovery B- Activity feeds Contextual Search D Photos and videos Enterprise Content Management D Real-time chat Building Communities A- Groups / discussion forums Team Collaboration F Advertising Real-Time Connections A Events Cost A Blogging Extensibility D- App store 18. NingEmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 19. NingEmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 20. NingFeatures Scorecards Branding and visual design Ease of Entry Internal C, External B+ Moderation and privacy controls Discovery C Activity feeds Contextual Search F RSS feeds Enterprise Content Management F Photos and videos Building Communities A Real-time chat Groups / discussion forums Team Collaboration C+ Events Real-Time Connections C+ Blogging Cost B App store with tools for YouTube, Extensibility CLinkedIn, Facebook, Google Apps 21. Post a Status Everyone I followwithin my orgThreaded FBlike discussionsEmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 22. YammerFeaturesScorecards Ease of Entry Internal A, External F Enterprise social networking Discovery C Secure collaboration with internal and Contextual Search Cexternal people Enterprise Content Management F Search archives of messages/profiles/tags Building Communities C Mobile app Team Collaboration D+ Real-Time Connections C Extensibility F 23. Post a Status Threaded FB like discussionsMessages/AlertsCustom Dashboard EmailCell TwitterBlog [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 24. SalesforceFeaturesScorecard Ease of Entry Internal A, External F Real time feeds Discovery B Sales visibility Contextual Search D Activity Stream Enterprise Content Management C+ Collaboration Building Communities D Manage & track campaigns Team Collaboration D Complete customer profile Real-Time Connections C Improved marketing efforts Extensibility F 25. Google+Features Scorecard Ease of Entry Internal A Microblogging Discovery C Ability to filter your contacts, feeds Contextual Search C Photo aggregation from circles Enterprise Content Management F Search across your streams Building Communities F Team Collaboration B Real-Time Connections B Extensibility F 26. Set up observations about companies, competitors, events, products, etcPublish your observations Create or join communitiesaround products, markets, Interact with others about ideas and align/connectyour observations, allowyour observationspeople to connect ideas andsolutions Track metrics and activityaround those [email protected] [email protected] http://buckleyplanet.net 27. Connect your ideas to markets, creating a web ofideas to help you and others conversations to Track observations Attachsee patterns and trends business idea, cross- around each requirementsand strategiesreference other observations 28. Create agents to listento social medianetworks and find relevant information Organize how youwill view the results of your agentsEmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 29. Teams have real-time presence awareness, abilityto capture conversations and attach to observations Wherever you are in theenvironment, connect with others and build the social web 30. JiveFeatures Scorecard Social media monitoring tools Ease of Entry Internal A, External A Branded public communities Discovery A Team collaboration tools Contextual Search A Social CRM Enterprise Content Management B- Customer support accelerators Building Communities A Network / expertise discovery Team Collaboration B Metrics, usage patterns, network data Real-Time Connections A Integration with SharePoint Cost C Uses OpenSocial API Extensibility B Microblogging, IM, presence awareness 31. Comment/Tag this box (folder)Ongoing comments Task Pane EmailCellTwitterBlog [email protected] [email protected] http://buckleyplanet.net 32. Box.netFeaturesScorecard Ease of Entry Internal B, External A Collaboration using a familiar file structure Discovery C Sync desktop files to a box Contextual Search D Mobile app Enterprise Content Management F Permission management Building Communities F Integrated file viewer Team Collaboration C Discussions and commenting Real-Time Connections D Cost B Extensibility D 33. EmailCell [email protected] 425.246.2823 @buckleyplanet http://buckleyplanet.net 34. SharePoint 2010FeaturesScorecard Managed Metadata Service Ease of Entry Internal A+, External C Advanced routing (w/metadata) User profiles (My Sites) Discovery B+ Status updates/activity feeds Contextual Search B+ Knowledge mining Bookmarks (replaces My Links) Enterprise Content Management B+ Feedback/rating Building Communities C Note board (Wall) Podcasting kit Team Collaboration B Social tagging Real-Time Connections B Expertise tagging Wikis Cost D Share & Track tab Extensibility A- Individual and team blogs People and social search 35. Final Scorecard SharePoint may not win in anysingle category, however it isviewed by Gartner and otheranalyst firms as the onlyplatform able to execute onbroader enterprise needs 36. What users are asking for Your team wants to build out a Facebook-likesocial networking solution on your intranet. From the SharePointProMag.com article How SharePoint 2010 Stack

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