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Evaluation for media project q3

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  • 1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Evaluation of Magazine Advert/CD Cover Design/Music Video Question 3
  • 2. Introduction
    • New media technology are the cultural objects which use digital computer technology for production, distribution and exhibition e.g. The Internet, media related websites, blu ray disks etc...
    • For my project, it was essential for me to make use of new media technology in the planning, construction, research and evaluation stages in order to create a marketable product in promoting the artist.
    • There are different new media technology that I used for my media project. In this essay question, I will explain the different types of technology used in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages of the media project.
  • 3. YouTube and other new media technologies While undertaking my media project, an important new media technology I used was YouTube. YouTube is what allowed me to broadcast the main product in allowing easy access for the potential audience to consume our music video. You can find my music video from this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhs7c-dnmgs YouTube also allowed me to publicise and share the video in the evaluation stage to other people in order for me to receive critical audience feedback. With the audience feedback, this allowed me to amend a couple of things in the music video to make the video have the potential to be a marketing vehicle. YouTube also allowed me to research and plan for our music video. I was able to look at indicative music videos of our chosen genre which is rap which gave me ideas on how our finished product could look like as this would be following the codes and conventions.
  • 4. YouTube and other new media technologies continued [Screen Shots] This is how I wanted the start of the video to be like where it would focus on setting, location, the artist. This is a tracking shot of J.Cole walking along the road. This is the same type of camera angle and shot I wanted to incorporate in my main product. All of this was done through research and planning stage to know how I would want the video to look like. This is a split screen which I researched when constructing my music video. I wanted to use a special effect and a split screen was one of them. This split screen in rap music videos is something I researched when planning to make my music video.
  • 5. Screen Shots Continued This is another type of shot and camera movement I incorporated in my main product. I used a rolling and tracking camera movement at a straight eye level angle with the artist looking away from the camera which challenged codes and conventions. Also the location here is similar to the location of my video as my music video was situated at secluded road paths, near garages, car parks and dead end roads. Looking at this indicative music video on YouTube, it helped me plan and construct my music video by getting ideas from other real media products.
  • 6. YouTube and the Indicative Music Videos in aiding me in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stage.
    • Indicative music videos for our chosen genre allowed us as a group to research and plan the mise en scene, camera shots, movement and angles, sound, production design and editing for our main product. In the evaluation stage, I was able to compare my music video to my indicative music videos/real media products where I asked the potential audience if I have followed codes and conventions from real media products as this is the way they liked it. This assisted me in the construction and evaluation stage as I was able to get the audience critical views on how good my planning and research has been in making the video to follow the US codes and conventions as it is a UK music video.
    • Our finished product was converted as a MP4 file to Quicktime Movie to get the correct framings for the music video which is 4:3 and then we used the computer to upload the finished product under my account on YouTube for where this was distributed and exhibited to the potential audience.
  • 7. Facebook Facebook was a new media technology I used for my media project. Through the construction, research, planning and evaluation stage, I was able to use Facebook for a number of things. I was able to use Facebook for critical audience feedback on my main product and ancillary texts which helped me in the construction and evaluation stage.
  • 8. Magazine Advert
  • 9. CD/Digipak Design
  • 10. Facebook- aiding me in planning and research stages
    • During the process of constructing, researching and planning my music video, CD digipak design and magazine advert, Facebook allowed me to set up questionnaires and interviews with the potential audience which allowed me to ask them how they would want the main product and ancillary products to look like which would be following codes and conventions. From asking potential consumers how they would like the products to look like would meet the consumers needs and wants which would lead into a higher consumption unit and generate publicity for the product that has been produced, distributed and exhibited which creates a synergy.
    • During my evaluation stage, I was able to upload my music video, CD design and magazine advert for the audience to view and comment so that I could receive feedback on what was good and bad which would allow me to make instant changes to the main product and ancillary texts. Audience feedback helped me in creating new ideas for the products that have been constructed. An initial link can be made between the main product and ancillary texts to meet codes and conventions.
  • 11. The Internet as a new media technology
    • The internet was a useful source of technology in the making and planning of my video. I undertook research to know the process of making a music video to get an initial idea of what I would have to undertake in the media project process.
    • How to make a music video?
    • http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Music-Video
    • I also researched magazine and CD cover designs of my chosen genre which was rap/grime.
  • 12. The Internet
    • These real media products gave me a rough idea on how I could construct my ancillary texts. This allowed me to research how rap magazine adverts and CD covers are constructed in media. This followed codes and conventions and allowed me to create ideas and learn techniques in making my ancillary texts. This was important in the research and planning stage as it helped me to create my ancillary texts and assisted me in my evaluation to get potential viewers to view and comment on the media products to see if there has been a relation between my main product and ancillary products.
  • 13. Final Cut Pro
    • I used a programme called Final Cut Pro which was used for storing footage and for editing to combine and consider the arrangement of the footage for the music video. Final Cut Pro allowed us as a group to put a collection of footage shots together and edit our footage which helped us in our construction and planning stage. I also took a number of screen grabs for my music video from Final Cut Pro where different screen grabs helped me to consider what type of shot we wanted as a group and if it was effective in use for the music video. Here are a number of screen grabs I took. These screen grabs assisted me in the planning, construction and evaluation stages when making my music video.
  • 14. Screen Grabs
  • 15. Final Cut Pro Continued
    • Final Cut Pro also allowed me to use different effects for the music video such as colour corrector and the Sin City Effect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MgXAw56YCg
    • Sin City Effect and colour corrector allowed me to change the background colour and clothing colour. I also went through some YouTube tutorials which showed me how to use Final Cut Pro. These tutorials for Final Cut Pro helped me in editing the music video and helped me use special effects as well in the music video. This was important in the construction stage as it made me feel more comfortable in using the technology and making the main product.
    • http://www.youtube.com/user/nyvs?feature=pyv&ad=6285390734&kw=final%20cut%20pro%20tutorials&gclid=CP-wsNuzpKcCFQoY4QodRjLGCA#p/u/0/THyq5K7Os2E
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMoeUrE0dEc
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR-YrnRu3lo&feature=related
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCdGqHbdZRc&feature=related
    • Also I used tape decks for my musi
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