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EVERY MOMENT - Saffire Freycinet · 2019-02-17 · EVERY MOMENT The Saffire experience is made up...

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  • E V E R Y M O M E N T

  • E V E R Y M O M E N T

    The Saffire experience is made up of moments. Meaningful moments that capture the essence of Saffire and its close connection to the Freycinet area.

    Moments as complex as the luxurious pleasures of a day spa experience, or as simple as toes feeling the squeaky white sand. As inspiring as the sunset splashed across the Hazards, and as intimate as the morning sun creeping up the wall of your suite.

    The moments can be as unique as wading out to partake of fresh oysters in the waters of a nearby estuary, or as surprising as realising your wine glass hasn’t been empty since sitting down to dinner.

    Only Saffire has these moments. By delivering them, we are celebrating what is different about Saffire – not what is the same.


    Our Luxury Suites are beautifully appointed, featuring Tasmanian timber furnishings and fi ttings. Every suite has alluring views, a generous relaxation area, private outdoor courtyard and deck areas and an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings.


    Our Signature Suites feature all of the amenities that you receive in the Luxury Suites, with the addition of a greater living space, a relaxing deck lounge and a bathroom overlooking Great Oyster Bay.


    Our Private Pavilions are our most spacious and well-appointed suites, off ering the highest standard of luxury and privacy. They feature a separate bedroom and dining area with a kitchen, allowing you to choose a dinner-in-suite option with your chef. A plunge pool takes centre stage in the extended private courtyard.

    Relaxation and rejuvenation were the concepts behind the creation of our luxuriously appointed suites. As soon as you open the door to your private haven, your moments of discovery and surprise begin.

    Privacy is guaranteed. You will immediately disconnect from the world and connect to the environment in a fulfi lling way. Best of all, after tearing your eyes from the view, you will sink into the sofa with the distinct feeling that you could live here forever.

  • “ E V E R Y T H I N G S E E M E D TO H AV E A LO C A L

    C O N N E C T I O N – A FA R M D O W N T H E R O A D, T H E

    V I N E YA R D O V E R T H E H I L L , S E A F O O D P U L L E D

    D R I P P I N G F R O M T H E B AY T H AT A F T E R N O O N.”

    P A L A T E Saffi re is situated in an area of Tasmania’s East Coast that has an enviable reputation for premium aquaculture and agriculture. Local fi shing villages supply a daily parade of crayfi sh, scallops and deep-sea fi sh lifted dripping off the boats. Plump oysters and mussels are farmed in the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay.

    Palate restaurant provides tailor-made gourmet moments that enhance the genuine fl avours of home-grown produce. The best of Tasmania’s grass-fed beef and lamb, full-fl avoured game meats, fresh herbs and spices and seasonal fruit and vegetables are chosen daily by our chefs to craft cuisine that accentuates the best of premium local produce.

    Both our degustation and à la carte menus change nightly to add to the sense of occasion when dining at Saffi re.

  • Of all the moments you will experience at Saffi re, it is that moment you set aside to book your Saffi re day spa treatment that has the potential to relax and revive you most fully.

    At Spa Saffi re, we aim to return you to the world utterly renewed. Our highly skilled therapists and masseurs can help you achieve your highest health and wellness potential.

    “ I WA L K E D I N W I T H T H E E X P E C TAT I O N

    O F A S PA T R E ATM E N T. I L E F T

    F E E L I N G U T T E R LY T R A N S F O R M E D.”

  • “ B E F O R E I K N O W I T, I ’M S TA N D I N G K N E E-D E E P

    I N A N E S T U A R Y H AV I N G F R E S H OY S T E R S A N D

    LO C A L S PA R K L I N G F O R B R E A K FA S T.”

    Saffi re Freycinet’s complimentary range of activities gives you options for every mood and every moment. Lasting from one hour to three hours, these activities are your opportunity to engage and connect with Freycinet’s stunning natural wonders and attractions. Don a pair of waders and visit a working oyster farm. Stroll down to our open-range Tasmanian devil enclosure and participate in the quest to save this endangered species from extinction. Join one of our informative guides on a walk to the lookout over Wineglass Bay. Learn the art of winemaking at Freycinet Winery or canoe the breathtaking beauty of the Swanport estuary. Learn to cook – or how to mix your favourite classic cocktails. You can also enjoy mountain biking, kayaking, archery and fi shing or visit a choice of local golf courses.

    C O M P L I M E N T A R Y E X P E R I E N C E S

  • T H I R D - P A R T Y E X P E R I E N C E S

    “ W H E N T H E B O AT R O U N D E D T H E

    H E A D L A N D, I WA S O V E R C O M E

    B Y T H E B R E AT H TA K I N G S C E N E R Y.”

    S I G N A T U R E E X P E R I E N C E SIf you want to deepen your discovery of Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast, Saffi re Freycinet’s breathtaking Signature Experiences can be purchased prior to or upon your arrival. Enjoy close-up interactions with soaring sea birds, playful marine mammals and a diversity of life aboard our purpose-built vessel, Saffi re. We have a range of exclusive cruises, taking in such natural wonders as Wineglass Bay and Schouten Island – from half a day to an hour and a half.

    Thrill-seekers can also take advantage of our quad bike tour through coastal heathland to southern Friendly Beaches in the Freycinet National Park.

    Signature Experiences are not included in your accommodation package.

    With Tasmania at your doorstep, there’s a world of deserted islands, spectacular wilderness and secluded beaches to explore. Our third-party experiences place you in the hands of local operators who are hand chosen by Saffi re for the quality of their services.

    These include seaplane fl ights to World Heritage wilderness areas, including Port Davey, Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River on Tasmania’s wild west coast. Flights can also be arranged to historic Port Arthur convict settlement, as well as a wonderful wilderness and wine fl ight, which takes you to the Gordon River, with lunch and wine tasting at the Meadowbank Vineyard.

    You can also choose various scenic transfers by seaplane from Hobart to Saffi re, as well as a spectacular 30-minute scenic fl ight from Saffi re to Wineglass Bay.

    Helicopter experiences can be tailored to each guest and can range from fl y-fi shing to playing a round of golf at the internationally renowned Barnbougle Dunes or Lost Farm golf courses.

  • “ W I T H O U T A H I N T O F E X A G G E R AT I O N, I T ’S O N E

    O F T H E M O S T S T U N N I N G P L A C E S I ’V E E V E R S E E N.”


    Saffi re Freycinet is located mid-way along Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast, two and a half hours’ drive from Hobart and Launceston. Hobart is just a 60-minute fl ight from Melbourne or 105 minutes from Sydney. Australia’s major airlines conduct daily fl ights into Hobart and Launceston from most capital cities. The Spirit of Tasmania also sails daily between Melbourne and Devonport, allowing you to bring your own vehicle. There is a range of transport options for your ultimate journey to Saffi re.

  • “ W E O P E N E D T H E D O O R A N D E V E R Y E X P E C TAT I O N

    WA S S U D D E N LY E X C E E D E D. T H E WA R MT H, T H E

    E L E G A N C E – A N D T H AT V I E W !”

  • E V E R Y M O M E N T

    Bookings: saffiretasmania.com.au Email: [email protected] Phone: +61 3 6256 7888

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