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Evaluation and continuation

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Evaluation and continuation. Structure of the presentation. What is KulturA? What is achieved the last two years? What want the culture funds to achieve? How is this going to be achieved?. 2. Purpose of KulturA. Reinforcement of the cultural infrastructure. 3. Investments in:. Tangibles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Dia 1

Evaluation and continuation

2Structure of the presentationWhat is KulturA?What is achieved the last two years?What want the culture funds to achieve?How is this going to be achieved?

223Purpose of KulturAReinforcement of the cultural infrastructure

4Investments in:TangiblesExpertiseInternational exchange

5What is achieved?38 projects supported out of 59

KulturA$ 1.724.833 ( 1.160.723) Regular subsidies $ 2.522.076 ( 1.697.226) +Total$ 4.246.909 ( 2.857.949)

6Example 1: Investments in tangibles

Saba Cultural FoundationSabas Summer Festival


St. Eustatius Historical FoundationRecreation of an 18th Century Blacksmith Shop

8Example 2: Investment in expertise

9Motiance Dance SchoolIntroduction musical at Sint Maarten

10Example 3: International exchange

11Imbali ArtistImbali project Artist Abroad Program Summer 2010

12EvaluationThe culture foundations created strong ties with the cultural sectorGood projects resultsTangibles and expertise are going wellPartnerships could be better


Whats in the future?More competitionBetter quality in the applicationFinancial stability neededMore co-financing14


How can you help?1. Network15

How can you help?2. Co-financing (in kind)

How can you help?3. Business help

EndReinforcement of the cultural infrastructure can only be achieved together!18http://regelingkultura.wordpress.com/http://regelingkultura.nl/

Sheet: Sint MaartenSint EustatiusSabaGeneral cultureVisual artsArchitectureFilm and mediaHeritageLiteratureTheatre and danceMusicOther

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Evaluation and continuation
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