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Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 12

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  • 1. To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge,created by princedeej28. The point of the challenge is toromance more than one Sim and earn enough points to makeHugh Hefner jealous.Last time, we found out that strawberry juice works asadvertised. Vanessa tried to get romantic, but despite the lack ofFuriousness, Bertie wasnt interested. Albert became the proudfather of twins, and I gained fifteen points.Now that youre all caught up, on with the story!

2. Bertie is not currently interested in any romantic interactionswith Vanessa. But Red Hands is just fine. 3. And because Bertie and Vanessa are not currently romanticallyinvolved, this interaction provokes nothing more than anindulgent smile.BERTIE: Ow, Cowey! My back!It was at about this point that I decided to be largely hands-offfor this round and see how my Sims would manage. 4. There were rather a lot of pillow fights.Fittingly enough, since I personally consider Pillow Fight tobe something of a low-level flirt. I find that Sims who havebolts for each other are far more likely to pull out a pillow andwhap each other in the face with it. Its actually the interactionof choice for my Sims who awkwardly have more bolts for anin-law than for their spouse. 5. Which is probably why Bertie looks so nonplussed at this.Bertie may like men and women pretty well equally, but Coreyis quite definitely and exclusively gay.So what else does the household do when Im notmicromanaging their lives? 6. Well, theres an awful lot of this.BERTIE: Hey Cowey, congwatuwations on making aww thosefwiends in cowwege. 7. COREY: Thanks, Bertie! Hey, congrats yourself on getting thatpromotion a while back.BERTIE: Which one?COREY: Meh, does it matter? 8. BERTIE: Nah, I guess not. 9. Left to his own devices, this is Coreys favorite activity.You have no idea how sick I am of the music that goes with thePerform Jazz option right now. 10. This is Coreys second-favorite activity.BERTIE: Ow! Cowey! My back! 11. This is Vanessas favorite activity. Shes in front of the TV, butits not on. Shes not even thinking about anything. Shes justsitting. 12. This is Vanessas second-favorite activity.Im not entirely sure why I moved her in anymore. I think Ithought she was good-looking, but she hasnt aged well. 13. Bertie is partial to telling Dirty Jokes.BERTIE: Weww, thewe go Sundays! 14. Now, although Im being very hands-off this round, Im notplaying an ISBI.* I do monitor everyone and tell them to takecare of major needs like eating, going potty, and going to bed.Plus, I stop them doing things sometimes. (Perform Jazz,Im looking at you.)I also have them take care of smaller needs if they havent gotanything better to do. For instance, having multiple phonesmakes clearing up everyones Talk to Albert +100 Want veryeasy. (If a Sim joins a preexisting conversation, they get thepoints as if theyd made the phone call themselves. Its muchfaster that way.)*An Im Surrounded By Idiots challenge. 15. I exert even less control over the other Sims in the house.Mostly, I try to make sure that they go to bed: when everyonesin bed at the same time, the game automatically kicks intoSpeed 3 and stays there until somebody wakes up.Beverly and Professor Arianna played chess for so long that Ithought they might actually starve to death or wet themselves.But apparently a Ph.D. allows Sims to stop playing right beforethey hit one of those critical marks. 16. When I finally remembered to check on Gerard, this is what hewas doing. This surprised me, since he tends to paint instead ofclean. 17. Zenon goes to work and comes back from work and thatsabout I could tell you. He doesnt seem to do much of anythingon Free Will. Mind you, his Want panel is full of things likeCall Albert To Chat, Kiss Professor Arianna, Flirt WithProfessor Arianna, Play With Professor Arianna, and GiveBackrub To Professor Arainna.Gerard, Beverly, Professor Arianna, and Corey have similarWant panels. 18. The only one who ever does anything about it is Corey.BERTIE: OW! Cowey! My back! 19. He may not be particularly creative, but hes not shy aboutgetting what he Wants. 20. Come on, guys! This is entirely doable with autonomousinteractions! Stop moping around and do something! 21. Whoops.I guess its too late now. 22. Professor Arianna Miguel, 71 years old. Although ProfessorArianna was Zenons teacher for most of his college career,there was absolutely no improper behavior between them untilafter graduation. Then, of course, things got very improper veryfast. Professor Arianna had a thing for drummers, which mayor may not have contributed to Zenons decision to play thedrums. She also helped Albert with his homework well intohigh school.Goodbye, Dr. Miguel. 23. Zenon took her death very hard.I know theyre only pixels and not-terribly-sophisticatedprogramming, but its always hard for me when Sims startsobbing. So I suppose its just as well that this was the end ofthe rotation. 24. Last time around, I earned 15 points. This time, Corey earned 35 for me.How pathetic is it that my Sims are better at this than I am?Until next time, Happy Simming!Score for this roundAssorted romantic interactions x 7: 35TOTAL: 35Score as of last round: 515GRAND TOTAL: 550Relationship standings (Daily/Lifetime)Bertie > Corey: 100/100. Best friends. Married.Bertie > Vanessa: 98/85. Best friends.Corey > Bertie: 100/100. Best friends. Married.Corey > Vanessa: 96/96. Best friends.Vanessa > Bertie: 98/77. Best friends.Vanessa > Corey: 82/66. Best friends.

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To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge, created by princedeej28. The point of the challenge is to romance more than one Sim and earn enough points to make Hugh Hefner jealous. Last time, we found out that strawberry juice works as advertised. Vanessa tried to get romantic, but despite the lack of Furiousness, Bertie wasn’t interested. Albert became the proud father of twins, and I gained fifteen points. Now that you’re all caught up, on with the story!
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